Our coaches have worked with hundreds of powerlifters just like you to break through strength plateaus, compete at higher levels, and win medals at local, national, and international competitions.

Benefits of Working With Our Coaches

Our coaches have deep expertise in the science of human movement, nutrition, and programming. Working with a coach can:

Help you navigate the process of competing for the first time

Help you compete at higher levels of powerlifting

Give you confidence in your training without having to guess what will work

Personalize your program based on your training history, ability, goals, limitations, and personal preferences

Refine your lifting technique, nutrition, and habits

Help you solve complex training problems like getting stronger through injury or breaking through long-standing strength plateaus

How To Get Started:

Fill out a 1-minute form telling us who you are

Book a free 20-minute consult to discuss your training

If your coach is a good fit, sign up for monthly programming (no commitment required)

Meet Our Coaches

Joseph Lucero

joseph lucero

Joseph Lucero is a Strength and Condition Specialist, Author, and Competitive Lifter. He's CSCS-Certified with a Bachelor's and Master's degree to round out his education. 

He currently works with a diverse range of athletes, and is ready to take on lifters of all levels who are eager to amplify their performance. 

Derek Reasch

derek-Reasch strength coach for powerlifters

Derek Reasch is a Certified Nutrition and Strength and Conditioning Coach with experience at the collegiate and private levels. He has an M.S. in Kinesiology and a B.S. in Exercise Science. He has an elite total in several weight classes as a competitive powerlifter. 

He currently works with beginners to advanced lifters offering diet and workout plans. 

Matthew Taylor

Matthew Taylor is a Powerlifting Coach with certifications in DNS Exercise (Level 2), Functional Movement Screen (Level 2), Precision Nutrition Coach (Level 1), and more. Matthew broke a National Squat record in 2013 within the Canadian Powerlifting Federation.

He currently guides both first-time lifters and experienced competitors. 

What Are People Saying?

I'm 75. I started lifting at age 72. I went without a coach for a while and lost direction and motivation. Siz months ago I started working with a coach and after being observed and listened to, I was given a structured program that has produced results. My body has changed: more muscle and less fat (-4 in/-10 cm on my waist) with a normal diet and the powerlifting program. The weekly voice-over coaching derived from my reports means the most to me. I input my activity by weight, reps, and RPE and attach videos. Every week I get back a treasure of smart comments on my work using video and coach's comments to highlight changes to make. I take notes to remind myself until I internalize the changes. An orthopedic surgeon told me that I have broken all expectations of loss of muscle mass and fitness in a 75-year-old.
Milton Bogach
Strength Training Enthusiast
As I was starting to enter my 40’s, I was looking for a sport in which I could still make some solid strength gains, stay in shape from an anti-aging perspective, and still be able to compete at a high level for years to come. After bombing out of a competition in 2019, I noticed most guys who were winning had professional coaches. I decided to hire myself a coach that had very high credentials and was well respected at an international level. Since then I have made tremendous progress. My coach helped me correct multiple errors I was making across all three competition lifts. These were things I probably would have not found on my own. After two years of using a professional coach, my lifting technique has improved. All of my maximum single lifts in the past are now moving for reps. I feel strong, healthy, and have been injury-free for quite some time. I have newfound confidence inside and outside of the gym.
Mike Dewald
Master Powerlifter
I have been an athlete utilizing this coaching platform for just over three years. I have had the pleasure of being trained for several local, provincial, national and international events. This has resulted in successfully winning two Canadian National titles and 2 overall world IPF bronze medals. I have increased my overall total in that time by over 55kg. I have gone from doing powerlifting as a hobby to becoming an elite accomplished confident masters athlete.
Jody McPeak
World Level Powerlifter
In the last 2 years we have added over 65kg to my total. I have noticed a huge increase in confidence both in the gym and through the execution of my lifts. Prior, movements like squats and deadlifts often felt off and I didn’t understand why. Over the years, we have worked at improving my form in all 3 lifts resulting in not only a boost of confidence under heavier loads but have created more efficient movements that have allowed me to lift more.
Ashley Tymburski
First-Time Powerlifter
Since starting coaching I have come a long way both mentally, and physically as a strength athlete. Not only have I been able to put pounds on to my total (obviously the goal), but I have also begun to become much more aware of the smaller, yet very important aspects of my training. Through learning more about things such as relative fatigue management, long term vs. short term goals, being in / finding the proper mindset for training sessions, etc. I have been able to take my powerlifting training to new heights. As someone who is relatively “new” to the sport (roughly 2.5 years of powerlifting under my belt), I knew I had a lot to learn, and knowing now, this was definitely the right place to do so.
Mitchell Peterson
Regional Level Powerlifter

Frequently Asked Questions

This is your opportunity to discuss your training and what you want to accomplish.  Our coaches will lay out an initial plan that will help you towards your goals and offer a realistic timeframe for doing so.  If they can’t help you, they will be honest and upfront with you.

After your coaching call, your coach will get to work designing your first block of training.  Your program will be delivered through Google Sheets or another similar online software.  The program will be explained in detail, including why the program is laid out in the way it is, and how it will help you.  You will schedule regular check-ins with your coach to discuss progress, modifications to the program, technique improvements, and more.

Coaching costs will vary based on the level of service provided by the coach.  These details will be discussed further on the coaching consult call.

Yes, you will send videos of your powerlifting movements to your coach, and they will provide guidance on how to tweak your technique to become more efficient.

Nutrition coaching is an option that is available if you request it.

Yes, our coaches work with people who are just getting started with powerlifting up to lifters who are competing at the international level. 

The frequency of communication will be discussed further on the coaching consult call as it will depend on the type of service you request.  Most athletes choose to have weekly check-ins with their coaches, which can include some combination of email correspondence and video calls.

Our coaches are not qualified to diagnose or treat injuries, but they have programmed for many athletes who are either currently injured or have overcome injuries.  Injuries will be discussed on a case-by-case basis, and usually in consultations with your physiotherapist or family doctor.

Focus on lifting, and let our coaches handle the details.

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Just Launched: The First Time Powerlifter

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