IPF & USAPL Approved Equipment & Gear For Competition (2022)

Alright, the competition day is getting closer. You’ve worked harder than ever to prepare yourself. First of all, way to go! But remember, if any piece of your gear doesn’t follow the IPF rules, you might get disqualified.

That’s why I went along and prepared this elaborate guide. For each piece of equipment, I’ll explain the required specifications, provide the full list of IPF & USAPL approved gear, and mention my best recommendations.

Let’s get going!

Important updates to this list:

  • All equipment and competition gear has been updated and approved up to December 31, 2020.
  • As of June 5, 2020, all Metal Powerlifting Gear has been banned from the USAPL. This decision was made in response to inflammatory and racist comments made by the owner of Metal Powerlifting Gear.
  • If you compete in the USPA Federation, you’ll want to check out the article on USPA Approved Gear and Equipment for Competition. The IPF and USPA have different standards when it comes to gear and equipment you can wear on the competition platform.

What Makes Equipment IPF & USAPL Approved?

First things first, IPF and USAPL have the same exact regulations. If a product is IPF-approved, it’ll be USAPL-approved by extension.

For any equipment to be approved, it has to meet a unique set of specifications that I’ll discuss later on. Furthermore, the brand itself has to be accredited by IPF & USAPL.

The Risk of Not Having IPF & USAPL Approved Gear

If you use unapproved gear, you can get disqualified. Both federations have the right to invalidate the whole contest and any records accomplished, even after the competition is finished.

How To Know If Your Gear is IPF & USAPL Approved

To keep it simple, search for the IPF and USAPL logos on the manufacturer website. If you find them, you can safely use their gear.

You can also wear mouth guards in competition. Check out my guide on the 5 Best Mouth Guards For Powerlifting

Want to get advice on programming, technique, or competing? Speak with one of our coaches.

IPF & USAPL Approved List of Powerlifting Gear For Classic/Raw

In Raw competitions, you’re a bit restricted on the allowed gear. You can use a belt, singlet, wrist wraps, and knee sleeves.

IPF & USAPL Approved Belts

Powerlifting belts decrease the likelihood of injuries by keeping your spine in a natural, unstrained position. Also, having a solid object for your muscles to press against is the shortest way to instantly lift heavier weights.

Inzer Forever Lever Belt 10MM – Best Overall

Without a doubt, Inzer is the gold standard for lifting belts. The Inzer Forever has a sturdy 10mm leather construction that balances between support and comfort. In addition to classic black, it comes in bright pink to fit female lifters.

Rogue Echo 10MM Lifting Belt – Best Budget

If you prefer the old-school prongs, Rogue Echo should be your best bet. Despite its affordable cost, it features a firm leather body with 10 precision-spaced holes to fine-tune the tightness. With a 10mm thickness, it won’t take much time to break-in.

IPF & USAPL Technical Specifications for Belts

●       A belt can’t be worn under lifting suits.

●       It should be made of leather, vinyl, or any non-stretchable material.

●       Laminations are allowed, either glued or stitched.

●       It can’t have any padding, bracing, or any other support.

●       It can be equipped with a single prong, double prongs, or a lever.

●       The buckle must be securely fixed with stitching or studs.

●       The design has to be plain with no logos unless approved by IPF.

●       You can place a logo of your name or nation upon IPF approval.

●       The belt mustn’t be wider than 4” or thicker than 13mm.

●       The buckle’s inside and outside width should be 11 and 13 cm respectively.

●       The tongue loop should be placed within 25 cm from the belt’s end.

●       The tongue loop can’t be wider than 5 cm.

Full List of IPF & USAPL Approved Belts


●       SBD 13mm Lever Belt


●       Eleiko Powerlifting Belt


●       Ohio 3” Lifting Belt

●       Rogue 13mm Lever Belt

●       Rogue 13mm Prong Belt


●       A7 Lever Belt 10mm/13mm

●       A7 Pioneer Cut Prong Belt 10mm/13mm

Steel Sweat

●       Rhino Power Belt 10mm

Lift.net (Stoic)

●       Stoic Single Prong Belt 10mm

●       Stoic Lever Belt 13mm


●       Titan Lever Belt

●       Titan Single Prong Belt

●       Titan Double Prong Belt


●       Inzer Belt with Prongs 10mm

●       Inzer Belt with Prongs 13mm

●       Inzer Lever Belt 10mm

●       Inzer Lever Belt 13mm

●       Inzer Power Rage Belt

Iron Tanks

●       Iron Tanks Lever Belt 10mm

●       Iron Tanks Lever Belt 13mm

●       Iron Tanks 10mm Single Prong Belt

●       Iron Tanks 13mm Single Prong Belt

Lifting Large

●       Lifting Large Economy Lever Belt 10mm

●       Lifting Large Competition Lever Belt 13mm

●       Lifting Large Polished Leather Lever Belt 13mm

●       Lifting Large Economy Single Prong Belts 10mm

●       Lifting Large Competition Single Prong Belts 13mm

●       Lifting Large Polished Leather Single Prong Belts 13mm

●       Lifting Large Economy Double Prong Belts 10mm

●       Lifting Large Competition Double Prong Belts 13mm


●       Metal Single Prong Belt

ONI (Bukiya)

●       Oni Lever Belt Action

●       Oni Quick Release Belt

●       Oni Single Prong Belt

Strength Shop

●       Strength Shop Lever Belt 3″

●       Strength Shop 4″ Lever Belt 10mm

●       Strength Shop 4″ Lever Belt 13mm

●       Strength Shop 3″ Single Prong Belt

●       Strength Shop 4″ Single Prong Belt

●       Strength Shop 4″ Double Prong Belt 10mm

●       Strength Shop 4″ Double Prong Belt 13mm

●       Strength Shop Lever Belt 2″

●       Strength Shop Lever Belt 2.5″

Super Training

●       Super Training STrong Belt 10mm/13mm

●       Super Training Lever Belt


●       Wahlanders Quick Release Belt

Beast Genetics

●       Beast Genetics Single Prong Belt

●       Beast Genetics Double Prong Belt

●       Beast Genetics Lever Belt

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IPF & USAPL Wrist Wraps

I honestly can’t imagine bench presses without wrist wraps. They’re among the most important keys to lift heavier weights with little to no injury risks.

Inzer Gripper 20″ Wrist Wraps – Best Overall

Back again with Inzer, this time with these amazingly-firm wrist wraps. As their name implies, their unique fabric literally grips on itself with every turn you add. With its durable velcro, you won’t have to use additional chalk or stickum.

Titan THP Wrist Wraps – Best Budget

Instead of the velcro, these wraps utilize a different type of a hook-and-loop called Aplix. A lot of athletes prefer it for its tighter support and lower cost. With a 6-month guarantee, Titan definitely puts its competitors into a fierce competition!

IPF & USAPL Technical Specifications for Wrist Wraps

●       Wrist wraps should be made from a 1-ply elastic fabric.

●       They could be covered with cotton, polyester, or both.

●       Wrist wraps mustn’t exceed 1 m in length and 8 cm in width.

●       Velcro and securing sleeves must be contained within these dimensions.

●       Tightening loops mustn’t be over your thumb or fingers while you’re lifting.

●       You can also wear 12-cm-wide medical bandages and sweatbands.

●       You can’t combine wrist wraps and sweatbands together.

Full List of IPF & USAPL Approved Wrist Wraps


●       SBD Wrist Wraps

●       SBD Eclipse Wrist Wraps


●       Eleiko Wrist Wraps


●       A7 Flex Wrist Wraps

●       A7 Medium Wrist Wraps

●       A7 Stiff Wrist Wraps

Lift.net (Stoic)

●       Stoic Wrist Wraps


●       Titan Signature Gold Wrist Wraps

●       Titan Titanium Wrist Wraps

●       Titan Red Devil Wrist Wraps

●       Titan Wrist Wraps THP

●       Titan Wrist Wraps MAX RPM


●       Inzer W40 True Black Wrist Wraps

●       Inzer W50 Gripper Wrist Wraps

●       Inzer W70 Black Beauty Wrist Wraps

●       Inzer Iron Wrist Wraps Z

●       Inzer Atomic Wrist Wraps

Iron Tanks

●       Ironclad Wrist Wraps


●       Metal Mystical Camo Wrist Wraps

●       Metal Black Wrist Wraps (Stiff)

●       Metal Silver Wrist Wraps (x2 Stiff)

●       Metal Camo Hard Wrist Wraps (x2.5 Stiff)

●       Metal Orange Wrist Wraps (x3 Stiff)

●       Metal Black and Red Wrist Wraps (x4 Stiff)

●       Metal Triple Black Line Wrist Wraps

ONI (Bukiya)

●       ONI Wrist Wraps

●       ONI XX Wrist Wraps

●       GLFIT Wrist Wraps

Strength Shop

●       Strength Shop Zeus Stiff Wrist Wraps

●       Strength Shop Thor Super Stiff Wrist Wraps

Super Training

●       Sling Shot Wrist Wraps

●       Gangsta Wrist Wraps

●       Strong Wrist Wraps

●       Stretchy Wrist Wraps

●       Power Wrist Wraps

●       Gangsta Wrist Wraps

Check out my full review of the Best Wrist Wraps For Powerlifting.

IPF & USAPL Approved Knee Sleeves

400-lbs squats are practically impossible without the right knee sleeves. Their neoprene construction makes sure your knees stay secure as you’re lifting. However, don’t make a habit of wearing them all the time because they might actually weaken your muscles.

Titan 7MM 3rd Generation Yellow Jackets – Best Overall

Being named after the famously fierce yellowjackets, these sleeves provide the maximum support allowed by IPF. Instead of the classic solid cylinders, Titan designed them with X-shaped seams that meet right above your knee cap.

Rogue 5MM Knee Sleeves – Best Budget

If you don’t like how firm 7-mm-thick sleeves feel, Rouge’s 5mm sleeves should satisfy your needs. Thanks to their anatomical seams, they successfully balance between comfort and support.

IPF & USAPL Technical Specifications for Knee Sleeves

●       You can’t wear knee sleeves and wraps together.

●       Knee sleeves must be made of 1-ply neoprene.

●       Non-compressive fabrics can be used to cover the sleeves.

●       Velcros, straps, drawstrings, and paddings aren’t allowed.

●       Knee sleeves mustn’t provide a significant rebound to the lifter’s knees.

●       They can’t exceed a width of 7 mm and a length of 30 cm.

●       They have to be continuous cylinders without any holes.

●       When worn, they have to be exactly centered over your knee joint.

●       They shouldn’t touch your suit or socks.

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Full List of IPF & USAPL Approved Knee Sleeves


●       SBD Knee Sleeves 7mm

●       SBD Eclipse Knee Sleeves

●       SBD Dynamic Knee Sleeves 2019


●       Eleiko Knee Sleeves 5mm

●       Eleiko Knee Sleeves 7mm


●       Rogue 5mm Knee Sleeves

●       Rogue 7mm Knee Sleeves


●       A7 Cone Knee Sleeves

Unbroken Designs

●       Dia De Los Muertos Knee Sleeves

●       Stars and Stripes Knee Sleeves

●       Night Swim Knee Sleeves

●       Swirls for Girls Knee Sleeves

●       Lioness Squared Knee Sleeves

●       Purple Ombre Knee Sleeves

●       Sea Lilies Knee Sleeves

●       Paradise Pink Knee Sleeves

●       White Snake Knee Sleeves

●       Silver Tron Knee Sleeves

●       Tropical Explosion Knee Sleeves

●       Ahoy Knee Sleeves

●       Paradise City Knee Sleeves

●       Watermeshon Knee Sleeves

Lift.net (Stoic)

●       Stoic Knee Sleeves


●       Rehband 7084 Blue Knee Sleeves – 7mm

●       Rehband 7051 Original Knee Sleeves – 7mm

●       Rehband RX Knee Sleeves Long 7mm


●       Titan Yellow Jacket Knee Sleeves

●       Titan Knee Sleeves


●       Inzer Knee Sleeves

Iron Tanks

●       Iron Tanks Iron Knee Sleeves 7mm


●       Metal Knee Sleeve 6mm

●       Metal Knee Sleeve 7mm

ONI (Bukiya)

●       Oni Knee Sleeves

●       Oni Knee Sleeves XX

Super Training

●      STrong Knee Sleeves

●      Slingshot Knee Sleeves 2.0

●      Extreme “X” Knee Sleeves

IPF & USAPL Approved Singlets

As you might already know, singlets are mandatory in powerlifting competitions. Judges must see your legs and arms at all times to give fair and accurate scores. However, picking a durable and comfortable singlet can also improve your lifting efficiency.

Check out my complete review of the Best Singlets For Powerlifting.

Titan Triumph Powerlifting Singlet – Best Overall

Titan Triumph is my favorite singlet mainly because of its wide-cut shoulder straps. They fit comfortably over your body without interfering with your muscles. The crotch area is reinforced with a double-ply fabric to make sure nothing shows through during a deep movement.

Inzer Powerlifting Singlet – Best Budget

If you prefer thin straps, consider this singlet from Inzer. Although Inzer’s gear tends to cost more than others, they managed to make this singlet with the same high standard at a notably affordable cost.

IPF & USAPL Technical Specifications for Singlets

●       Non-supportive singlets can be worn in both Raw and Equipped competitions.

●       When worn, the singlet mustn’t be loose in any area.

●       You can choose any non-compressible fabric you like.

●       The singlet must have a uniform thickness throughout the whole body.

●       It can have an extra supportive layer over the crotch measuring 12×24 cm.

●       The singlet’s legs shouldn’t be longer than 25 cm or shorter than 3 cm.

●       Your suit can bear logos of your name, nation, and approved manufacturers.

Full List of IPF & USAPL Approved Singlets


●       SBD Singlet

●       SBD Men’s and Women’s Eclipse Powerlifting Singlet


●       Eleiko Women’s Singlet

●       Eleiko Men’s Singlet


●       A7 Black Singlet

Unbroken Designs

●       Stars & Stripes Singlet

●       Leopard and Lace Singlet

Lift.net (Stoic)

●       Stoic Singlet


●       Titan Singlet – various color combinations allowed


●       Inzer Power Singlet

Iron Tanks

●       Iron Tanks Conquer Soft Suit Singlet

Lifting Large

●       Lifting Large Basic Singlet


●       Metal M Singlet

ONI (Bukiya)

●       ONI Singlet

Strength Shop

●       Strength Shop Singlet

●       Strength Shop Unbranded Powerlifting Singlet

●       Strength Shop Red/Black Powerlifting Singlet

●       Strength Shop Camo Powerlifting Singlet

Super Training

●       Signature STrong Singlet

●       Signature POWER Singlet

●       Sling Shot Singlet

●       STrong Singlet

●       Classic STrong Singlet

Beast Genetics

●       Beast Genetics Singlet

IPF & USAPL Approved List of Powerlifting Gear For Equipped

In equipped competitions, athletes use all sorts of supportive gear to leverage their lifting power. In addition to the Raw gear, you’re allowed to use elastic knee wraps, a squat suit, deadlift suit, bench press shirt, and an erector shirt.

Check out my full review on the Best Knee Sleeves For Squats.

IPF & USAPL Approved Knee Wraps

Unlike knee sleeves, knee wraps actively enhance your lifting. During a squat, their elastic fibers store energy to give you a push every time you’re going back up.

Titan Signature Series Gold Knee Wraps – Best Overall

Titan Signature wraps are a true marvel when it comes to firmness. In fact, some lifters may find them unreasonably painful for small weights. That should tell you how much support they can give when you’re trying to break a record.

Inzer Iron Z Knee Wraps – Best Budget

Just like the Inzer Gripper 20 wrist wraps, Iron Z wraps firmly grips on your skin without chalk. And again, having Inzer quality at this affordable price gives the best banInzer Gripper 20″g for the buck.

IPF & USAPL Technical Specifications for Knee Wraps

●       Knee wraps aren’t allowed in Classic/Raw competitions.

●       You can’t wear knee wraps and sleeves together.

●       Knee wraps should be made from a 1-ply elastic fabric.

●       They can be covered with cotton, polyester, or both.

●       They mustn’t be longer than 2 m or wider than 8 cm.

●       When worn, wraps mustn’t cover more than 30 cm of your leg.

●       They have to be centered over the knee joint, covering 15 cm above and below.

●       They mustn’t come in contact with your suit or socks.

●       You’re allowed to use medical crepes and bandages that have similar dimensions.

Full List of IPF & USAPL Approved Knee Wraps


●       SBD Knee Wraps

●       SBD Knee Wraps Competition 2019

●       SBD Knee Wraps Training 2019


●       Titan Knee Wraps THP

●       Titan Max Knee Wraps RPM

●       Titanium Knee Wraps

●       Titan Red Devil Knee Wraps

●       Titan Signature Gold Knee Wraps


●       Iron Knee Wraps Z

●       Inzer W40 True Black Knee Wraps

●       Inzer W50 Gripper Knee Wraps

●       Inzer W70 Black Beauty Knee Wraps

●       Inzer Atomic Knee Wraps

Super Training

●       Sling Shot Knee Wraps

●       World Record Knee Wraps

●       STrong Knee Wraps

●       Gansta Knee Wraps

IPF & USAPL Approved Squat Suits

Wearing a squat suit is ultimately useful in amplifying the stretch reflex at the bottom of your squats.

Titan Centurion Squat Suit – Best Overall

If you’re willing to invest in a high-end squat suit, the Centurion should be the perfect pick. Titan made it from NXG Super Plus, one of the strongest fabrics currently known.

Titan Spartan Squat Suit – Best Budget

You can enjoy the incredible firmness of the NGX fabric at a lower price by opting for the Spartan suit, another marvel from Titan.

IPF & USAPL Technical Specifications for Squat Suits

●       Your suit must have a uniform thickness.

●       The length of the suit’s legs should be between 3 and 15 cm.

●       You can adjust your suit’s thickness by pleats made only on the original seams.

●       Pleats sewn onto the suit’s body will disqualify the whole garment.

●       You can fold the shoulder straps up to 3 cm to tighten the suit.

●       Your suit can bear logos of your name, nation, and approved manufacturers.

Full List of IPF & USAPL Approved Squat Suits

●       Titan Centurion Suit

●       Titan Super Centurion Suit

●       Titan Spartan Suit

●       Titan Superior Suit

●       Inzer TRX Squat Suit

●       Inzer Megathrust Squat Suit

IPF & USAPL Approved Bench Shirts

A bench shirt is a simple way to naturally force your arms in front of you during a bench press.

Titan Super Katana A/S Bench Shirt – Best Overall

With an NGX construction, this shirt is guaranteed to deliver an exploding rebound as you’re trying to push the weight back.

Titan F6 Bench Press Shirt – Best Budget

The F6 is equipped with meticulously tilted sleeves that assume a perfect 90-degree angle after arching your back.

IPF & USAPL Technical Specifications for Bench Shirts

●       You can’t wear bench shirts in Classic/Raw competitions.

●       You can pick any fabric or textile except rubber or any similar stretchy material.

●       The shirt shouldn’t have any reinforced seams, pockets, buttons, or zippers.

●       The neck collar has to be round.

●       The sleeves must extend beyond your deltoid and end before your elbow.

●       As you’re lifting, you can’t push or roll the sleeves over your deltoid.

●       Your shirt can bear logos of your name, nation, and approved manufacturers.

Full List of IPF & USAPL Approved Bench Shirts


●       Titan Fury Bench Shirt

●       Titan F6 Tornado Bench Shirt

●       Titan Super Katana Bench Shirt

●       Titan Katana Bench Shirt

●       Titan Super Katana Low Cut Bench Shirt


●       The Rage Bench Shirt

●       The Rage X Bench Shirt

●       Phenom Bench Shirt

●       Bolt Bench Shirt

●       CB Bench Shirt

●       XB Bench Shirt

●       The Wrath Bench Shirt

ONI (Bukiya)

●       Oni Bench Press Shirt

IPF & USAPL Approved Deadlift Suits

Deadlift suits look somewhat-similar to squat suits. Yet they typically have unique stitchings that serve deadlifts better than their counterparts.

Titan Velocity Deadlift Suit – Best Overall

Titan designed the Velocity suit with a unique fabric pattern that resembles a harness. This way, it firmly supports your posture even with the heaviest weights.

IPF & USAPL Technical Specifications for Deadlift Suits

●       Your suit must have a uniform thickness.

●       The length of the legs should be between 3 and 15 cm.

●       You can adjust your suit’s tightness by pleats made only on the original seams.

●       Pleats sewn onto the suit’s body will disqualify the whole garment.

●       You can fold the shoulder straps up to 3 cm to tighten the suit.

●       Your suit can bear logos of your name, nation, and approved manufacturers.

Full List of IPF & USAPL Deadlift Suits

●       Titan Velocity Conventional Deadlift Suit

●       Titan Velocity Sumo Deadlift Suit

●       Inzer MAX DL Deadlift Suit

●       Inzer Fusion Deadlift Suit

●       Inzer XDL Deadlift Suit

IPF & USAPL Approved Erector Shirts

Just like squat and deadlift suits, wearing an erector shirt maintains a proper posture throughout all power movements.

Standard Erector Shirt – Best Overall

If you decided to wear one, you can’t find anything better than Inzer, the brand that originally came up with the concept.

IPF & USAPL Technical Specifications

●       You can’t wear erector shirts in Classic/Raw competitions.

●       You can pick any fabric or textile except rubber or any similar stretching material.

●       The shirt shouldn’t have any reinforced seams, pockets, buttons, or zippers.

●       The neck collar has to be round.

●       Sleeves must extend beyond your deltoid and end before your elbow.

●       As you’re lifting, you can’t push or roll the sleeves over your deltoid.

●       Your shirt can bear logos of your name, nation, and approved manufacturers.

Full List of IPF & USAPL Approved Erector Shirts

●       Inzer Erector Shirt

●       Inzer Heavy Duty Erector Shirt

IPF & USAPL Approved List of Bars, Plates, and Racks

Training with competition-approved gear can give you an advantage over athletes who’ll see them for the first time on the competition day.

IPF & USAPL Approved Bars

Although they’re generally more expensive than regular options, these bars are the best in terms of durability and design standards.

Rogue 20KG Ohio Stainless Steel Bar – Best Overall

With friction-welded sleeves, this bar is well known for its unique strength and excellent fatigue resistance.

Rogue Ohio Black Zinc Bar – Best Budget

The black zinc bar shares the same design guidelines featured in the original stainless steel model. However, it can support smaller weights, which explains the lower price.

IPF & USAPL Technical Specifications for Bars

●       Naturally, the bar should be straight with excellent knurling and grooves.

●       Its overall length mustn’t exceed 2.2 m.

●       Distance between collars must be kept at 1.31 m.

●       The bar diameter can be 28 or 29 mm.

●       The collars and bar should weigh 25 kg together.

●       The sleeves’ diameter must be between 50 and 52 mm.

●       The distance between the barbell markings should be 81 cm.

Full List of IPF & USAPL Approved Bars

●       Eleiko Powerlifting Competition Bar 20 KG

●       Ivanko OBX 20 KG 29 MM Competition Powerlifting Bar

●       Leoko Official 20 KG 29 MM Powerlifting Bar

       Pallini B256 20 KG Chrome Male Powerlifting Bar

●       Rogue Ohio Black Zinc Power Bar

●       Rogue Ohio Stainless Steel Power Bar

●       Uesaka Men’s Powerlifting Bar

●       Titex 20 KG Competition Bar

●       Zaoba Bull Powerlifting Barbell

IPF & USAPL Approved Plates

Approved plates are the best in terms of accuracy. They must weigh within 0.25% of their claimed value, guaranteeing the most effective training.

Rogue Calibrated Steel Plates – Best Overall

Thanks to Rogue’s machine calibration, these plates are amazingly accurate to within 10 grams. Their high loading capacity offers the most space-efficient plates..

IPF & USAPL Technical Specifications for Plates

●       Plates must weigh within 0.25% of the value written on their face.

●       The approved weights are 1.25, 2.5, 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 kg.

●       If you want to break a record, you can use smaller weights like 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2 kg.

●       Plates weighing 15 kg and under should have a maximum thickness of 3 cm.

●       Bigger weights, i.e. 20 and 25 kg, shouldn’t be thicker than 6 cm.

●       All plates shouldn’t exceed 45 cm in diameter.

●       15-kg plates must be colored in yellow.

●       20-kg plates must be blue.

●       25-kg plates must be red.

●       10-kg and smaller plates can be colored randomly.

●       The plate hole diameter can be 52 or 53 mm.

●       Plates with unclear values will be disqualified.

●       Plates must be arranged in descending order, starting with the heaviest plate innermost.

●       The heaviest disk should face inwards, aligning the plate’s lip face toward the center.

●       The other plates should face outwards.

Full List of IPF & USAPL Approved Plates

●       Eleiko Powerlifting Competition Change Plates

●       Ivanko Olympic Calibrated Powerlifting Plates

●       Leoko Calibrated Powerlifting Plates

●       Pallini Steel Powerlifting Plates

●       Rogue Calibrated Kg Steel Plates

●       Uesaka Competition Bumpers

●       Uesaka Colored Training Bumpers

●       Titex Calibrated Powerlifting Plates

●       Zaoba Bull Powerlifting Plates

IPF & USAPL Approved Racks

Training with approved racks is essential to get used to the correct dimensions.

Eleiko Squat Stand/Bench Rack – Best Overall

Simply put, Eleiko’s design offers the sturdiest and safest training and competing experience.

IPF & USAPL Technical Specifications for Racks

●       Squat racks should have a height between 1 and 1.7 m.

●       Their height should be increased by increments of 2.5 cm.

●       Bench racks must be flat, level, and longer than 1.22 m.

●       The width of bench racks should be between 29 and 32 cm.

●       Their height, from the floor to the padding, can range between 42 and 45 cm.

●       The uprights can range between 75 and 110 cm in height, measured from the floor.

●       The insides of the bar rests should be spaced by 1.10 m at least.

●       The bench’s head should extend 22 cm beyond the uprights.

●       Safety stands must be attached at all times.

●       Safety stands should be higher than 36 cm with 10 holes in increments of 2.5 cm.

Full List of IPF & USAPL Approved Racks

●       Eleiko Squat Stand/Bench Rack

●       ER Equipment Squat & Bench Press Rack

●       Pallini Squat Rack

●       Rogue Combo Squat & Bench Press Rack

●       Zaoba Bull Bench & Squat Racks

IPF & USAPL Approved Logos

Just like the technical specs, IPF is pretty specific with the logos it allows. By default, any approved manufacturer can place his logo on his products, unless IPF states otherwise.

Above the manufacturer’s, you can place logos that represent your name or nation. However, you have to apply a request to the IPF Secretary-General for approval.

In most cases, all logos will be approved for a certain fee specified by the executives. Nevertheless, a logo can be disapproved if it compromises the commercial interests of the IPF. Also, executives have the right to adjust the size and position of the requested logos.

If a company’s logo was approved, you can use it on your gear for 2 years starting from the approval date. Afterward, the company needs to reapply with new fees.

On the bright side, you’re free to place un-approved logos on t-shirts, shoes, and socks as long as they aren’t bigger than 5×2 cm.

Do Shoes & Socks Need To Be USAPL & IPF Approved?

Well, not exactly. There are no brands that you need to stick to like the rest of the gear. However, there are certain rules that have to be met.

First and foremost, your shoes have to be designed for indoor sports, like wrestling and basketball. Outdoor shoes, like hiking boots, might not be allowed.

You’re free to wear heeled shoes with a maximum height of 5 cm or 2 inches. The outsole must be free from irregularities and projections. If you’re using an insole insert, it can’t be thicker than 1 cm.

You can wear any socks you like as long as they don’t have a rubber sole. When worn, they can’t come in contact with knee wraps or sleeves.

All socks heights are allowed except full-length stockings. Also, during deadlifts, you’re obligated to wear knee-high socks to protect your shins.

Adidas Powerlift 4 – Best Squat Shoe

With a raised heel and a sturdy midfoot strap, these squat shoes haven’t failed to impress me. Their synthetic leather upper offers an awesome balance between durability and breathability.

Sabo Deadlift Shoes – Best Deadlift Shoe

To enhance your deadlifts, these deadlift shoes have 2 support straps, one over the midfoot and one over the heel. Its high-cut upper is utterly effective in cementing your feet to the ground.

Other USAPL & IPF Equipment Rules

First and foremost, hats are never allowed on the platform. Watches, jewelry, eyewear, and other accessories can be permitted or disapproved by referees.

You can wear any plain t-shirt under your suit as long as it doesn’t have a stretchy fabric.

Check out the differences between the USAPL vs USPA, which are two popular powerlifting federations.

A Bit about Muslim Female Lifters

If you’re a Muslim female lifter, you can abide by your religious rules and compete with a Hijab.

However, sometimes the jury can ask you to alter your hair’s bun before performing the bench press. It’s a good idea to prepare yourself accordingly before you start to avoid getting distracted.

Also, you can’t wear any supportive items, like wraps and sleeves, over a full-body suit. All lifters have to wear them directly over the skin. Similarly, you can’t cover them with any fabric.

The highest level of competition in powerlifting is IPF World’s. Find out how you can qualify for IPF Worlds.

Frequently Asked Questions About IPF & USAPL Approved Gear

What does IPF approved mean?

If a product is titled “IPF-approved”, it meets all the regulations specified by the International Powerlifting Federation. You’re allowed to use such gear in all of the IPF and USAPL competitions.

Are STrong sleeves IPF approved?

Yes. STrong Knee Sleeves come with a thickness of 7 mm and a length of 29 cm, satisfying IPF rules. Also, since Super Training is a certified manufacturer, most of their gear is IPF-approved unless stated otherwise.

What bar does IPF use?

Bars differ between each competition. In general, IPF approves bars from Eleiko, Ivanko, Leoko, Pallini, Rogue, Uesaka, Titex, and Zaoba.

Are elbow sleeves allowed in IPF?

No. According to the IPF 2020 Technical Rules Book, sleeves are only allowed for knees. Similarly, you can’t wear wraps except over your wrists and knees.

What are the best IPF & USAPL approved belts?

If you’re looking for unmatched performance, Inzer Forever should be the ultimate pick. Its sturdy leather construction tightens with a seamless lever. Rogue Echo would be better if you want to save some bucks. It costs around half the Inzer, with a somewhat-similar performance.

What are the best IPF & USAPL approved knee sleeves?

Titan Yellow Jackets are undoubtedly the most famous. I love how their x-shaped seams provide extra support for knee caps. Rogue 5MM Knee Sleeves are also great if you’re looking for classically shaped seams.

What are the best IPF & USAPL approved wrist wraps?

My top pick is definitely Inzer Gripper 20″. Their fabric grips to itself with every turn you add. Some of my friends prefer Titan THP for their stronger Aplix hook-and-loop. And with a slightly lower cost, they can be suitable for people saving up for other expensive gear.

What are the best IPF & USAPL approved singlets?

For wide shoulder straps, I recommend Titan Triumph. Its material provides excellent comfort without interfering with your muscles. Inzer Singlet is the best thin-shoulder alternative. Its unmatched durability offers great value, especially with its affordable price.

If you’re interested in clothing, check out my list of the top 20 powerlifting clothing brands.

Final Thoughts

Since I already covered everything there’s to cover, I wanted to end this article with a cheerful note.

Every one of us wants to win the challenge and even break a record. But some athletes push themselves far beyond what their bodies can handle, ending up with unfortunate injuries.

So please, go easy on yourself. Your wellbeing is definitely more important than medals!

Some research has shown that lifting weights can cause acne if you don’t clean your equipment.