Best Deadlift Jacks & Wedges: Buying Guide (2022)

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Best Deadlift Jacks & Wedges

One of the biggest problems with the deadlift is that as you get stronger, the more difficult it gets to load and unload all the weight plates needed.  This is especially the case if there are multiple people training on the same barbell at the same time.

A simple solution to that problem is using a deadlift jack or wedge.

The absolute best deadlift jack that I’ve used is the Rogue HD Bar Jack.  It’s an excellent tool if you need to haul hundreds of pounds of plates around.  I’ve loaded and lifted 800lbs on this jack with only a few fingers.  The most notable feature of this jack is that it comes with wheels, which makes rolling the weights incredibly easy. 

Rogue HD Bar Jack

In the following article, you’ll find more in-depth information and answers to all your questions regarding the best deadlift jacks out there, and whether they’re worth the investment. Let’s dive in!

Top 5 Deadlift Jacks and Wedges Available on the Market

Deadlift jacks and wedges vary in quality, size, and abilities.

In addition to my favorite deadlift jack, I’ll review 4 other great products to give you a wider variety of options to choose from, so you can pick the one that suits your needs the most.

The top 5 deadlift jacks and wedges are:

Let’s have a look at those deadlift jacks and see what each one of them is all about!

Rogue HD Bar Jack – Best Overall Deadlift Jack (#1 Pick)

Best deadlift jack: ROgue HD Bar Jack
Rogue HD Bar Jack

Starting with my overall top pick, Rogue already established itself as one of the most reliable and decent quality gym accessories brands. The Rogue HD Bar Jack is simply one of the best deadlift jacks if you’re serious about staying at full power between sets.

The HD model is the improved version of the product next in line, the Deadlift Bar Jack. This product is simply great if you need a tool to load and unload weight multiple times while working out, especially if you’re working out with a lot of people in the gym.

If you’re hosting a powerlifting competition, this model is the gold standard for competitions, so it’s definitely worth your investment if you’re going to host one. This comes due to multiple factors.

First, the deadlift jack is designed to work up to 800 lbs of weight with relative ease, so it will always be ready to take on the heaviest of loads while in a competition.

Additionally, it comes with 6 embodies wheels of 72 mm diameter. These wheels will allow the loader to roll the loaded bar from the loading to the lifting zone with only a few fingers.

Another great thing about this model is that it comes with all the hardware tools needed to set it up and keep it in service, so you won’t have to worry about missing tools when it arrives.

As for its design, the handles are ergonomically designed to allow you to steer the bar comfortably with a T-shaped rubberized handle for an easier grip even with sweaty hands.


  • An excellent choice for hosting powerlifting competitions
  • Comes with various wheels for easy transport of the loaded bar
  • Includes all the needed tools for a worry-free purchase


  • Premium price tag

Rogue Deadlift Bar Jack – Best Budget Deadlift Jack

Best Budget Deadlift Jack: Rogue Deadlift Bar Jack
Rogue Deadlift Bar Jack

If you’re looking for a heavy deadlift bar jack for a serious powerlifter but you’re also buying within a tight budget, you can go for the original model that Rogue produces.

It’s still a great deadlift jack that will help you lift up the heaviest of weights with a simple push on the handle. However, it’s not just as easy as the HD model because it lacks the wheels.

The absence of wheels makes it not as easy if you’re loading and unloading the weights multiple times.

With the Deadlift Bar Jack model, you’ll have to go back and forth to gather your weight plates instead of rolling the entire loaded bar.

However, when it comes to quality and reliability, this model is an excellent choice to save some cash. Of course, with the lack of locomotion, you won’t need a T-shaped handle for maneuverability.

These modifications make this model significantly lighter in weights, as it weighs around 28 lbs as compared to the 61 lbs in the HD model. So, it’s a good choice if you’re looking for a lighter jack.


  • Ideal for serious powerlifters on a budget
  • Can lift up a lot of weight for elite powerlifters
  • Lighter in weight


  • Lacks locomotive wheels for maneuverability

Rogue Mini Deadlift Bar Jack – Best Mini Deadlift Jack

Best Mini Deadlift Jack: Rogue Mini Deadlift Bar Jack
Rogue Mini Deadlift Bar Jack

One of the most annoying episodes of loading for a deadlift is getting your fingers pinched while trying to lift one side of the bar off the ground.

If you want to save even more money, you can try these Mini Deadlift Jacks. It’s a surprisingly durable jack considering its small size and lightweight structure. It weighs about 9 lbs only but it can lift a lot of weight thanks to its 11-gauge steel construction.

This makes it excellent for private use if you want to dodge the “injured fingers” bullet before a major powerlifting competition while saving some cash.

However, keep in mind that these mini jacks won’t solve all your problems. For instance, you might still need to bend over while loading and unloading a bar using one of these mini deadlift jacks.

Moreover, this phase is done one side at a time, which makes it a lot less convenient than a full jack. While it might not be as easy to use as the previously mentioned models, it’s still a lot easier than having no jack at all!


  • Durable constructions that last for years
  • Super lightweight and portable for individual use
  • Eliminates hand injuries while loading and unloading


  • Requires bending over and not as easy as full jacks

Yes4All Mini Deadlift Bar Jack – Best Mini Deadlift Jack With Handle

Yes4All is another mini deadlift barbell jack that’s also worth mentioning. It’s within the same category as the Rogue Mini. However, it comes with simple differences that make it a bit easier to use than the previously mentioned model.

Unlike the Rogue Mini, this one comes with a simple handle that makes the loading and unloading a lot easier with something to hold on to while pushing the bar to use.

The grip is padded with UHMW polyethylene with a bumps pattern to stabilize your hand while pulling the deadlift jack and preventing it from slipping.

If you’re looking for ease of loading and unloading while saving money, consider this one over the rogue model. So, what’s the catch here?

Although this model is also made of heavy gauge steel, it doesn’t have the same level of durability that the Rogue Mini Deadlift Jack has. For that reason, only get this one if you’re lifting less than 350 to 400 lbs.

Another nice point regarding the Yes4All Mini Deadlift Bar Jack is that it comes with a 1-year warranty and 2 months return policy, which adds an extra layer of security to your purchase.


  • Features a built-in handle for easier loading and unloading
  • Anti-slip grips for extra security
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty and 2 months return policy


  • Not durable enough to loads over 400 lbs

Stoik Deadlift Wedge – Best Deadlift Wedge

If you’re looking for an alternative to a deadlift jack, you might put this one on your radar. Deadlift wedges are a small tool with a curved slope on top where you slide underneath the plates.

The Stoik Deadlift wedge is one of the best wedges on the market that can get the job done easily.

It’s designed from durable materials that can handle the weight of a loaded bar, although you should keep in mind that these wedges aren’t as durable as jacks. This means that they won’t last you as long as a jack.

Also, wedges will usually require you to bend over every time you load and unload the plate. In addition to the bending over effort, this also means that it won’t save you time like the other equipment on the list would.

Stoik Deadlift Wedge is small in size and fits in your gym bag without taking up a huge space. It’s a nice “on-the-go” solution for powerlifters and bodybuilding athletes.

The unit is highly affordable and comes with a lifetime warranty and a replacement warranty if it breaks.

The company also claims that it’s tested to handle up to 800 lbs. Although that seems a bit “ambitious” for a wedge, it gives you an insight into the usefulness of the small item.


  • Extremely portable and lightweight
  • Highly affordable alternative
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty


  • Doesn’t save time while loading and unloading

What Are Deadlift Jacks & Wedges?

A deadlift jack is a tool used to make the process of loading and unloading the weights a lot easier and quicker, saving you the energy and hassle between sets.

A full deadlift jack is usually one that’s able to lift the entire bar from both sides off the ground, this allows you to slide the weight plates in and out without any hassle.

Some deadlift jacks also come with wheels that make it easier to transport the loaded bar from the loading zone to the lifting zone, such as Rogue HD Bar Jack.

Deadlift wedges, also known as “dead wedges”, are smaller tools that do a similar job. Instead of loading the bar onto the jacks, you put the wedge underneath the bar to create a lift that allows you to slide in the weights easier than using your hands.

How Do You Use a Deadlift Jack?

A deadlift jack concept of working is pretty straightforward, it follows the same principles of a simple lever.

To use a deadlift jack properly you only need to slide the jack under the bar where the bar rests over the designated spot (usually have a U shape to keep the barbell in place).

Once the bar is in place, you only need to push the handle to lift the barbell off the floor for you.

With the newly created lift, you’ll be able to slide all your weight plates from both sides if you’re using a full deadlift jack.

However, if you’re using a mini deadlift jack, you’ll be able to load and unload one side at a time. When you’re done loading, pull the handle back again to release the loaded bar when you’re ready to lift.

How Do You Use Deadlift Wedges?

To use wedges properly, you slide the bar with one plate loaded to it, creating a small lift above the ground. This small lift allows you to load and unload more plates with relative ease.

Deadlift Jack vs Deadlift Wedge: Pros, Cons, Differences

While they both do the same job, deadlift jacks and wedges vary greatly. Here’s a quick rundown of the pros and cons of each one, so you’re able to spot the differences and pick the one that suits you the most.

Deadlift Jacks Pros

  • Full deadlift jacks save you all the hassle bending over while loading and unloading the barbell
  • Mini deadlift jacks are easier to move around as they’re lighter and easy to use too
  • Both types of deadlift jacks save a significant amount of time while loading and unloading
  • They have the possibility of features wheels, which makes you able to move around hundreds of pounds of weight with relative ease

Deadlift Jacks Cons

  • They’re usually bulkier and heavier than wedges
  • They might cost a lot more, especially the full deadlift jacks

Deadlift Wedges Pros

  • They’re remarkably smaller than jacks and can fit in your gym bag
  • They don’t cost as much as jacks
  • They reduce the incidence of pinched fingers

Deadlift Wedges Cons

  • You’ll still have to bend over while loading and unloading
  • They only save some effort but don’t save much time
  • They can’t handle as much weight as deadlift jacks
  • No possibility for wheels

Which Deadlift Jack Should You Pick?

Choosing the deadlift jack depends mainly on your needs. If you’re concerned about the ease of use and saving as much time as possible with no regard to the price, the wheeled Rogue HD Full Jack is your way to go. It’s also the jack of choice for powerlifting competitions if you’re planning to host one or you own a commercial gym or fitness facility.

They’re also the best if you’re working out with multiple people on the same barbell and changing various weights between sets.

On the other hand, if you don’t lift heavy and only want to eliminate finger injuries without costing you a lot of money, you should consider a mini-jack with a handle like Yes4All.

What Are The Benefits of Deadlift Jacks & Wedges?

Using deadlift jacks and wedges is an excellent way to avoid the unnecessary hassle that kills your flow or the mood while loading and unloading your weight bar.

Not only that, but they’re also nice tools that will help you conserve and focus all your energy and power on your deadlifts, saving your back power and energy between sets.

However, deadlift jacks also have the added perk of saving extra time when compared to wedges.

Do You Need a Deadlift Jack or a Wedge?

Deadlift jacks are much better while loading and unloading a lot of weight. But they’re more costly and bulkier in general.

On the other hand, wedges don’t save as much time and effort. But they’re much more affordable and more fit for personal use. Especially if you’re training in an out-of-town gym.

While picking the ideal one for you, think between functional but bulkier vs less functional but more portable and budget-friendly.

As you can see, a deadlift jack or wedge is definitely a ‘nice to have’. However, they’re a huge plus if you want to conserve your energy and save your back between sets.

What Makes a Good Deadlift Jack or Wedge?

Shopping for a good deadlift jack or wedge will have you to focus on some critical points for your investment to be worthwhile. Let’s have a brief overview of these points.

Ease of Use

The golden standard for having a deadlift jack or wedge is mainly to make your life easier while loading and unloading the bar.

The easiest deadlift jacks to use are those that don’t require you to bend over while loading and unloading. Such criteria fit Rogue HD Bar Jack perfectly.


The effectiveness of a deadlift jack or wedge comes from the ability to lift and release the loaded bar using as little effort as possible.

Ideally, full deadlift jacks like Rogue HD and Rogue Deadlift are the most effective ones followed by mini deadlift jacks and wedges. They allow you to work with up to 800 lbs of weight while saving almost all your power and focus on your deadlifts.


Transporting a loaded bar is always essential if you’re hosting a powerlifting competition, or if the gym has strict rules regarding the matter.

The Rogue HD Jack is the best in terms of transportability, as it comes with 6 wheels to do the job.

Stoik Deadlift Wedge aren’t transportable, but they’re highly portable on their own, which is also worth mentioning.


Durability is always a win for deadlift jacks over wedges, as they’re able to lift higher weights thanks to their heavy gauge construction.

With the Rogue Jacks, whether it’s the HD, the Deadlift, or the Mini model, you’ll enjoy the most durable jacks on the market.

Are DIY and Improvised Deadlift Jacks Any Good?

It depends mainly on the durability of the construction of the DIY jacks. Ideally, jacks need premium quality hardened steel to prevent accidents and other mistakes.

As for improvised deadlift jacks, such as using other barrels and weight plates to hold your bar, I strongly discourage using them.

They pose a real danger of injuries, such as nipped fingers that are caught between the weights.

Jacks and wedges are highly affordable and will save you a lot of danger, especially if you’re lifting competitively.

Final Thoughts

To put it in the simplest way possible, both deadlift jacks and wedges help in saving you a lot of hassle while loading and unloading the bar.

When I think of the best deadlift jack, I want it to make the process of loading, unloading, and transporting the loaded bar a breeze. It should also handle heavier weights without having me to bend over for it.

For those reasons, and more, the Rogue HD Bar Jack is my overall number 1 pick for this category. It’s a great tool that allows you to lift up to almost half a ton without worrying about unnecessary fatigue.

However, if you’re tight on a budget, you can settle for the Rogue Deadlift Bar Jack. while it’s not as easy as the HD Bar Jack, it still boasts the great quality of Rogue products and can carry a lot of weight with a simple hard push on the handle.