10 Best Women’s Workout Gloves: Buying Guide (2021)

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top 10 workout gloves for women

Whether you train a few times a week or hit the gym daily for intense workouts, you probably know that the right equipment can make a world of difference. Gym gloves are no exception!

Providing a better grip, protecting the sensitive skin of your palms, and preventing calluses are a few of the many perks of workout gloves.

So what is the best women’s workout glove? I recommend the Trideer breathable workout gloves for women (click for today’s price on Amazon). These gloves provide excellent protection from calluses without restricting your hand motion. They also feature anti-slip palms, breathable mesh, and adequate wrist support. Not to mention they’re specially designed for women, which ensures a better fit.

In this article, I’ve compiled a list of the best women’s workout gloves. You’ll also find thorough answers to all your questions about them.

Let’s dive right in!

Top 10 Workout Gloves for Women

The top 10 workout gloves for women are:

Let’s check them out.

1. Trideer Breathable Workout Gloves for Women: Best Overall

We’re kicking off the list with my overall favorite workout gloves for women. The Trideer workout gloves made it to the top of the list because it ticks off most of the boxes for a good workout glove.

It’s made of light microfiber material, making it flexible and breathable. The gloves feature a mesh back, which further adds to its breathability. The gloves’ palm area has silica gel patches, so you can rest assured that you’ll safely grip weights.

Moreover, the Trideer gloves feature a hook and loop adjustable wrist strap for better fit and wrist protection. A feature I appreciated was the pull buckles found on the fingertips. The pull buckles make taking off the glove after a sweaty workout quite easy.

Most users found the Trideer women’s gloves true to size. However, if you order one and it doesn’t fit you, you can easily exchange it for another size.

What I Like

  • Mesh back enhances breathability and ventilation
  • Silica gel palm patches for a better grip
  • Hook and look adjustable wrist wrap for comfort and wrist protection
  • Excellent customer service in case you’d like to exchange or return the gloves

What I Don’t Like

  • Not the most durable

2.   Contraband Pink Label Women’s Weightlifting Gloves: Runner-Up

Ideal for weightlifting, gymnastics, and cross-fit workouts, the Contraband Pink Label gloves are a popular option. It’s made of artificial leather with a polyester interior.

The polyester interior is soft and provides added comfort during the workout. It also protects the hands from calluses and blisters.

The top of the gloves is made of breathable mesh, so you won’t have to worry about sweat. I liked that the glove’s padding is just right, making it suitable for different fitness activities. It features GRIP-LOCK padding at the palms to ensure that the gloves are anti-slip.

The gloves close with a large Velcro strap at the front. Moreover, you can easily take them off using the finger tabs.

If you’re looking for gloves with significant wrist support, these Contraband gloves may not be the best choice, though. The Velcro closes just above the wrist, so it offers little wrist support.

What I Like

  • Soft interior makes it comfortable to wear for a long time
  • Silicone beads offer excellent traction
  • Lightweight design doesn’t restrict grip

What I Don’t Like

  • Wrist support could be improved

3.    Harbinger Women’s Power Weightlifting Gloves: Best Value

The Harbinger women’s powerlifting gloves are versatile, all-purpose gloves. They’re the only gloves you’ll need for most workouts. They provide enough protection for weightlifting, yet they’re flexible enough to allow your hands to move freely.

The inside is made of padded leather, which protects your palms and fingers from calluses and blisters. It also allows you to grip weights and equipment securely.

For enhanced ventilation, the back features an open design and a breathable mesh top. The highlight of the Harbinger women’s gloves is the double-layered thumb. It provides protection where it’s most needed to prevent injury. Moreover, the gloves feature an adjustable Velcro closure and a pull tab for easy removal.

What I Like

  • Versatile and flexible, making them go-to workout gloves
  • Padded leather and double-layered thumb protects from calluses and blisters
  • Breathable mesh top and open back for sweat-free hands

What I Don’t Like

  • Low wrist support compared to other options

4.   SIMARI Unisex Workout Gloves: Best Wrist Support

If you’re looking for workout gloves to withstand intense workout sessions, the SIMARI workout gloves could be for you! The highlight of the SIMARI workout gloves is definitely the fantastic wrist support. The long wrap-around wrist ensures a proper fit and excellent wrist protection.

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The gloves feature anti-slip leather palms for a safe grip during your workout. The back of the glove is ventilated, thanks to the open back design and breathable mesh top.

Moreover, the terry cloth on the back of the thumbs is convenient for wiping off sweat. Also, the tabs on the ring and middle finger are designed to help you take the gloves on and off quickly.

What I Like

  • Wide wrap around wrist provides excellent support
  • Cut out top for more breathability
  • Convenient terry cloth thumbs to wipe off sweat
  • Wide size variety ensures a good fit even for women with smaller hands

What I Don’t Like

  • Some people may find the long wrist wrap inconvenient
  • Not comfortable to wear with a smartwatch

5.   Grip Power Pads Women’s Mimi Gym Gloves: Best Grip

The Grip Power Pads women’s gloves are a popular choice for many ladies, and for good reasons.

To start off, the rubber patches that cover the palm area and fingers offer an incredible grip on gym equipment and weights. It also features rubberized dots around the patches.

Furthermore, the gloves are padded so you can train without having to worry about tough skin. You can easily take the gloves on and off with the two loops attached to the fingers. The glove is secured in place with a wide, angled velcro strap that closes on the top of the hand.

Some users pointed out that the gloves may be a bit tight at first. Yet, after a few uses, it stretches a bit and becomes more comfortable to wear.

What I Like

  • Palm and fingers are fully padded with rubber, providing a secure grip
  • Specially designed for women, which ensures a good fit
  • Comfortable amount of padding

What I Don’t Like

  • May initially feel a bit tight
  • Velcro is a bit difficult to adjust, especially during a workout
  • Relatively low wrist support compared to other options on the list

6.   Contraband Pink Label 5537 Women’s Micro Weightlifting Gloves -Best Minimal Workout Gloves

If you’re not a fan of full gloves and don’t need much wrist support, this minimal glove by Contraband could be the one for you.

Although this pair of gloves won’t give you wrist support, it’s an excellent option for preventing blisters and calluses, thanks to the proper padding. The palm features rubber dots for a good grip, while the top is made of breathable mesh for ventilation.

Because the Contraband Micro only covers a small part of your hands, it allows your hand more flexibility than the usual gloves. Moreover, the Velcro strap is adjustable so you can fit it to your liking. The gloves come with tabs in the middle and ring finger for easy removal.

What I Like

  • An excellent choice for those who don’t like to cover their full palm
  • Flexible and versatile thanks to its half-glove design
  • Adequate padding helps prevent calluses

What I Don’t Like

  • Doesn’t offer wrist support
  • Not suitable for those with sweaty hands

7.   SIMARI Full Finger Workout Gloves: Best for Cold Weather

On the other end of the spectrum from the Contraband Micro-Gloves, we have the SIMARI full finger gloves. If you happen to train outdoors in winter or your gym isn’t heated, these gloves can be a lifesaver.

The SIMARI full finger gloves feature foam padding in the palm for comfort as well as traction. The back is made of breathable mesh, while the thumb features terry cloth for quickly wiping off sweat.

The gloves feature a velcro adjustable strap at the back. However, it doesn’t provide as much wrist support as the SIMARI unisex workout gloves.

What I Like

  • A convenient option for working out in cold temperatures
  • Adequate, anti-slip foam padding
  • Lightweight microfiber makes it flexible

What I Don’t Like

  • Doesn’t provide good wrist support

8.   ihuan Ventilated Workout Gloves: Best for Weightlifting

Looking for a pair of gloves to stand the test of time and keep up with intense weightlifting sessions? Check out the ihuan workout gloves! The palm is designed with silicone printed neoprene for a safe grip when lifting heavy weights.

It’s also one of the best gloves on this list when it comes to wrist support. Furthermore, the padding is exactly where it needs to be to prevent calluses and blisters, yet flexible enough to allow you to comfortably weightlift.

The fingers feature pull tabs for easy removal and the back is made of breathable mesh.

What I Like

  • Wrist band protects the wrist from injury and wrong form
  • Silicone printed neoprene prevents slippage
  • Mesh back allows the hands to breathe, reducing sweat

What I Don’t Like

  • A bit bulky compared to other options

9.   Fit Active Sports New Ventilated Weightlifting Gloves: Best Ventilation

The Fit Active Sports weightlifting gloves offer proper protection to the palm while allowing the back of the hands to breathe.

I liked that these gloves offer an exceptional grip. The neoprene palm and fingers are fitted with silicone beads, making the gloves anti-slip.

The back features an open design, so you can expect less sweaty hands. The neoprene wrist wrap is wide for adequate wrist protection. It’s also adjustable.

Compared to other options in the list, the Fit Active gloves are considered durable because it’s made of neoprene.

What I Like

  • Open back design allows for ventilation
  • Silicone beads offer good traction
  • Neoprene material makes it quite durable

What I Don’t Like

  • Runs a little large
  • The wrist wrap isn’t as soft as other options

10.  Glofit Freedom Workout Gloves: Best Lightweight

Not everyone likes the feeling of a heavy, thick pair of gloves. If you want gloves that’ll protect your hands without feeling bulky, the Glofit freedom is a fantastic option.

The back of the glove is made of lightweight microfiber and features a cut-out design. This enhances the glove’s breathability and ensures that your hands remain sweat-free. It’s secured in place with a velcro strap at the back.

Although the Glofit gloves don’t feel like much on your skin, they’re still very protective. The palm is adequately cushioned with anti-slip material, providing a good grip and proper traction.

For added convenience, the back of the thumb is made of towel-like material for quick sweat wiping. It also comes with pull tabs in the ring and middle fingers. Hate looking for your gloves in your gym bag? The Glofit gloves come with a carry bag!

What I Like

  • Perforated, breathable microfiber makes it lightweight
  • Adequate cushioning for hand protection
  • Silica pad offers good traction for a safe workout

What I Don’t like

  • Not the best wrist support
  • Run a bit small

Do Women Need Weightlifting Gloves?

If you have smaller than average hand size for a woman, then check out my article on the 5 Best Lifting Gloves For Small Hands.

While some people swear by weightlifting gloves, others believe it hinders their performance. A reasonable answer to the question, though, is that it depends.

For instance, weightlifters aren’t allowed to wear lifting gloves during competitions. Therefore, they may not prefer to wear them during their training sessions. On the other hand, many bodybuilders like to wear them to protect their hands from calluses.

Some people argue that gloves interfere with their ability to feel and control the weight. However, if you choose the right weightlifting gloves, this should never be a problem.

Some weightlifters use chalk while lifting. Chalk will dry up your hand, allowing you to have a better grip. It’s cheap and easy to find. However, chalk can be very messy, and many gyms don’t allow it. While it does offer a secure grip, it won’t protect your hands from blisters and calluses.

I personally prefer weightlifting gloves. The right weightlifting gloves will keep your hands comfortable and offer protection without compromising form or control.

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Benefits of Wearing Weightlifting Gloves for Women

As I previously mentioned, wearing weight lifting gloves comes with many benefits. Let’s check them out.

Protection from Blisters and Calluses

Many women who love strength training, hate the rough skin that comes with it and find it unattractive. If you’ve been in the gym long enough, you’ve probably experienced calluses at some point.

Even if you don’t mind its appearance, calluses cause discomfort and even pain, which could be very distracting during your workout session. That’s when weightlifting gloves come in handy.

If you lift relatively light weights, workout gloves can prevent calluses and blisters altogether. If you lift heavy weights, workout gloves may not fully protect your hands, but they’ll surely help limit the damage. 

Even if you’re already experiencing calluses, switching to training with gloves will help over time.

A Better Grip

Who doesn’t hate sweaty palms? If you sweat during your workout, you may find it challenging to grip barbells and dumbbells. Slippery hands can also be very dangerous if you’re lifting heavy weights above your head.

Fortunately, accessories like workout gloves and lifting straps can help. Workout gloves are designed with non-slip materials so you can easily grip workout equipment. That way, you don’t have to worry about weights slipping out of your hands.

Wrist support

Our wrists allow us to move our hands in different ways, thanks to the many small joints in them. They’re very flexible, which also means they’re prone to injury.

Weightlifting is one of the common causes of wrist injuries. If you accidentally move your wrist beyond its normal range of motion, you risk spraining it. That’s why protective wrist wraps and workout gloves can be very beneficial.

Good workout gloves support your wrists while lifting, preventing injury.

Better Lifting

Weight gloves are designed to distribute the weight along your forearms. The result? You can lift heavier weights than usual. This is especially true with workouts like deadlifts and upright rows.

More Comfort and Focus

Workout gloves can keep your hands comfortable during a workout. Especially during the winter days, weights can be exceptionally cold and uncomfortable to grip. Although this may not sound like a big deal, there’s no reason not to make your gym experience more pleasant. 

Weightlifting gloves can also keep you more mentally focused on your workout. When you’re not worrying about calluses, slippery hands, wrist injuries, and cold barbells, you can fully concentrate on improving your technique.

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Are There Any Drawbacks To Wearing Weightlifting Gloves for Women?

Like everything else, workout gloves aren’t perfect. There are a few arguments against weightlifting gloves.

One issue with wearing workout gloves is that you’ll never get used to calluses. Some weightlifters argue that if you stick with working out without gloves, you’ll eventually get used to calluses. Overtime, calluses flatten and become somewhat smoother. But, they’ll never completely heal.

Another drawback is that some people worry that they’ll become too dependent on their workout gloves. They argue that this makes their workout routine less flexible since they’ll always need their gloves.

Lastly, wearing gloves can make it a bit challenging to grip thicker bars because they add another layer to it. However, if you choose a glove with the right material and fit, this shouldn’t be an issue.

Taking all the pros and cons into consideration, I still prefer wearing workout gloves. Overall, I think the advantages of wearing them outweigh the disadvantages.

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Women’s Weightlifting Glove Materials: What To Watch For?

Leather, neoprene, and microfiber are the most popular options. Each material comes with its benefits. For instance, leather gloves are known for their durability. They can withstand intense workout sessions and also provide an excellent grip.

Neoprene workout gloves also offer a good grip, along with being thermal and water-resistant. This is an excellent feature, especially for those who sweat a lot.

Silicone is sometimes added to Neoprene gloves to give them that bit of extra grip. Moreover, cotton mesh is used in making workout gloves because it is breathable and offers adequate ventilation.

Microfiber may not be as durable as leather and neoprene. But it’s breathable and extremely flexible. Although microfiber can be slippery, most microfiber gloves offer good traction in the palm and fingers by incorporating other materials like silicone. 

Features of a Women’s Weightlifting Glove

It can be challenging to find the right workout glove for you, especially with so many options out there. Here are a few features to consider before buying weightlifting gloves.


Since a better grip is one of the significant benefits of a workout glove, it makes sense to start by considering it.

The right workout gloves come with specially-designed exteriors that provide a good grip and prevent slippage. Grips are essential if you’re a beginner, so make sure you opt for gloves with good grip patterns to ensure a safe workout.


Cushioning in your workout gloves ensure your hands are protected to avoid blisters and calluses. Choosing a weightlifting glove with the right padding can be a bit challenging. With cushioning and padding, more isn’t necessarily better.

Too much cushioning means you may not be able to grip the barbell or dumbbells properly. It also means that the gloves may not be breathable, and its flexibility may be compromised.

On the flip side, padding that’s too thin won’t provide you with the protection you need. Avoid gloves that are too thick or too thin.


Workout gloves can provide plenty of support to your hands and wrists during a training session. If your wrists are relatively weak or you find that it’s sore while you workout, you’ll want to invest in gloves with wrist wraps.

Wrist straps can reduce pain and minimize the risk of a wrist injury. They’re usually adjustable so you can adjust them for maximum comfort and support.

In general, the wider the wrist wrap, the more support it provides.

Finger Length

Women’s weightlifting gloves are available in three finger lengths

  • Short
  • ½  finger
  • ¾  finger

The three available finger lengths provide excellent support as well as good control while lifting.

Full finger weightlifting gloves are also available. I don’t recommend them since they aren’t as breathable as the other options.

However, if you’ll be working out in significantly cold weather, they can be a convenient choice. Otherwise, gloves that don’t cover the fingertips are the ideal option.

How Should Weightlifting Gloves Fit for Women?

Workout gloves should offer a snug fit. Gloves that are too loose will move out of place and won’t provide you with a good grip.

On the other hand, gloves that are too tight will limit blood flow to your hands. This can be very uncomfortable and even dangerous in the long run.

Gloves may come in one size or several sizes. Make sure you check the size chart of each glove since each brand’s fit may be different.

Also, keep in mind that women’s hand are usually smaller than men’s, so a unisex pair of gloves may not always offer a good fit. Moreover, some gloves come with an adjustable feature to give you a precise fit.

How Should You Care for Your Weightlifting Gloves?

After a workout session, you’ll probably dump your weightlifting gloves in your gym bag along with sweaty clothes and shoes. If you don’t take proper care of your gloves, they may grow bacteria. So it’s a good idea to clean them once a week.

Here’s how.

Soak the Gloves

Fill the sink or a washbowl with warm water and dishwashing soap. Make sure you don’t use too much soap as it can be difficult to rinse out. Immerse your weightlifting gloves in the water and gently massage them.

Use a soft toothbrush or your fingers to scrub off stubborn stains or grime.

Flip the Gloves

Next, flip your gloves inside out and repeat step one to make sure it’s thoroughly cleaned from the inside. If you still feel that the gloves aren’t clean enough, leave them in the soap mixture for an hour. Then, rinse them properly until the gloves are soap-free.

Dry the Gloves

It’s best to air dry your gloves indoors. Too much heat from the sun can damage your gloves. Avoid using the dryer too. If you absolutely must use the dryer, make sure to close any Velcro straps and check the manufacturer’s care instructions first. 

Machine Washing

Although it’s best to hand wash your gloves, you may not find the time. Try washing your gloves in the washing machine on a gentle or delicate cycle. Make sure the heat setting is low, and close the velcro straps.

Again, check the manufacturer’s care instructions first to see if they advise against using a washing machine.

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Final Verdict

Workout gloves can help you make the most out of your time at the gym. My number one choice is the Trideer workout gloves for women. It offers wrist protection, anti-slip features, and wrist support. It’s also specially designed for women’s hands. A close second is the Contraband Pink Label women’s weightlifting gloves. It’s reasonably padded, comfortable to wear for a long time, and provides incredible traction.

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