How Much Does Powerlifting Cost? Full Breakdown

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How Much Does Powerlifting Cost

Powerlifting can be a cheap or expensive sport depending on how you spend your money. There are going to be mandatory costs but there are also going to be optional costs. It will also depend on whether you choose to compete as a raw powerlifter or equipped powerlifter too.

So how much does powerlifting cost? Training and competing in powerlifting costs between $296-$793 as a raw powerlifter.  If you choose to compete in the equipped division, powerlifting can cost between $677-1808.  As well, if you need to stock your own home gym equipment, you’ll need to budget an additional $5000-6000 for bars, plates, and racks.

In this article, I’ll cover:

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Mandatory Costs of Being A Powerlifter

ItemCost (Lower End)Cost (Higher End)
Powerlifting Belt$60$240
Long Socks$6$8
T Shirt$10$50
Squat Suit (Equipped Powerlifting Only)$86$270
Bench Press Shirt (Equipped Powerlifting Only)$130$310
Deadlift Suit (Equipped Powerlifting Only)$145$400
Knee Wraps (Equipped Powerlifting Only)$20$35
Powerlifting Federation Membership$20$65
Competition Entry$15$30
Gym Membership$35$100
Back Pack or Duffle Bag$35$80
Total Cost (Raw)$296$793
Total Cost (Equipped)$677$1808

Most of you will be competing in “raw powerlifting”, but I thought I’d include the cost of “equipped powerlifting” too just in case you decide to pursue that specific powerlifting division.  

Powerlifting Belt

Powerlifting belts can come in different shapes, sizes and buckle locking mechanisms. Most common powerlifting belts are often either 10mm or 13mm thick. Most people prefer lever buckles over prong buckles. 

Powerlifting federations will often have a list of approved types or models of powerlifting belts so it is important to always keep up to date to which ones these are as they can change sometimes.

Investing in a good powerlifting belt will be important but should only consider ones that also make you feel comfortable too. There is no point buying the most expensive belt that ends up bruising your ribs or hips in the process.

Check out my reviews of the Best Powerlifting Belts.

Long Socks

Short socks are optional for squatting and bench pressing, but long socks (up to the knee) are mandatory for deadlifts as the barbell can scratch against people’s shins and potentially make them bleed. 

This becomes a health and safety issue as blood can be a biohazard. 

Powerlifting federations will not allow you to deadlift in competition without long socks. You can always roll the long socks down for the back squat and bench press events.

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Some federations will only permit certain types of underwear. 

The reason why this rule exists is that they can sometimes be confused as squat briefs which are not permitted in raw competitions and lifters can sometimes be caught cheating with it.


Triumph Powerlifting Singlet

Singlets are universally required during official competitions. 

The reason for this is because it can reveal if anyone is wearing anything illegal underneath and it allows the judges to be able to tell if they are hitting legal depth during the back squat events.

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Most powerlifting federations will have regulations as to what kind of t-shirt can be worn underneath the singlet. 

There may also be an approved list of which kinds of logos are permitted depending on whether certain companies have sponsored them to have their logos approved, for example, A7 and SBD.


Most people can get away with a simple type of footwear. Traditional old school powerlifters were a big fan of the Chuck Taylor Converse style shoes where they are simple and flat. 

Nowadays there are specific brands that produce flat all-purpose powerlifting footwear that can be used for all three lifts. 

Check out my reviews of the Best Squat Shoes and Best Deadlift Shoes.  

Squat Suit (Equipped Powerlifting Only)

Wide-Stance-Super Centurion

Squat suits are pieces of equipment that powerlifters use to increase the amount they can squat in equipped style powerlifting. 

The suit consists of heavy-duty fabric with some elasticity, which wraps around the waist and provides support for the lower body. Squatting with squat suits often involves lifting more weight than what you’re capable of lifting without it. 

Squat suits are often used in conjunction with knee wraps.

Bench Press Shirt (Equipped Powerlifting Only)

A bench press shirt is a piece of equipment designed to be worn during the performance of the bench press in equipped competitions. 

These shirts are typically made with various materials, including cotton or polyester blends, and may also include spandex for a tighter fit. The material helps provide more stability to the lifter’s upper body when performing heavy attempts.

Deadlift Suit (Equipped Powerlifting Only)

Deadlift suits are similar to squat suits in the sense that they help you lift more, but are used in the equipped deadlift event. 

They are made with the same material as squat suits but the stitching and flaring of the leg part of the suit are slightly different to compensate for how people need to hinge more in the deadlift. These are only used in equipped competitions.

Knee Wraps (Equipped Powerlifting Only)

Knee wraps are used in conjunction with a squat suit during the equipped squat event. 

Knee wraps are long stiff strips of woven fabric that have a certain amount of stretch. They are wrapped around the knees to assist the extending of the legs during the squat. 

These are only used in equipped competitions.

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Powerlifting Federation Membership

An annual membership fee payable to the powerlifting federation you want to compete under is compulsory. 

This fee varies depending on which federation you are joining and under what category of an athlete such as age group. Federation memberships are necessary to help fund the functioning of a powerlifting federation.

Competition Entry

Competition entry will cost varying amounts depending on the federation and the hosting venue. 

The fees will often be split between the federation and the competition host. 

Gym Membership

Gym memberships are necessary if you do not have a place at home to train in. 

Gyms can come in different types depending on whether they are high-end, low end or specialized in a way that directly supports strength athletes such as powerlifters.

Backpack or Duffle Bag

King Kong CORE35 Duffel

You will need a backpack or a duffle bag in order to carry all the personal equipment around. You may even carry a change of clothes, food, and liquid as well.

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Optional Costs Of Being A Powerlifter

ItemCost (Lower End)Cost (Higher End)
Wrist Wraps$12$50
Knee Sleeves$45$90
Wrist Straps$10$15
Deadlift Slippers$25$50
Weightlifting Shoes$70$200
Talcum Powder$5$5
Ammonia Smelling Salts$7$7
Squat Rack$290$800
Bench Press$260$500
Weight Plates$600$1500
Elbow Sleeves$35$70
Athletic Tape$5$15
Foam Roller$30$50
Resistance Bands$20$40
Total Cost$1934$4195

Wrist Wraps

Wrist wraps can be worn around the wrist for extra support and can be used during squats and bench presses. 

They can come in different lengths but federations will often have a list of approved brands, models, and lengths of wrist wraps.

Check out my reviews of the Best Wrist Wraps For Powerlifting

Knee Sleeves

titan yellow jacket knee sleeve

Knee sleeves are used in raw or unequipped competitions usually and help support the knees during the deadlift. 

They are not to be confused with knee wraps and do not provide anywhere near as much support in performance.

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Wrist Straps

Wrist straps are not allowed in powerlifting competitions and are generally used as a training tool to support grip on the bar for deadlifts. 

Check out my reviews of the Best Lifting Straps

Deadlift Slippers

Deadlift slippers are a minimalistic alternative for footwear for the deadlift event. 

They are usually made of very thin material and often have a very thin sole and base. This is because it is advantageous to have your feet as close to the floor as possible so as to minimize the range of motion. 

They are more popular among people who use a conventional style stance as opposed to sumo because they are less stable for sumo stance.

Weightlifting Shoes

Weightlifting shoes are specific footwear that has a heel elevation that can be as high as an inch. 

They also normally have a hard sole and a very flat base. They are used in the squats to help reach legal depth and they are used in bench press so that the foot is fully flat on the floor to maximize contact.

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Coaching can come in the form of face-to-face sessions, group sessions, and online remote coaching. 

They can range in prices depending on the expertise of the coach, and the level of service you are getting from the coach. Not everyone spends money on a coach as they may choose to coach themselves or get coached for free by friends.

We offer a free 20-minute coaching consultation to anyone who has questions related to competing in powerlifting.  You can learn more here.  

Talcum Powder

Talcum powder is used to reduce friction on the legs during the deadlift event so that the bar does not decelerate from rubbing against the body. 

They are used during competition as opposed to during training.


Chalk can come in the form of pure powder, block chalk, liquid chalk, or chalk ball. 

They are applied to the hands for grip and sometimes used on the upper back to increase the sturdiness of the barbell when it is on the back.


There are a variety of different supplements that powerlifters can take to improve performance or improve recovery. 

There are pre-workout supplements that can often contain ingredients such as caffeine and creatine. There are also post-workout supplements that normally have a high protein content in them.

Ammonia Smelling Salts

Ammonia-smelling salts are used by some individuals as a means to psyche up for a lift. 

They can come in the form of a small tub or a single-use ampoule. They provide a pungent hit through the nose that can give the athlete more arousal. 

Squat Rack

squat rack

If you do decide to train at home, you will need to use a squat rack in order to perform the squat or bench press. 

Squat racks can come in the form of squat stands, half racks, or power cages.

Check out my reviews of the Best Squat Racks For Small Space.

Flat Bench 

flat bench

A bench is necessary for the bench press. 

They can either come in the form of a free-standing rack that can be wheeled into a squat rack or a bench press with a rack attached to it.



A barbell is a powerlifter’s staple. 

There are different types of barbells out there but the most appropriate barbell is a power bar or a stiff bar if you compete in federations such as the USAPL or IPF. 

Weight Plates

Rogue Plates

The cost of weight plates will depend on how strong you are to figure out how many weight plates you need. 

There are different types of weight plates but thin metal calibrated plates that would be used in competition are the most appropriate plates but also the most expensive type.

Elbow Sleeves

Elbow sleeves are not commonly used by powerlifters unless they are experiencing some discomfort or injury. 

They help by keeping the elbows warm in an attempt to improve blood flow but also they help by providing some resistance support.

Check out my reviews of the Best Elbow Wraps For Bench Press.


Mouthguards are useful if you have a tendency to bite down hard. 

There is some research evidence to suggest that it can also improve your performance when lifting too.

Check out my reviews of the Best Mouthguards For Powerlifting.  

Athletic Tape

Athletic tape is often used around the thumbs and sometimes around the fingers. 

This is for those who choose to use a hook grip style grip for the deadlift. 

Foam Roller

Foam rollers can be used as a post-workout recovery tool or a warm-up tool

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands can come in different lengths and different resistances. 

They can be used in different exercises but can also be used as a warm-up too as well.


Powerlifting may not be as cheap to participate in as other sports, but it can definitely be a very affordable sport. 

It will become more expensive if you decide that you want to have a home gym set up and if you start traveling more for competitions.

One thing not mentioned in this article is that some powerliftings can make money by competing.  You can check out my other article to see if that’s something you qualify for. 

About The Author: Norman Cheung ASCC, British Powerlifting Team Coach

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