exercises to increase bench press

18 Exercises To Increase Bench Press (That Actually Work)

Improving your bench press comes down to nailing your technique but also doing exercises that can help you optimize your strength potential.  The barbell bench press is a compound exercise that is common in the sport of powerlifting. It’s usually considered the “king” of all chest exercises.  It can also be a very challenging exercise

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dumbbell chest exercises without a bench

Best Dumbbell Chest Workout Without A Bench: 12 Exercises To Add

While most dumbbell chest workouts may seem to require a bench, you can do plenty of exercises without access to a bench that still ensures your chest muscles are getting worked. The 12 best exercises for a dumbbell chest workout without a bench are:  Whether you go to a busy gym where the benches are

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Powerlifting vs Bodybuilding: Who Is Stronger?

Are Powerlifters Stronger Than Bodybuilders? (Real Examples)

Powerlifters and bodybuilders are two types of lifting enthusiasts who are stronger than the average person, but you may be wondering who is actually stronger between the two. So, who is stronger, powerlifters or bodybuilders? On average, someone who trains for strength with powerlifting-style training will be stronger than someone who exclusively trains like a

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Build Muscle With Powerlifting

Can You Build Muscle With Powerlifting? (Yes, Here’s How)

Powerlifting is known as a strength sport while bodybuilding is known as a muscle building sport, leaving many budding powerlifters wondering if they are building any muscle. Can you build muscle with powerlifting? Yes, you can build muscle with powerlifting. More than likely, you will build muscle with powerlifting training especially in the first couple

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How To Break In A Lifting Belt

How To Break In A Lifting Belt (5 Methods)

The first thing you’re probably wondering once your first lifting belt arrives is how you’re meant to break it in so it wraps around your waist easily. So how do you break in a lifting belt? Breaking in a lifting belt isn’t always an overnight process but it can be sped up with methods such

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Is it normal not to be able to straighten your arm after working out?

Can’t Straighten Your Arms After A Workout? Causes & Fixes

Not able to straighten your arms after a bicep workout? You’re not alone. As a professional trainer, there’s no better feeling than a great gym session for myself or a client. But sometimes, a great workout comes with consequences, like not being able to straighten your arms. Is it normal not to be able to

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women pee when deadlifting

Why Do Some Women Pee When Deadlifting? (And, Is It Normal?)

If you stay around lifting circles long enough, you’re bound to eventually confront or witness peeing while deadlifting, especially as a woman. So, why do some women pee when deadlifting? Peeing while deadlifting, also referred to as urinary stress incontinence, occurs when there is increased pressure build up in the abdomen, often due to high

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Why Is My Overhead Press So Weak

Why Is My Overhead Press So Weak? (7 Fixes That Work)

The overhead press is notoriously thought to be a weak link for many lifters. This doesn’t mean you should feel discouraged by it, but you should try to understand why your overhead press is weak so you can figure out how to make it stronger. Why is your overhead press so weak? Your overhead press

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How Tight Should A Lifting Belt Be?

How Tight Should A Lifting Belt Be? (Breakdown Per Exercise)

Lifting belts are meant to help you maintain pressure around your core, but the key is to get just the right level of tightness. So, how tight should a lifting belt be? A lifting belt’s tightness may vary slightly by exercise, however, in general, you should have about a finger width of room between the

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RPE vs RIR: What Are The Differences? How To Use Them?

You’ll hear the terms RPE and RIR get tossed around interchangeably by powerlifting coaches and athletes, leaving beginners confused on what they are and when to use them. So, what is the difference between RPE vs RIR? RPE and RIR are both acronyms for ways to rate the difficulty of an exercise and in some

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