Is A 24 Hour Fitness Membership Worth It? (Honest Review)

24 Hour Fitness

24 Hour Fitness is the second-largest chain gym and the largest 24-hour gym in the US.

I recently visited 24 Hour Fitness with one of my friends to find out if a membership is worth it.

So, is a 24 Hour Fitness membership worth it? A 24 Hour Fitness membership is worth it. Because it has high-quality barbells and bumper plates, it’s a good gym for powerlifters and weightlifters. It’s also good for bodybuilders and anyone who just wants to stay in shape due to the large selection of machines and equipment.

In this article, I’ll talk about:

My Experience Working Out At 24 Hour Fitness

24 Hour Fitness

I really enjoyed my workout at the 24 Hour Fitness in Ramsey, NJ.

The staff was friendly and helpful when I checked in. I also appreciated that they didn’t pressure me into signing up for a membership as I was leaving. Some of the trainers can get a little pushy if you’re using equipment that they want for their clients, but as long as you’re polite, they’ll be polite back.

I noticed people of all ages and fitness levels while I was there. Some members were only there to walk or run on the treadmills, but there were also a lot of members using the functional training area and free weights. I did see a couple of Instagram influencer types, but I just made sure not to get in their way when they were filming their workouts.

This location is in a very populated area in NJ and despite the fact that there’s plenty of other gyms around, it can get crowded in the evenings. It’s much quieter first thing in the morning, right before lunch, and in the middle of the afternoon.

The lower level of the Ramsey location has a pool, hot tub, and racquetball court. The locker rooms are also located on this level.

All of the exercise equipment is upstairs. It’s organized by type and the cardio machines, strength machines, and free weights each have their own specific sections.

The Ramsey location also has a small pro shop that sells apparel, supplements, drinks, and snacks.

A lot of 24 Hour Fitness locations near me have closed due to COVID-19, but if I didn’t have a home gym, I would be willing to purchase a membership and drive a bit further. I enjoyed working out there and was impressed with how well the place was run. And because I love shopping for supplements and gym clothes, I loved the fact that there was a shop inside!

This review is based solely on my experience at the Ramsey, NJ location. Other locations may have different amenities and equipment as well as different clientele. I recommend calling or visiting a 24 Hour Fitness near you to see if you like it.

24 Hour Fitness: Pros & Cons

24 Hour Fitness

There are good and bad things about every gym, and 24 Hour Fitness is no exception. Below are some of the pros and cons of 24 Hour Fitness:


  • 24 Hour Fitness has high-quality barbells and bumper plates. You can find Eleiko barbells and bumper plates at most, if not all, 24 Hour Fitness locations.
  • If you travel to Canada, you can use your membership to access GoodLife Fitness and Energie Cardio. This is the only chain gym I know of that allows you to access an entirely different gym when you travel. It’s a nice perk for people who travel to Canada frequently.
  • 24 Hour Fitness has amenities that some other chain gyms in the same price range don’t have. A 24 Hour Fitness membership gives you access to basketball or racquetball courts, group classes, whirlpools, saunas, and swimming pools. I’ve been to some other gyms recently that cost about the same but had none of these amenities.


  • The level of cleanliness varies by location. Some 24 Hour Fitness locations are known for frequently having mold in the showers, saunas, and water fountains.
  • Some 24 Hour Fitness locations are not really open 24 hours a day. This is most likely a regional thing, but a couple of the 24 Hour Fitness clubs near me are in counties that follow blue laws. Blue laws restrict activities on Sundays so people can observe a day of rest, but some businesses that follow them also refuse to stay open for 24 hours a day. As such, some clubs are only open from 5 AM – 9:30 PM.

How Much Does A 24 Hour Fitness Membership Cost?

24 Hour Fitness

24 Hour Fitness has several membership options depending on how many other locations you want access to. Prices will vary by location, but below is a breakdown of the membership plans at the Ramsey, NJ location to give you an idea of what you can expect to pay.

As you’ll see, there are also different membership tiers based on the length of your contract.


  • National Access (access to all clubs in the US): $56.99/month plus taxes
  • Regional Access (access to clubs within a 50-mile radius): $51.99/month plus taxes
  • Initiation Fee: None
  • Annual Fee: $49

This plan includes access to GX24™ studios where 24 Hour Fitness holds all of its group classes.

12 Month Commitment

  • National Access: $51.99/month plus taxes
  • Regional Access: $46.99/month plus taxes
  • Initiation Fee: None
  • Annual Fee: $49

With this plan, you have to pay your first and last months’ dues upfront, so you’ll pay anywhere from $94 – $104 at registration.

This plan includes access to GX24™ studios as well.

1 Year Paid in Full

  • National Access: $41.67/month plus taxes ($499.99 due at signing)
  • Regional Access: $37.50/month plus taxes ($449.99 due at signing)
  • Initiation Fee: None
  • Annual Fee: None

Like the other two plans, this one includes access to the GX24™ studios.

Additional Membership Options

Two-Year Membership

If you’re really in love with 24 Hour Fitness, you can sign up for a two-year membership at the following prices:

  • National Access: $39.58/month plus taxes ($949.99 due at signing)
  • Regional Access: $35.42/month plus taxes ($849.99 due at signing)

Temporary Memberships

If you know you can only go to 24 Hour Fitness for a limited time, you can purchase short-term memberships for the time frames noted below:

  • 1 Week: $54.99 plus taxes
  • 1 Month: $109.99 plus taxes
  • 3 Months: $219.99 plus taxes

Each of these memberships allows you to access any club in the US.

Adding Others to Your Membership

You can add up to six additional people who are at least 12 years old to your membership. Unfortunately, you don’t get any group discounts unless you sign up when 24 Hour Fitness is running a friends and family promotion.

Special Discounts

Discounts are available for military personnel and their families.

If your employer has a corporate wellness program, you may also be able to save money with a corporate membership if they partner with 24 Hour Fitness.

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Free Trials

24 Hour Fitness offers free three-day trial passes for you to test out the gym. You can sign up for a free trial online.

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Gym Equipment

24 Hour Fitness

Out of all the chain gyms I’ve been to, 24 Hour Fitness has the best strength equipment. It has Eleiko barbells and bumper plates as well as a few sets of Rogue bumpers. The knurling on the barbells was a little soft, but I was able to do deadlifts without any issue.

There are also rubber-coated plates from Iron Grip on the plate-loaded machines and Iron Grip round dumbbells in the free weights area.

24 Hour Fitness

The 24 Hour Fitness in Ramsey has cardio equipment that’s mostly from Precor, but it also has some treadmills and ellipticals from the brand True, a few Concept 2 rowers, and Schwinn spin bikes for the cycling classes. The majority of the resistance machines and benches are from HOIST Fitness.

In the center of the gym is a functional fitness area with a turf floor. This area has TRX bands, plyo boxes, medicine balls, slam balls, tires, sleds, kettlebells, Bosu balls, and battle ropes.

Does 24 Hour Fitness Have Squat Racks?

The 24 Hour Fitness in Ramsey, NJ has three squat racks. There was also a power cage in a separate corner of the gym. The number of squat racks will vary by location, but I think you can expect at least three or four at most locations.

Does 24 Hour Fitness Have Deadlift Platforms?

24 Hour Fitness has deadlift platforms attached to its squat racks.

Special Features & Amenities

24 Hour Fitness

Does 24 Hour Fitness Have a Pool?

24 Hour Fitness has a lap pool.

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Does 24 Hour Fitness Have a Sauna?

24 Hour Fitness has saunas, but they’re only accessible during certain hours at some locations.

Does 24 Hour Fitness Have Showers and Locker Rooms?

24 Hour Fitness has showers and locker rooms. It doesn’t have towels and toiletries so you’ll have to bring your own.

Lockers are available for all members to use, but you can’t leave anything in them overnight.

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Does 24 Hour Fitness Have a Basketball Court?

Some 24 Hour Fitness locations have basketball courts. Some also have racquetball courts.

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Does 24 Hour Fitness Have Childcare?

Many 24 Hour Fitness locations have childcare services called Kids’ Club, but some do not. You may have to pay extra in order for your child to attend Kids’ Club.

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Does 24 Hour Fitness Have a Yoga Studio?

Most 24 Hour Fitness locations don’t have yoga studios, but they hold yoga classes in their regular group fitness room.

Does 24 Hour Fitness Have a Smoothie Bar?

24 Hour Fitness small pro shop

Some 24 Hour Fitness locations have juice bars. Others have a small pro shop where you can buy protein powder and other supplements as well as bottled drinks and snacks.

Does 24 Hour Fitness Have Massage Chairs?

24 Hour Fitness does not have massage chairs.

Does 24 Hour Fitness Have a Women’s-Only Area?

24 Hour Fitness does not have a women’s-only area.

Does 24 Hour Fitness Have Group Classes?

24 Hour Fitness group classes

24 Hour Fitness has group classes, but the type and frequency of classes vary by location.

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Does 24 Hour Fitness Have a Cardio Cinema Room?

24 Hour Fitness does not have a cardio cinema room.

Is 24 Hour Fitness Open 24 Hours a Day?

The majority of 24 Hour Fitness locations are open 24 hours a day. There are some exceptions as I mentioned earlier, like the gyms in areas that follow blue laws.

Does 24 Hour Fitness Have Red Light Therapy?

24 Hour Fitness does not have red light therapy.

Who Does 24 Hour Fitness Cater To?

24 Hour Fitness

24 Hour Fitness is a great gym for almost everyone whether you’re a newbie or you’ve been training for years.

Powerlifters and weightlifters will be happy to train with high-quality barbells and bumper plates from Eleiko. You can use chalk and drop your weights. Some locations will also allow you to squat or deadlift barefoot.

If you have a CrossFit background, you can use the functional training area to do most WODs. If it’s crowded, I wouldn’t recommend taking a barbell and bumper plates away from the squat racks, but you can still do WODs with bodyweight movements, dumbbells, or kettlebells. The only other drawback is that these areas don’t always have rigs where you can do pullups.

The functional training area is also good for people who like to do HIIT workouts with weights or other equipment such as medicine balls or slam balls. If there’s no room in this area, you can usually find space on the gym floor to do a workout. You can also use any of the treadmills, bikes, or rowers for interval workouts.

Since 24 Hour Fitness has a lot of weight machines and free weights, it’s a good gym for bodybuilders. You can almost always find a machine to train a specific body part, but you may have to alternate sets with other members during peak hours.

Individuals who like group classes will most likely enjoy 24 Hour Fitness, but some locations have more classes than others. The Ramsey location has Zumba, cycling, a strength class, barre, Pilates, and Body Pump classes, but not every class is offered every day. If you want a wider selection of classes, you may want to consider another gym.

If you’re new to working out, I think you’ll feel comfortable at 24 Hour Fitness. From what I’ve seen, it attracts newcomers as well as experienced gym-goers. The members seem friendly and the staff is knowledgeable, so if you needed help, you can always find someone to assist you.

The personal trainers at 24 Hour Fitness tend to be better than the trainers at other gyms, so that’s an option as well if you’re new and have no idea where to start.

The trainers can also help you develop a new workout routine if you want to switch things up or you’re trying to lose weight. Some trainers will also be able to give you nutrition tips or advice. Just keep in mind that not all personal trainers are certified nutritionists or dietitians, so you may want to also work with a registered dietitian outside of 24 Hour Fitness.

Specific Information For Women

In my experience, 24 Hour Fitness is safe for women. The location I visited had a pretty even ratio of males to females, so I felt comfortable there. And because there’s a mix of age groups, you probably won’t find a disproportionate number of men who are just there to flirt with you.

24 Hour Fitness information for women

Because most 24 Hour Fitness locations are open 24 hours a day, there are security cameras to monitor everything throughout the gym. From what I’ve heard, the staff is good about addressing issues with members who are doing anything inappropriate, so you can always speak to a manager if you run into any trouble.

24 Hour Fitness Policies

Re-Opening Policy & What Happens To Membership In A Lockdown?

In response to COVID-19, 24 Hour Fitness has implemented touchless check-in, spaced out its equipment wherever possible, and started operating at limited capacity. Some locations have moved their classes outdoors, and other locations are using their basketball or racquetball courts for extra workout space.

Many clubs are currently not open for 24 hours so they can sanitize the gym overnight. There are extra hand sanitizers and cleaning solutions throughout the gym for members to use before, during, and after their workouts.

Mask requirements vary by location, but I recommend keeping a mask with you just in case you’re asked to wear one.

All memberships were placed on an automatic freeze during the first lockdown in 2020. Once gyms started reopening, 24 Hour Fitness gave its members the choice to extend the freeze period for another month if they weren’t ready to go back. I imagine they’d do the same thing again if we had to go into another mandatory lockdown.

Policy On Dropping Weights, Grunting, & Chalk

Chalk is allowed at 24 Hour Fitness as long as you wipe your bar down when you’re done and clean the floor if you get dust on it.

Dropping weights is allowed on the lifting platforms but isn’t allowed anywhere else on the gym floor.

Grunting is also allowed as long as you’re not obnoxious about it. I recommend keeping the grunting to a minimum and not doing it for every single rep throughout your workout.

Cancellation Policy & Contract Length

24 Hour Fitness has month-to-month and one-year contracts. Some clubs also offer the option for two-year contracts.

No matter what kind of contract you have, you can cancel your membership by providing written notice to the club in person or via certified mail.

If you only need to suspend your membership for a short period of time, you can put it on hold. You may have to prove that you have a valid reason for needing to freeze your membership. Valid reasons include medical issues, temporary work transfers, participation in an extended volunteer program, or military deployment.

Guest Policy: Can You Bring A Friend or Wife/Husband?

Guests who are at least 18 years old can work out with you at 24 Hour Fitness. It’s recommended to set up an appointment for them at the front desk before you bring them in. Once the guest is at the gym, they’ll have to sign a liability form, show identification, and prove that they’re at least 18 years old.

The guest can work out for free the first time you bring them, but you may have to pay a $20 fee if you bring the same guest a second time.

Pet Policy: Can You Bring Your Dog To Workout?

Only certified service dogs are allowed at 24 Hour Fitness.

Are 24 Hour Fitness Memberships Transferrable? 

24 Hour Fitness Memberships are non-transferrable.

Does A 24 Hour Fitness Membership Work Anywhere?

Depending on your membership, you can either access any club in the US or any club within about a 50-mile radius of your home club.

Is There A Dress Code?

There is no strict dress code at 24 Hour Fitness, other than the obvious policies of wearing appropriate workout attire. You have to keep your shoes on at all times unless you’re in the pool or sauna, so barefoot lifting isn’t allowed. Men have to keep shirts on when they’re on the gym floor, but I saw several women wearing booty shorts and sports bras.

Can My Child Work Out at 24 Hour Fitness?

Children who are at least 12 years old can work out at 24 Hour Fitness as long as they’re accompanied by an adult.

Is 24 Hour Fitness Personal Training Worth It?

24 Hour Fitness personal training

At the Ramsey, NJ location, personal training sessions start at $85/hour and go up to $97.50/hour depending on how many sessions you commit to. Packages are available for four 50-minute sessions and you can purchase just one package or have it auto-renew every month.

A single package is a good choice for anyone who just needs a jumpstart with their fitness routine while the recurring package is good for people who need a little more handholding.

24 Hour Fitness doesn’t typically offer free training sessions for new members. It’s the only chain gym I’ve seen that doesn’t, but I think it’s actually a good thing.

The free consultations can sometimes just be ways to get members to sign up for expensive or lengthy personal training packages, and it encourages the trainers to focus more on sales rather than helping you reach your goals.

But since 24 Hour Fitness doesn’t do that, it’s more likely that the trainers really do want you to succeed. They don’t need to have degrees in kinesiology or exercise science or another related field, but they do need certifications from accredited institutions such as NASM or ACE.

Additionally, most 24 Hour Fitness trainers already have at least one year of training experience under their belts, so you’ll know that your trainer is already used to working with clients. As such, I would recommend a personal trainer at 24 Hour Fitness if you have the budget for it or you need help training for a specific goal.

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Tips For New Members

1. Think Carefully About Which Membership Option You Want

With all of the different membership tiers 24 Hour Fitness offers, you may be confused about which plan to sign up for. The biggest thing you’ll have to worry about is how many other clubs you’ll want access to.

Unless you travel a lot for work, I’d recommend one of the regional-access plans if you’re on a tight budget. You can save about $75 a year and you’ll still get access to most group classes and amenities. Even if you wanted to alternate between one club that’s close to your house and another that’s close to your job, a regional membership should still give you access to both.

Being able to access any other club in the US is a nice perk, but if you know you won’t take advantage of it, there’s no use in paying extra for it.

2. You Can Sometimes Save Even More Money by Threatening To Cancel

I don’t really like encouraging people to make empty threats, but if you can no longer afford your membership or just want to save money, you can threaten to cancel your 24 Hour Fitness membership. In some cases, they’ll offer you 30% off your next three months’ worth of dues.

Just don’t do this repeatedly, or else they’ll start to get suspicious and you may end up having your membership privileges revoked.

Also, this is only an option for members with month-to-month contracts. But if you have a one- or two-year contract, it still doesn’t hurt to try negotiating your monthly fees.

3. Download The App

24 Hour Fitness offers an app called 24GO® for its members. In the app, you can reserve class times, attend virtual training sessions with a trainer, make changes to your membership, and use a QR code to check into the gym.

The app also has over 2,000 on-demand classes that you can stream from any device. It costs $14.99/month on top of your gym membership, but you can sign up for a free 14-day trial.

24 Hour Fitness Complaints

Some of the most common complaints I’ve seen about 24 Hour Fitness recently are that members continue to be charged even after their primary locations have closed. This has occurred even if there isn’t another location within a 25-mile radius of the old club.

Some other common complaints I’ve heard about 24 Hour Fitness are due to rising costs despite cutbacks in amenities. For example, at the Ramsey location, childcare and towel services for the showers are no longer offered, but membership costs have risen by about 20% over the past few years.

At some locations, equipment is not well-maintained and machines are frequently out-of-order.

I’ve also seen some complaints about people dropping weights, but I think these concerns are from members that don’t truly understand powerlifting and weightlifting. As I mentioned earlier, dropping weights is allowed, so the staff can’t stop you from doing it even if another member gets upset about it.

Alternatives to 24 Hour Fitness

1. Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness is another 24-hour gym with locations throughout the US and Canada, as well as almost 50 other countries.

Anytime Fitness had a welcoming, motivating environment when I visited. Even though it’s a small gym and doesn’t have a lot of amenities, it had some specialty pieces of equipment like a BandBell Bamboo Barbell and a safety squat bar.

Check out our complete review of Anytime Fitness.

2. Workout Anytime

Workout Anytime isn’t as popular as some other chain gyms, but I recommend checking it out if you have one by you. Like 24 Hour Fitness and Anytime Fitness, it’s accessible 24 hours a day.

Workout Anytime has cardio machines, resistance machines, barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, and more. It’s also quite a bit cheaper than a 24 Hour Fitness membership and has amenities such as tanning booths and massage chairs.

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3. LA Fitness

Although I wasn’t super impressed by the LA Fitness location I visited, I still liked how spacious it was and it had a nice selection of free weights, machines, and equipment. The equipment isn’t as high-quality as that at 24 Hour Fitness, but it does the job. The only downside is that LA Fitness isn’t open 24 hours a day.

I know of some LA Fitness locations in my area that took over 24 Hour Fitness buildings after they went out of business and inherited some of their equipment. Those locations tend to have nicer equipment, so I’d check to see if this is also the case with an LA Fitness club by you.

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Final Thoughts

A 24 Hour Fitness membership is worth it due to its vast selection of cardio and weight machines, high-quality barbells and bumper plates, and amenities such as basketball courts and saunas.

However, 24 Hour Fitness locations vary in terms of cleanliness, particularly in the showers, pools, and water fountains. If you have a 24 Hour Fitness near you, I recommend checking it out to see what its facilities are like.

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