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bodyweight bicep exercises featured taken by Jake Woodruff, Strength Coach

7 Best Bodyweight Bicep Exercises: How-Tos & Trainer Tips

Dumbbell and barbell curls are the most common ways to build your biceps. However, you might not always have the right equipment to get a proper workout, or you may need to vary your workout to keep getting stronger. That's why we put together the exercises you could do with your bodyweight. Here are 7

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One Rep Max Calculator: Backed By Science

Use this calculator to estimate your 1 Rep Max. With this information, you can design more effective workouts. Just enter the weight you lifted for any exercise and the number of reps you did at that weight. Then, the 1RM calculator does the rest. Trainer's Tip: Add your most recent personal best, opting for the

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All the foods you can eat on a muscle building powerlifting diet like eggs, protein powder, berries and more

Powerlifting Diet Guide: Build A Plan & Tips From Top Lifters

The best powerlifting diet is one that prioritizes protein intake and consuming an adequate amount of calories. Once that's in place, you'll fill in the rest with carbs and fats. Here's a macronutrient breakdown for powerlifters to aim for: However, you don't want to make a mistake and never see those gains from your hard

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7 Best Toe Shoes for Working Out

7 Best Toe Shoes for Working Out: Pros, Cons, Reviews

The best toe shoes help you lift heavy weights because they offer a stable platform: the ground. This helps keep you balanced, unlike some shoes with elevated heels. So, what is the best toe shoe for working out? The best toe shoe for working out is the Vibram Five Fingers V-Train 2.0. They have thick

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Why Are Squats So Hard

Why Are Squats So Hard? (10 Squat Exercises To Improve)

When I first started experimenting with different squat variations I always found the front squat and overhead squat to be extremely challenging.   For you, it may be another squat variation that seems really difficult.   No matter the squat variation, though, what makes a squat hard or not usually depends on three factors:  (1) a lack

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I Tried Buff Dudes 12-Week Program, So You Don't Have To

Uh-oh, we found a program that isn’t exactly a powerlifting program.  The Buff Dudes 12-Week Program is a popular program that is used to gain mass and improve your physique among most beginner and intermediate lifters. Buff Dudes have a huge YouTube audience (2.5 million subscribers), so with that sort of influence in the fitness

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3 Exercises to Get A Thicker Neck: From A Physical Therapist

When building a thicker neck in the gym, the benefits are numerous, and there aren't any drawbacks. A thicker neck is more than just aesthetically pleasing; with more meat around your neck, you're less prone to various neck injuries, either from sports or activities of daily living. But you need to be smart with how

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Rep Fitness AB-3100 Bench Review

Rep Fitness AB-3100 Bench Review (Tested Over 4 Months)

In addition to a sturdy squat rack and a high-quality barbell, a solid bench is a necessity in any home gym. I’ve been using the Rep Fitness AB-3100 bench for several months, and I’ve been very happy with it.  So is the Rep Fitness AB-3100 bench worth it? The Rep Fitness AB-3100 bench is worth

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best deadlift bars

8 Best Deadlift Bars: Reviews, Pros, & Cons

With so many barbells on the market, knowing which ones are best for deadlifts can be difficult. New equipment companies continue popping up left and right, and knowing where to go for quality equipment can be hard.  But don’t worry. I've got you covered if you need help finding a deadlift bar. While most barbells

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Crunch vs Planet Fitness Differences, Pros, Cons

Crunch Fitness vs Planet Fitness: Differences, Pros, Cons

Crunch is better than Planet Fitness in almost every way. Planet Fitness doesn’t have a lot of strength equipment and doesn’t allow you to do certain exercises. I only recommend it for beginners looking for a budget-friendly gym and workouts using mostly machines. Crunch is better for people who enjoy strength training, group classes, or

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Is A Gold's Gym Membership Worth It? Honest Review

Gold’s Gym is one of the oldest and most well-known chain gyms in the US.  I visited a Gold’s Gym with one of my friends recently to find out if a membership is worth it. So, is a Gold’s Gym membership worth it? A Gold’s Gym membership is worth it for most individuals, but I

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Best Gyms for Beginners

7 Best Gyms for Beginners: Honest Reviews & Experiences

Deciding to join a gym is the first step toward becoming healthier and getting in shape, but there are so many different gyms to choose from. So how do you know which gym is best for beginners? The seven best gyms for beginners are: In this article, I’ll discuss each of these gyms and why

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Is A World Gym Membership Worth It Honest Review

Is A World Gym Membership Worth It? (Honest Review)

World Gym was founded in the 1970s in Venice Beach, CA by the same man who founded Gold’s Gym. It now has over 200 locations across 20 different countries and six continents. I recently visited World Gym in Pawling, NY to see if a membership is worth it. So, is a World Gym membership worth

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11 best gyms with classes (what’s included, schedule, & types)

11 Best Gyms With Classes: Costs & Amenities

Most gym franchises have some group classes, whether it's yoga, kickboxing, Pilates, Zumba, and more. However, some gyms focus on offering high-quality group classes, while others make you pay extra fees or only offer limited classes. That's why we sent our writer to all of the top gym chains to review them, and she asked

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Planet Fitness, Gold's Gym, and 24 hour fitness are the best gyms with student discounts and free passes

6 Dirt-Cheap Gyms With Student Discounts & Free Passes

Many gyms offer student discounts, and some even offer free gym memberships for students.  However, it’s hard to find membership prices and discounts on most gym websites, as they want you to visit the location.  That’s why we called 120+ gym franchises and asked what student discounts they offer. Based on our research, the 6

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5 Best Gyms for Seniors

5 Best Gyms for Seniors: Discounts, Costs, & Amenities

The right fitness program and gym can help seniors prevent health conditions such as heart disease and loss of muscle mass. However, finding an age-appropriate gym can be difficult since most gyms are loud, bright, and crowded. That's why we called 20 popular gyms to ask about their policies for seniors. Here are the 5

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best gyms with indoor tracks

5 Best Gyms With Indoor Tracks: Costs & Amenities

Most gyms have adequate weightlifting and cardio equipment. However, few provide access to an indoor track. That's why we sent our writer, Amanda Dvorak, to all of the popular gyms to review them. Then we called over 120 gyms to verify the amenities, like indoor tracks. Here are the 5 best gyms with indoor tracks:

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10 Best Gyms With Pools, Saunas, & Hot Tubs

10 Best Gyms With Pools, Saunas, & Hot Tubs

Joining a gym that has a pool, sauna, or hot tub can enhance muscle recovery, aid in rehabilitation after an injury or surgery, or give your kids something fun to do while you work out.   Here are the best gyms with pools, saunas, and hot tubs: We sent a writer, Amanda Dvorak, to all the

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8 Best Gyms With Tanning

8 Best Gyms With Tanning: Costs, Plans, Reviews

Many gyms offer tanning beds that can be used alongside the fitness areas as part of your monthly gym membership. However, others require additional payments for each use of the tanning beds.  That's why we sent a writer, Amanda Dvorak, to review the most popular gyms near her home in New Jersey and we also

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14 Gyms With Free Passes & Trials

14 Gyms With Free Passes & Trials

Free passes and trials are perfect for trying out a gym before committing to a monthly or annual membership plan.  However, not every gym has one, so we spent a few weeks calling the top gym franchises to ask about their free trials and passes to provide you with the most up-to-date information. The best

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Just Launched: The First Time Powerlifter