Reviews: Best Powerlifting Gear & Equipment

powerlifting gear and equipment

I have spent 15 years in the sport of powerlifting, and hundreds of hours researching and testing the best products on the market.

On this page, you’ll find my battle-tested reviews and recommendations.

My goal is to give you an informed take on what’s useful, what’s going to help your training and avoid anything that may be overhyped.

These are the product and gear that I’ve used myself. In doing these reviews, I’ve also consulted with top experts in powerlifting to figure out what really matters when it comes to quality and performance.

7 Best Weight Lifting Hooks Reviewed

7 Best Weight Lifting Hooks

Some links in this article are affiliate links, which means I earn from qualifying purchases. One issue that has a huge impact on your lifting capabilities is the failure of your grip. In fact, a weak grip can limit how much you can lift, no matter how strong the rest of your body is. This

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10 Best Powerlifting Books for All Levels of Lifters

If you’re looking for some of the best books to read to improve your knowledge of powerlifting, you’ve come to the right place. Some of my favorite books about training contain methods of improving performance for both barbell and non-barbell sports. While those books are great to read, and many of the principles apply to

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best weighted vests for working out

14 Best Weighted Vests for Working Out in 2023

Weighted vests can elevate your workout from average to effective. They’re designed to improve your stamina and promote muscle growth and endurance. You can use a weighted vest in various exercises, including squats, pull-ups, and running.  To help you find the best weighted vest for you, here are the top weight vests on the market

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best curl bar exercises

14 Best Curl Bar Exercises (Plus, Sample Workout)

Are you sick and tired of doing the same old exercises with a straight barbell? You’re not alone, pal. Whether you’re a seasoned pro in the gym or it’s your first time, you’ll eventually want to shake things up in your fitness routine. But I know what you’re thinking, “Isn’t the curl bar just for

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best short power racks

7 Best Short Power Racks

If you’re looking to get in shape at home, a power rack is an essential piece of equipment. But if you have the constraint of low ceilings (between 6.5’ to 7.5’), you’ll have to get a short power rack and be extra precise when choosing one. To help you out, I did all the research

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Why Do Powerlifters Wear Converse Shoes? (8 Reasons)

Some links in this article are affiliate links, which means I earn from qualifying purchases. Converse, or “chucks”, is one of the most popular brands of shoes on the planet.  It’s also the go-to footwear for many powerlifters who choose to wear them as both squat shoes and deadlift shoes.  So why do powerlifters wear

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12 Best High Top Lifting Shoes

12 Best High Top Lifting Shoes

Some links in this article are affiliate links, which means I earn from qualifying purchases. Your choice of lifting shoes has a huge impact on the success or failure of your technique. High top shoes make great lifting shoes because most types are flat-soled, which means you have direct force transfer through the floor when

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Are Deadlift Slippers Worth It - 7 Benefits & Why I Use Them

6 Best Deadlift Slippers in 2023: Are They Worth It?

Some links in this article are affiliate links, which means I earn from qualifying purchases. There is a range of specialized deadlift shoes that you can pick from. But another option is to wear deadlift slippers, minimalist shoes with only a thin piece of polyester material between your foot and the ground. As the name

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best exercises for the long head of the triceps

The 11 Best Long Head of the Triceps Exercises

The triceps are involved in pushing and pulling movements and stabilizing the shoulder, so it’s not hard to hit them with exercises like bench presses and overhead presses. But if you want real growth in your arms, you’ve got to include exercises that directly target the long head of the triceps.  The 11 best long

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best ab rollers for home workouts

12 Best Ab Rollers for Home Workouts in 2023

If you’re fed up with doing sit-ups and crunches, ab rollers are an effective alternative. They improve your strength and stability by forcing you to move through a full range of motion to activate your deep core muscles.  Because there are so many ab roller products on the market, it can be tough to find

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best bumper plates for home workouts

16 Best Bumper Plates for Home Workouts in 2023

Bumper plates are a type of weight plate with a soft rubber construction. They are most commonly used for Olympic lifts, which require dynamic movements and dropping weights from overhead. Having bumper plates in your home gym enables you to progressively overload your lifts and make the strength and muscle gains you desire. But which

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best curl bars for home workouts

9 Best Curl Bars for Home Workouts in 2023

Bicep curls are a great isolation exercise to complement your upper body workouts when you’re trying to gain strength and size in your biceps. Whether you want to perform bicep curls in a sitting or standing position and blast your arms, you’ll need a trusty curl bar in your home gym.    The 9 best curl

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best pull-up bars for home workouts

11 Best Pull-Up Bars for Home Workouts in 2023

Pull-up bars enable lifters to perform a variety of pull-up variations with great form for maximum gains and minimal injury risk. They’re a great addition to your home gym alongside wall-mounted or doorway dip bars. The 11 best pull-up bars are:  If you’re looking for a pull-up bar to buy for your home workouts, keep

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Home Gym Mirrors - Where To Get Large, Cheap Mirrors

11 Best Home Gym Mirrors: Large & Cheap

Some links in this article are affiliate links, which means I earn from qualifying purchases. If you’re building a home gym, you might be on the hunt for cheap gym mirrors.  So where can you find the best workout room mirrors? While you can look for workout mirrors on second-hand marketplaces, which may vary in

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best assisted pull-up bands

12 Best Assisted Pull-Up Bands in 2023

For many gym-goers, an unassisted pull-up is a desirable yet seemingly elusive achievement. While you can strengthen your back muscles with lat pulldowns and bent-over rows, those movements are often not enough to help you get a pull-up. Using a band to help with pull-ups can get you closer to reaching your goals. But not

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best barbells for your home gym

14 Best Barbells for Your Home Gym

Barbells are a staple piece of gym equipment because they’re versatile and functional. With a great barbell, you can perform various exercises to target your upper and lower body.  But different types of barbells suit different workout styles, so how do you know which one is best for you? To help you decide, I compiled

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barenaked powerlifting barbell 2.0

Barenaked Powerlifting Bar 2.0 Review: Pros, Cons, & Alternatives

For the last two months, I’ve been using and testing the Bells of Steel Barenaked Powerlifting Barbell 2.0 in my personal workouts. My wife (also a competitive powerlifter) and a few powerlifting clients I train in my home gym have also tested it.  Overall, the Barenaked Powerlifting Barbell 2.0 offers high quality at a budget

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