best compound back exercises

Top 15 Best Compound Back Exercises Rated by Powerlifters

If you are a powerlifter, you need a strong back. A famous saying by the great Bill Kazmaier says, “To be a strong man, you need a strong back.” Bill’s words were noticed, as he became a world-champion powerlifter and the World’s Strongest Man. Regarding powerlifting, the back is a pivotal part of the anatomy

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best rear delt exercises

20 Best Rear Delt Exercises: From A Strength & Conditioning Coach

Rear delts can be trained in numerous ways at the gym or even at home, using various pieces of equipment. Most people train the rear delts through primary back exercises, but knowing isolated rear delt exercises is useful.  The rear delts are an often overlooked muscle, but developing yours will give you a more aesthetic

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Are Deadlifts A Back Or Legs Exercise

Should You Deadlift On Back Or Leg Day?

Knowing is the deadlift is a back exercise will help you plan what day to train it. If you ask a bodybuilder, they might deadlift on a back day. If you ask a powerlifter, they might deadlift on a leg day. So should you deadlift on back or leg day? Deadlifts can be put on

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the ultimate list of barbell exercises

The 25+ Best Barbell Exercises (For Each Muscle Group)

Whether you are looking to create a workout with bars or are looking to implement barbell exercises into your routine, you can refer to this ultimate list of barbell exercises. To create a perfect barbell workout, these are the 25 best barbell exercises: Not each one will be right for your goals, but after reading

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compound leg exercises

9 Compound Leg Exercises That Should Be In Every Program

Compound leg exercises are great for developing lower body muscle mass, strength, and explosive power. They allow you to load multiple leg muscle groups simultaneously and provide mobility and coordination benefits, which are transferable to many sports. Here are the 9 best compound leg exercises: In this article, I will go through everything you need

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best folding squat rack

10 Best Folding Squat Racks

A foldable or folding squat rack is a useful addition to a home gym with limited space. The problem is that numerous companies sell various models of them, and it can be tricky to find the best one for you. So which is the best folding squat rack? The best folding squat rack is the

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how to perform hex bar deadlifts

How To Perform Hex Bar Deadlifts

The hex bar, also known as the trap bar, is a seriously underrated barbell used for the deadlift exercise. It may seem intimidating and complicated to use, but it is surprisingly more beginner friendly than regular barbell conventional deadlifts. So what is a hex bar, and how do you do a hex bar deadlift? The

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best cable machine for home gym

11 Best Cable Machines for Home Gyms

A cable machine is a versatile piece of equipment to have at home that complements your other fitness equipment like free weights. With a bit of creativity, you can perform various exercises that can target nearly every single muscle in the body. The best cable machines for a home gym setup are: In this article,

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The 8 Best Safety Squat Bars

Finding the best safety squat bar for your situation is not easy, especially knowing that it can potentially be an expensive purchase. Safety squat bars come in different shapes, sizes, and even price points, so there are a few things to consider when finding one that’s right for you. In this safety squat bar review,

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best weightlifting shoes for powerlifting, weightlifting, and crossfit

10 Best Weightlifting Shoes

Choosing the best weightlifting shoes should not be rushed. Committing to purchasing a pair of weightlifting shoes is likely going to be a long commitment and significant investment, as they can potentially cost over $200. Knowing your budget and needs will help you determine which ones are best for you. So what are the best

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