USPA Approved Gear & Equipment For Competition

Navigating through USPA-approved gear can be daunting. Competitions are stressful enough with just the training aspect. To assist, I’m providing a comprehensive guide on every piece of USPA-approved equipment. We’ll delve into technical rules and authorized brands, from the belt to the singlet. Speaking of competitions, I’ve written a similar guide for IPF & USAPL … Continue ReadingUSPA Approved Gear & Equipment For Competition

IPF & USAPL Approved Gear & Equipment For Competition

IPF & USAPL-approved gear is essential if you want to compete. So, as competition day is getting closer, you’re working harder than ever to prepare yourself, you won’t want to get disqualified. That’s why I prepared this elaborate guide. For each piece of equipment, I’ll explain the required specifications, provide the full list of IPF … Continue ReadingIPF & USAPL Approved Gear & Equipment For Competition

Competition Gear For Powerlifting (Top Recommendations)

Getting ready for a powerlifting meet? The last thing you want is to get disqualified over something you’re wearing after the amount of hard work it took to get there! To avoid this horrible scenario, you’ve come to the right place. Today, I’ll be listing and discussing all the competition gear for powerlifting, as well … Continue ReadingCompetition Gear For Powerlifting (Top Recommendations)