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trap bar deadlift vs. conventional deadlift

Trap Bar Deadlift vs. Conventional: Differences, Pros, Cons

Although there are many variations of the deadlift, the trap bar deadlift and conventional deadlift are two of the most common. I’ve been successfully using both deadlift variations for the last seven years, both in my training and with hundreds of clients. But before deciding whether you should do one over the other, you should

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inner chest workouts for size and strength

Top 11 Inner Chest Workouts for Size and Strength

The urge to build a bigger chest is the leading conversation of fellow gym-goers everywhere!  In order to train the various fibers of the chest, including the inner chest, you need to incorporate a variety of movements from different positions and angles.  Here are 11 exercises you could add to a comprehensive inner chest workout:

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Smith Machine Squat Variations

9 Smith Machine Squat Variations (With Pictures)

The Smith machine greatly simplifies movements and allows for an abundance of squat variations. Specifically, bodybuilders can take advantage of the Smith machine’s simplification to target their glutes and legs. Powerlifters or general fitness enthusiasts might find themselves in a hotel where a Smith machine is their only option. Any type of athlete can maximize

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Underdeveloped shoulders 4 ways to fix

Underdeveloped Shoulders: 4 Ways To Fix (That Actually Work)

Having well-defined shoulders can carry a physique far by building that tapered look while adding to one’s ability to excel in lifts such as the bench press, overhead press, and push press. That said, underdeveloped shoulders are extremely common. Four ways to fix them are: In this article, I will explain what the shoulder is

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Underdeveloped Hamstrings

Underdeveloped Hamstrings: 4 Ways To Fix (That Actually Work)

Hamstrings are fundamental to a strong posterior chain and integral to a great squat or deadlift. They are also important for activities such as running and climbing stairs. Cultivating well-developed hamstrings can be somewhat difficult due to the thickness and structure of the muscle. For this reason, a more rigorous approach is always necessary to

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best assisted pull-up bands

12 Best Assisted Pull-Up Bands in 2023

For many gym-goers, an unassisted pull-up is a desirable yet seemingly elusive achievement. While you can strengthen your back muscles with lat pulldowns and bent-over rows, those movements are often not enough to help you get a pull-up. Using a band to help with pull-ups can get you closer to reaching your goals. But not

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best barbells for your home gym

14 Best Barbells for Your Home Gym

Barbells are a staple piece of gym equipment because they’re versatile and functional. With a great barbell, you can perform various exercises to target your upper and lower body.  But different types of barbells suit different workout styles, so how do you know which one is best for you? To help you decide, I compiled

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pendlay row benefits

5 Pendlay Row Benefits (Why You Should Be Doing Them)

Just because you’re good at regularly doing barbell rows doesn’t mean you can skip Pendlay rows if strength is a goal of your training program. While the Pendlay row may look like it’s interchangeable with a barbell row or other rowing variation, there are several benefits of the Pendlay row you should be taking advantage

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powerlifting vs olympic lifting for fitness

Olympic Lifting vs Powerlifting for Fitness: Pros & Cons

Each style of lifting can have major benefits for people seeking fitness. Both involve intense whole-body training using multi-joint lifts. Olympic lifting (snatch and the clean and jerk) involves highly precise explosive movements lifting the weight from the floor to overhead. Powerlifting (squat, bench press, and deadlift) consists of slower movements done with high muscle intensity. Having

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barenaked powerlifting barbell 2.0

Barenaked Powerlifting Bar 2.0 Review: Pros, Cons, & Alternatives

For the last two months, I’ve been using and testing the Bells of Steel Barenaked Powerlifting Barbell 2.0 in my personal workouts. My wife (also a competitive powerlifter) and a few powerlifting clients I train in my home gym have also tested it.  Overall, the Barenaked Powerlifting Barbell 2.0 offers high quality at a budget

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best slam balls to build power and explosiveness

11 Best Slam Balls: Build Power and Explosiveness

There’s something satisfying about raising a weighted ball over your head and slamming it into the ground. But beyond the stress-relieving benefits, ball slams are fantastic for increasing cardiovascular endurance and developing power and explosiveness. Choosing the right equipment is essential if you want to incorporate ball slams into your routine. There are many types

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best weight plates for home workouts

13 Best Weight Plates for Home Workouts

A barbell and plates are essential for a home gym, especially if you want to lift weights and get strong. Weight plates enable you to adjust the amount of weight you’re lifting so that you can continue to make progress and adapt your workouts to meet your fitness goals. The 13 best weight plates are: 

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do squats make your butt bigger

Do Squats Make Your Butt Bigger? (Science-Backed)

There’s a reason why the squat is an exercise that has been around for thousands of years. When it comes to its benefits, it seems like there’s nothing they can’t do. But what about growing your glutes? Do squats make your butt bigger? Squats and other squat variation exercises have been proven to produce high

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best lat pulldown bars for your home gym

12 Best Lat Pulldown Bars for Your Home Gym

The lat pulldown bar is used to strengthen the upper back (latissimus dorsi) muscles. These metal bars attach to lat pulldown machines or cables and enable you to perform pulldowns using a wide grip or close grip to target the upper back differently.  Lat pulldown bars are a great addition to your home gym and

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best battle ropes for your home gym

11 Best Battle Ropes for Your Home Gym

Battle ropes, also called power ropes or workout ropes, are a great piece of gym equipment for total body cardio workouts. These 30- to 50-foot-long ropes can help you burn calories, improve your cardiovascular fitness, and build muscle.  The 11 best battle ropes are:  Battle ropes are a great addition to consider if you’re building

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push press vs. overhead press

Push Press vs. Overhead Press: Differences, Pros, and Cons

To the untrained eye, the push press and overhead press may look like the same lift. Some even use the names interchangeably, thinking it’s the same lift, but it’s not. There are key differences in the execution and purpose of each lift and what they train.  So what is the difference between the push press

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arm blaster workout

Arm Blaster Workout: How To Get Bigger Arms

You may have seen or used an arm blaster in your gym – that over-the-shoulder bar that saddles the back of your arms in place for bicep curls and tricep pushdowns. But what does an arm blaster do? Is it a worthwhile tool for bicep and tricep work, and if so, how should you use

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