top squat accessory lifts

Top 9 Squat Accessory Lifts To Improve Strength & Technique

To reach your potential in squats, you need to do accessories. Some believe “technique doesn’t matter as long as you get the weight up.” That mindset, however, is limiting and will only get you so far. As a coach and lifter, I’ve observed some of the best squats in the world and researched their technique.

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board bench press

Why Do Powerlifters Use Boards For Bench Press? (5 Reasons)

There are several bench press variations, but none is more specific to powerlifting than the “Board Bench Press”. In short, the board bench press utilizes wooden boards to overload the mid and top-end range of motion either through the amount of volume or intensity you can typically handle. So why do powerlifters use boards for

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5 Benefits of Deficit Deadlifts (+5 Other Things You Should Know)

As a powerlifting coach, there is no better exercise for my athletes to help build strength off the floor than the deficit deadlift. The deficit deadlift is performed while standing on an elevated surface ranging from 1-4 inches, such as a weight plate or small riser. The movement will challenge the musculature of the low

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how to breathe while squatting

Proper Breathing Technique For Squats (Step-By-Step Guide)

Whether performing a max effort squat or a set of 10 reps, utilizing the optimal technique to breathe must be your priority if your goal is to move the most weight possible while being as safe as possible. So how do you breathe properly in the squats? It requires a two-step process. First, you must

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