Nike Weightlifting Singlet Review: Pros, Cons, Worth It?

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nike weightlifting singlet review

I’ve had my eye on the Nike Weightlifting singlet ever since I started transitioning from solely powerlifting to competing in both powerlifting and weightlifting. The Nike singlet has caught my attention because it is one of the most widely used singlets in weightlifting and is used by athletes of all levels, from beginner to Olympians. 

 My goal was to find out if the Nike weightlifting singlet lives up to its reputation and is worth the money, not only from a weightlifting perspective but from a potential powerlifting perspective as well.

So, is the Nike singlet worth the money? Yes, the Nike Weightlifting is worth the money because of its efficient sweat-wicking properties (thanks to the Dri-FIT fabric), great coverage (from the longer inseam), and the durability of the singlet in areas with higher frequencies of bar contact (reinforced paneling in the quads and shoulders). Although, we should be aware that it may not be 100% squat proof.

In this article I’ll dive into the pros and cons of the Nike weightlifting singlet, what key features set the Nike singlet apart from other singlets on the market, and provide customer reviews that will help you determine if the Nike singlet is the right fit for you, or if there’s a better product out there to suit your needs.

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Nike Weightlifting Singlet: Detailed Overview

After reading the singlets specifications and key features, I immediately compare it to my favorite singlet from Virus …. Because this singlet really is the gold standard for me, so when I’m evaluating a singlet I’m looking for the singlet to have the same properties that I know I cannot live without in a singlet. 

The Nike singlet has so many of these key features such as the paneling of the quads and shoulders that protect the singlet from the bar’s knurling, which protect me from scraping my skin during snatches and cleans. 

It also has a great amount of coverage thanks to its longer inseam and the design of the neck and chest area, so I feel confident that I would not have to worry about staying comfortable and covered in competition. 

As well, their classic Dri-FIT technology has likely been a part of most athlete’s wardrobes, and I think we can all attest to its sweat-wicking abilities – I know I sure can. 

I think the Nike singlet is a recipe for success from head to toe for those looking for a singlet they can perform in, BUT…

It may be lacking the “wow” factor for those like me who not only want performance wear but also want a singlet that is flattering and has some color/design options that help us express who we are, while on the platform.

More on this below…

Company History

Nike has stepped up in a big way with their performance apparel that is sold primarily from Athlete Performance Solutions who teamed up with Nike in 2010 to market, distribute, and sell Nike’s performance apparel and shoes for Olympic sports. 

Nike is making big moves in the weightlifting world in particular, by becoming a major sponsor for USA weightlifting as well as Russian, German, Colombian, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Spanish weightlifting federations. Nike has agreed to outfit all national team athletes from these countries, who will compete in international competitions.

It is fair to say that Nike is also making an entrance into the powerlifting world, as many powerlifting athletes are choosing to wear Nike’s lifting shoes for their squats, and bench press in training and in competition.

Nike Singlet: Pros & Cons

nike singlet pros and cons

As a competitive weightlifter and powerlifter, I am constantly looking for singlets that can serve me for both sports – this is made more challenging by the fact that singlets must be approved by the powerlifting federation in order to be worn in competition. 

However, this is not the only deciding factor for me – if a singlet performs wells, is comfortable enough that I can wear it all day in a competition without feeling like I’m losing circulation, and the design is flattering then I will invest in singlets for both sports.

The Nike Weightlifting singlet catches my attention because it is so widely used in international weightlifting competitions by multiple countries. When a singlet is used by the majority of athletes at these high-caliber events it definitely speaks to the product’s credibility.

After doing my research on the Nike singlet, I can see that the singlet is produced in black, blue, and red and although its women’s fit is clearly built for women, it doesn’t have the detailed stitching and design that other women’s singlets have that make them more flattering. 

This is why I’m still of the opinion that female lifters in Olympic weightlifting should go for the Virus Singlet because it was built from the ground up with a woman’s body in mind. 

Personally, I also wish the Nike singlet was produced in more color/pattern options and that the design wasn’t so minimalistic; but at the end of the day, it is the performance of a singlet that matters the most, and the Nike Weightlifting singlet is built to perform.


  • Longer Inseam
  • Women’s Fit & Men’s Fit
  • Paneling For Quads And Shoulders
  • Larger Size Range Compared With Other Singlets
  • Approved For Olympic Weightlifting


  • May Be Sheer
  • More Expensive Compared With Other Singlets
  • Not Approved For Powerlifting Use

Nike Weightlifting Singlet Review: Key Features & Benefits

key features and benefits of nike weightlifting singlet

The Nike Singlet’s key features are:

  • Women’s & Men’s Fit
  • Dri-FIT Material
  • Reinforced Paneling
  • Longer Inseam
  • Appropriately Sized Leg Openings

Women’s & Men’s Fit

Singlets that offer a men’s fit and a separate women’s fit are truly the gold standard, because in this day and age we have just as many women competing in barbell sports as men, and we need to make products that are built for both women and men – which Nike has done with these singlets.

In addition, the sizing for Nike’s Weightlifting singlets is exciting to me because it is made to fit bodies of all shapes and sizes. I think this is important because other brands have limited size ranges, which may communicate to lighter or heavier athletes that these singlets are not made for them. 

Women’s Sizing:

I am very impressed with the size range for the women’s fit because it ranges from XS to 2XL, which is refreshing because not all athletes are the same size even though some companies design products as if we are.

The women’s size chart is true to size and we can feel confident that the size that is suggested for us is going to be the size we need, because the size chart is based on our own measurements. 

It is rare that a singlet manufacturer provides us with specific measurements to determine our size rather than the dreaded weight class chart that isn’t always so accurate, but it is a welcome change!

singlet women’s size chart

Men’s Sizing:

The size range available for the men’s Nike Weightlifting singlet includes sizes from XS to 4XL, which should incorporate athletes from 45kg to 141+kg according to the size guide. 

The size range definitely makes me happy because it covers all weightlifting and powerlifting weight classes, this is important to me because I feel that it sends the message that this singlet is built for any athlete that wants to compete, no matter their size.  

Although the women’s singlet is sized according to measurements, the men did get stuck with the sizing guide that sizes by weight class. While I can’t speak from personal experience on whether the sizing guide is accurate or not, it is reassuring that Rogue has a 30-day return policy in case the size chart does happen to be slightly off.

I think it’s so important for companies to manufacture sizes to accommodate all athletes, and I feel that Nike has done an excellent job of bridging this gap in the singlet industry.

singlet men’s size chart

Curious to know how tight a powerlifting singlet should be? You can read my article on Powerlifting Singlet Sizing: How Tight Should It Be?

Dri-FIT Material

The material used for the Nike singlet is a combination of 88% polyester and 12% spandex, which Nike has called their Dri-FIT Fabric. This fabric is designed to wick sweat to keep us dry and comfortable when we are training and competing.

If you have ever worn Nike’s performance wear you are likely familiar with their Dri-FIT fabric. 

I find that their fabric really does do a great job of wicking sweat, and keeping me feeling comfortable rather than soaked in sweat which is exactly what I want in a competition setting when I need to be focused on my performance above all else.

However, the downfall to this material seems to be that the material is not squat-proof and therefore is see-through when stretched as we would be in the bottom of a squat, clean, snatch and in the deadlift starting position. 

nike singlet review

This to me is an unattractive quality because I want to feel covered when I’m lifting and I don’t want to be worried about spectators seeing through my singlet while I’m competing.

The sheerness of the singlet may be less of an issue for men who can wear boxers and cover all their skin, but for women, the sheerness is likely more obvious because of the cut of our underwear. 

This is probably the biggest reason why I might look to other singlets as a first option (like the Virus Singlet), or at the very minimum, to prevent sheering as much as possible, buy the black Nike singlet, and only wear it during the competition (not training).

Reinforced Paneling

As a competitive weightlifter and powerlifter, reinforced paneling in the legs and the shoulders is something I look for in a singlet. 

When a singlet has these additional layers of protection in the areas that are in frequent contact with the bar, I know that the durability of the singlet is going to be better than a singlet that does not have these features.

The Nike singlet is designed with this reinforced paneling on the quads and the shoulders, which not only increases the singlets resistance to tearing or piling, but will also protect me from the knurling of the bar when I’m doing deadlifts, cleans, and snatches.

Longer Inseam

I love that this singlet has a longer inseam because the coverage it provides is not only more functional but increases its level of comfort as well. 

When singlets have a shorter inseam, I am constantly battling to keep the singlet in place on my thighs and spend more time trying to keep the singlet in place between lifts than focusing on my performance.

The Nike singlet has helped solve this problem by designing their singlets with a longer inseam that helps prevent the fabric on the legs from riding up and causing issues. 

Appropriately Sized Leg Openings

The comfort factor of a singlet plays a massive role in how likely I am to wear a singlet because I need to feel like I can move without restrictions when I am competing. 

For women, in particular, the leg openings can make or break a singlet because this is typically where we struggle to get a proper fit that does not constrict the thighs and leave us feeling like sausage casings.

Nike has done a great job of including leg openings that are not overly compressive and do not cause the dreaded thigh squeezing that other singlets with tight elastic hemming usually cause. 

I would definitely feel comfortable wearing this singlet based on its leg measurements, the design of the hemming, and the review from women who have had similar issues with other singlets in the past. 

Check out the Rogue website for pricing and more details on the Nike singlet.

What Do Athletes Have To Say About The Nike Singlet?

Female Athletes

Mary Peck – International Level Weightlifter

I asked Mary why she preferred the Nike weightlifting singlet over other singlets and she said:

“I enjoyed the Nike Weightlifting singlets more than any other kind because of the material. The material was lighter and stretchier. Overall it was more comfortable to wear. It would be nice if they made them cuter though haha!”

Mary Peck

Other Reviews Of The Women’s Singlet

Other female athletes that have purchased the Women’s Nike Singlet have stated that they are impressed with the sizing, comfort, and leg openings of the singlet; however, many of them have commented on the sheerness of the singlet, and that it is definitely not squat 100% squat proof.

women’s reviews on nike weightlifting singlet

Male Athletes

Male athletes that have purchased the Men’s Nike Singlet have said that the singlet is comfortable and they like the material because it is stretchy and not as compressive as some other singlets.

men’s reviews on nike weightlifting singlet

Best Alternative Products For The Nike Weightlifting Singlet On The Market

Virus Singlet – Best For Women and 100% Squat Proof

Read my full review of the Virus Singlet.

If you are worried about the singlet being see-through, or if you’re a female lifter and want an excellent fit, it may be worth checking out the Men’s Virus singlet or Women’s Virus singlet instead of the Nike singlet, because the Virus singlet is 100% squat-proof.

The Virus singlet contains the same reinforced paneling as the Nike singlet at a similar price range, but the Virus singlet does come in a wider variety of colors and designs that are more flattering.

The Virus singlet was designed for weightlifting but is gaining popularity in the powerlifting community as well for its high quality material, flattering designs, and comfort factor.

Adidas Weightlifting Singlet – Best Budget Option

Check out my full review of the Adidas Weightlifting Singlet.

For those who are interested in a weightlifting singlet but are looking to spend a bit less, the Adidas Weightlifting Singlet is a great alternative to the Nike singlet.

The adidas singlet is a great budget-friendly option for those who are not looking for all the bells and whistles that the Nike singlet provides with its reinforced paneling of the quads and shoulders. 

The Adidas singlet will get the job done and be a reliable singlet for weightlifters at a better price, but it is not approved for powerlifting competitions and will likely not last as long as the Nike singlet.

Titan Triumph Singlet – Best For Powerlifting

Read my review of the Titan Powerlifting Singlet in my article on the Best Powerlifting Singlets.

If you’re looking for a singlet that is designed specifically for powerlifting, the Titan Triumph Singlet is going to be your best bet.

The Nike singlet is not approved for use in powerlifting competitions, so if our goal is to compete in powerlifting we should consider the Titan singlet – which is approved for all levels of powerlifting.

The Titan singlet is popular among powerlifters because it is made of a high-quality material, it feels supportive, and it is 100% squat proof. 

The downfall of the Titan singlet is that it does not have a women’s fit, and instead has unisex design which is not the most flattering for women, but will be ideal for men looking to compete.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Singlet

A singlet is a necessity for those competing in powerlifting and/or weightlifting, which is why it is important to find a singlet that fits properly, feels comfortable, and moves with us instead of against us. 

Before buying a singlet we should consider:

  • Intended Use
  • Sizing
  • Women’s Vs Men’s Fit
  • Material & Level Of Support
  • Durability

Intended Use

Before purchasing a singlet, we should verify that the singlet we are interested in suits our needs for the sport we intend to wear it for – for powerlifting, I need to know if it is approved in all levels of competition.


We need to know how to choose the correct size of singlet that we need, which is why I read the sizing guide the company provides as well as customer reviews, to ensure I am getting a singlet that is going to fit.

Women’s Fit VS Men’s Fit

It is important to evaluate whether the company has both a men and women’s fit, or simply a unisex design; especially if we are a women who wants a singlet that is designed specifically for women.

Material & Level Of Support

It is important to assess the level of support we want the singlet to provide – if I want more support I will want a thicker material that is more rigid, if I want a more flexible material I will want a more silky/stretchy material. 


It is important to know how durable the singlet is before purchasing – to assess a singlet’s level of durability I look for reinforced paneling in areas with more frequent bar contact, heavy-duty stitching, and high quality material.

Final Thoughts

The Nike Weightlifting singlet is used by multiple weightlifting national teams because it is reliable, it is comfortable, and it has a high level of durability in areas of the singlet that will make frequent contact with the bar in the Olympic lifts and the deadlift. If the Nike weightlifting singlet is good enough for Olympians, I think it’s good enough for me.

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