Rep Fitness AB-3100 Bench Review (Tested Over 4 Months)

rep fitness ab-3100 bench review (tested over 4 months)

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In addition to a sturdy squat rack and a high-quality barbell, a solid bench is a necessity in any home gym. I’ve been using the Rep Fitness AB-3100 bench for several months, and I’ve been very happy with it. 

So is the Rep Fitness AB-3100 bench worth it? The Rep Fitness AB-3100 bench is worth it for casual lifters or athletes who can’t afford a top-of-the-line bench. It’s an affordable adjustable bench that can be adjusted to six different inclines and has a thick, supportive, non-slip pad. It’s also easy to move if you need to stow it away when you’re not using it.

Fitness AB-3100 bench

In this article, I’ll provide a detailed overview of the Rep Fitness AB-3100 bench. I’ll talk about why you would want to choose this bench over another one of Rep Fitness’s benches and discuss its pros and cons. I’ll also discuss the things you should consider when buying a bench and provide a list of alternatives you may want to consider instead.

Rep Fitness AB-3100 Bench: Overview

Rep Fitness AB-3100 Bench Overview

Rep Fitness was founded in 2012 and sells a range of products for home gym owners. It’s not a huge powerhouse like Rogue, but it’s gained a lot of popularity over the years due to its affordable yet high-quality gym equipment.

The AB-3100 bench is one of the most popular benches that Rep Fitness sells. It’s 16.75” high with a pad that’s about 2.5” thick. The pad on the adjustable portion is 11.75” wide at the bottom and 9” wide at the top. The seat measures 10.5” at its widest point and 8” at its narrowest point. The bench is available in matte black, metallic black, red, or blue.

rep fitness ab-3100 bench

The bench weighs about 70lbs, but it has wheels on the back and a handle under the seat for portability. Each of the three posts has rubber feet that provide a secure grip on the floor.

the rep fitness ab-3100 bench can be adjusted to six different positions from flat to 90 degrees with a ladder

The bench can be adjusted to six different positions from flat to 90 degrees with a ladder-style adjustment mechanism. It’s quick and easy to adjust if you’re doing movements that require different inclines in your workout. The seat can also be adjusted to three different positions using a similar ladder-style mechanism.

the rep fitness ab-3100 bench can be adjusted to six different positions

Rep Fitness also sells several other benches, including flat benches and benches that you can put on either an incline or a decline (which are called FID benches).

I chose the AB-3100 bench because I’m at a point in my life where I’m training for general strength and enjoyment, not with the intention to compete or chase new PR’s all the time.

I wanted a bench with a high-ish weight capacity that would be able to support my current strength levels (this bench has a 700lb capacity) and allow me to do a variety of upper body exercises but was still affordable.

I also needed something I could move around my garage easily since my garage is used for storage as well as my gym space. The AB-3100 bench checked all of those boxes.

I’d consider this bench an excellent option for anyone who’s in a similar situation as I am and needs a portable yet sturdy bench that can handle a decent amount of weight. However, competitive powerlifters or heavier lifters who can bench a lot of weight should consider a bench with a higher weight capacity or a flat, competition-style bench.

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Rep Fitness AB-3100 Bench: Pros and Cons

rep fitness ab-3100 bench pros and cons

One of the biggest benefits of the Rep Fitness AB-3100 bench is its price. While it’s not a top-of-the-line bench, it’s constructed with high-quality materials, including 4-gauge steel in spots, that give it a lot of value for money.

Having a bench that doesn’t wobble or slide when you’re lifting is essential. This bench has rubber feet that provide an excellent grip on the floor. Once you get it into position, it doesn’t move at all. The feet also lay completely flat on the floor, which adds to the bench’s stability and gives you peace of mind that it won’t teeter from side to side when you’re lifting heavy.

rep fitness ab-3100 bench

The pad has a small amount of give to it, but I wouldn’t exactly call it squishy. It’s still quite firm, and after months of using the bench at least twice a week, I haven’t noticed any signs of the pad losing its stiffness. The pad itself has also held up well and has not ripped or torn.

You have to assemble the bench yourself, but it’s an easy process. It took my husband and me less than 45 minutes to put it together. To be honest, he did most of the work, so I’m confident that most people would be able to assemble it by themselves.

rep fitness ab-3100 bench

I mentioned earlier that the weight capacity of this bench is 700lbs. This is likely enough for casual lifters but may not be strong enough for competitive lifters or heavier individuals who can bench several hundred pounds.

The biggest drawback of this bench is that there is no decline position. If you incorporate decline bench presses frequently into your routine, you should consider one of Rep Fitness’s other benches instead.


  • Good value for money
  • Available in four different colors
  • Easy assembly
  • Thick and firm padding
  • Rubber feet for a non-slip grip on the floor


  • No decline position
  • Weight capacity may be too low for some lifters

Rep Fitness AB-3100: Key Features and Benefits

There are three key features of the Rep Fitness AB-3100 bench worth noting:

  • Three-post design
  • Narrow gap between the seat and back pad
  • Tapered seat

Three-Post Design

The Rep Fitness AB-3100 bench is designed with two feet in the back and just one foot in the front. This isn’t something that a lot of other manufacturers do, and having horizontal bases on each end of the bench is a more common design.

However, I like the three-post design of the AB-3100 bench because it’s easier to get my feet where I like them without a horizontal base getting in the way.

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Narrow Gap Between the Seat and Back Pad

The gap on an adjustable bench refers to the space between the seat pad and the back pad. Having a narrow gap is important so you can still get into an optimal position for a bench press without your butt making contact with the gap, which can compromise your ability to use proper leg drive.

You also don’t want to have a huge gap between the seat and the back when the bench is at an incline because it can cause discomfort around your tailbone.

The Rep Fitness AB-3100 bench has a 1.75” gap, which may sound like a lot but is smaller than the gap on a lot of other adjustable benches. It’s never been an issue for me whether I’m doing flat bench presses or incline bench presses.

Tapered Seat

The seat on this adjustable bench tapers in slightly, which I like because I don’t have to sit with my legs in a super-wide position when I’m using it at an incline.

In addition to simply being more comfortable, I find that this helps me stay more stable even in a seated position.

What Other Athletes Say About the Rep Fitness AB-3100 Bench

Other athletes share my sentiment that the Rep Fitness AB-3100 bench offers great value for money. 

athlete say about the rep fitness ab-3100 bench

In addition to the affordable price, athletes also praise the bench for its durability and all of the incline adjustments you can make with it.

an athlete say about the rep fitness ab-3100 bench

Alternatives to the Rep Fitness AB-3100 Bench

If you don’t think the Rep Fitness AB-3100 bench is right for you, below are two alternatives you may want to consider instead.

1. Titan Fitness Flat Bench

titan fitness flat bench

The Titan Fitness flat bench is an affordable yet solid option if you don’t need an adjustable bench. It’s one of the most affordable flat benches on the market, and it’s constructed to the IPF standards of a competition-style bench, making it a great option for competitive powerlifters who need a budget-friendly bench for their home gym.

This bench has a weight capacity of 1,000lbs, which is plenty for almost all casual lifters and most competitive powerlifters. The bench’s ability to be stored upright when not in use is also an attractive feature for home gym owners with little space.

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2. Fringe Sport Flat/Incline/Decline Bench

fringe sport flatinclinedecline bench

If you want the option to do decline bench presses or decline sit-ups, you’ll need a bench that you can set to a decline. The Fringe Sport Flat/Incline/Decline bench is an excellent option due to its durability, sturdiness, and 1,000lb weight capacity.

This bench has an extra-thick, 2.5” pad made with a sticky fabric that prevents your shoulders from sliding off. It also enables you to adjust the back to seven different incline positions and the seat to four different height positions so you can get into an optimal position for a variety of exercises.

Things to Consider When Buying a Bench

Four key things to consider when buying a bench are:

  • Weight capacity
  • Bench height
  • Incline vs flat vs FID benches
  • Quality of the pad

1. Weight Capacity

I always encourage individuals who are buying a bench for a home gym to get one with a high weight capacity.

Even if you’re not exceptionally strong in the bench press, you’ll want a bench that can support your body weight plus the weight you’re lifting. Having a bench collapse from underneath you could have disastrous consequences.

Interested in putting more weight on your bench press? Check out this step-by-step guide on adding 50lbs to your bench press.

2. Bench Height

Benches are available in different heights ranging from 15” in cheaper, off-brand products to 16.5-17.7” in brands that make competition-style benches. Some benches also have 18” heights.

The exact height isn’t super important for casual lifters, but it does matter for competitive powerlifters who want to make their training as close to competition-ready as possible.

Another consideration is how tall you are. Taller individuals will likely not have an issue touching their feet to the floor with a higher bench, but shorter lifters may need to be prepared to elevate their feet with stacks of bumper plates. Ideally, your knees should be even with your hips when you’re lying on the bench so you can get a strong leg drive.

3. Incline vs Flat vs FID Benches

Many benches are flat benches and cannot be adjusted at all. There is also a wide range of benches on the market that you can put at an incline for movements like incline bench presses or spider curls. Even still, there are benches called FID adjustable benches that can be used flat, on an incline, or on a decline.

FID benches will enable you to do the largest variety of exercises, but they are the most expensive of the three. They also have leg supports to help keep your legs in position when the bench is in the decline position. Incline benches also enable you to perform a wide array of upper body exercises but aren’t quite as versatile as FID benches.

Flat benches can’t be adjusted at all, but they’re the most cost-effective option and are suitable for anyone who doesn’t do a lot of incline or decline pressing.

I personally enjoy having an incline bench and use it for incline bench presses, chest-supported dumbbell rows, and spider curls. I also like having the back support for seated overhead presses. But depending on which exercises you do most often, your needs may vary.

4. Quality of the Pad

The pad of a bench doesn’t necessarily need to be comfortable — you aren’t sleeping on it, after all — but it should be stable and firm. A bench with a pad that’s made out of cheap, squishy foam won’t give you the support you need to be able to drive your upper back into the bench as you’re pressing the weight up.

A pad with non-slip material is also important because it will prevent your shoulders from sliding around.

From a female perspective, something I don’t see talked about often is how a bench pad feels on the chest area when doing chest-supported exercises.

I don’t think it will ever feel 100% comfortable, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you should look for a bench with a softer pad just for chest-supported movements. It can impede your ability to do a regular bench press effectively.

If the bench pad is way too uncomfortable for you to manage, you’ll need to be prepared to put a something under your torso that will help keep your chest from getting smushed.

Final Thoughts

If you’re a recreational lifter who’s looking for an affordable, adjustable bench, I highly recommend the Rep Fitness AB-3100. You can do a variety of upper body exercises with it, and its portability makes it an attractive option for home gym owners who may need to move the bench around frequently.

However, competitive powerlifters or anyone who wants a bench with a decline option will want to consider other benches. The 700lb weight capacity of the AB-3100 may be too limiting for some people, and it can’t be put into a decline position.

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