Best 5 Kettlebells For The Money (That Are Still Well Made)

When I’m purchasing a kettlebell I want to make sure I’m getting the best kettlebell for the price I’m paying.  

However, I still need a kettlebell that is going to compliment my style of training. There are many kettlebell styles out there that could be less expensive, but if it’s not going to function for my specific needs then it is not worth the money for me.

What Is The Best Overall Kettlebell For The Money? The best kettlebell overall for the money is the Rogue e-Coat Kettlebell because it is made of extremely durable material, has a coating that resists corrosion, is moderately priced, and increases in size as the weight increases making it versatile for many training styles.

Although we may be tempted to choose the cheapest option if we’re trying to save money, or we may choose the most expensive option if we’re looking for the highest quality kettlebell; the products do not always reflect their prices so we need to be careful when deciding which kettlebell we purchase based on price.

In this article I’ll discuss: 

  • The 3 most important factors to consider before purchasing a “budget kettlebell”
  • The 5 best kettlebells on the market for the money for specific styles of training
  • What features make a “budget kettlebell” better than others on the market

Let’s find you a great kettlebell for the money!

The 3 Biggest Factors To Consider Before Purchasing A Budget Kettlebell

The 3 biggest factors we need to consider before purchasing a kettlebell are:

  • Intended Use
  • Weight
  • Budget

1. Intended Use

Before purchasing a kettlebell it’s important to assess what kind of training style and/or movements we plan to do the most, as this will determine the type of kettlebell that we will prefer and ultimately how much we need to spend to get the style of kettlebell we want.

2. Weight

Choosing which weight to purchase when we’re shopping for kettlebells is an aspect we need to consider, as we want to choose a weight that we can use for a number of movements and that we will use for a long time – to get the best bang for our buck. 

To learn more about what kettlebell weight you should buy, check out my article on If Your Kettlebell Is Too Heavy.

3. Budget

We have to decide how much we are willing to spend on a kettlebell, because this will likely affect the style and the weight of kettlebell that we are able to purchase. Even though there are kettlebells that are the best for the money we are spending, at the end of the day we are still spending money.

Top 5 Kettlebells For The Money On The Market

The top 5 kettlebells for the money are:

PriceDurabilityMaterialTraining Style
Rogue E-Coat$$Moderate DurabilityDuctile IronGeneral Fitness
Kettlebebell Kings Competition$$$$The Most DurableSteelKettlebell Sport
Kettlebell Kings Fitness Edition$$$DurableSteel With FillersCrossfit
Rogue Powder Coat$$Moderate DurabilityCast IronGeneral Fitness
Yes4 All Adjustable$Less DurableCast Iron & Moving PartsBeginner / Small Space Usage

1. Rogue Fitness E-Coat Kettlebell – Best Overall Kettlebell For The Money

The Rogue Fitness E-Coated Kettlebell is the best kettlebell overall for the money because it’s made of durable material, coated to resist corrosion, and is versatile for different styles of training.

The Rogue E-Coat kettlebells will last a long time because they are made of ductile iron (which is more durable than cast iron but not as durable as steel) and is electrocoated, meaning they are painted electronically, which allows for a thinner and more even coating that results in a glossy finish that is resistant to chipping and corrosion.

The durability of the product is one of the most attractive features of this kettlebell for me, because I feel that when I’m purchasing a product that is going to last a long time which is well worth the money spent for the amount that I plan to use it.

Another attractive quality of the e-coated kettlebells is how versatile they are because their size and shape vary based on the weight purchased – this makes them versatile because as the weight increases the window size increases as well. This is ideal because typically we want a window size that is slightly smaller for one-handed movements – which tend to be weaker; we’d also want a larger window size to accommodate two handed movements – which tend to be stronger.

The Rogue e-coated kettlebells are sold in weights from 9lbs-88lbs which is a smaller range than traditional cast iron kettlebells and powder coated kettlebells but is sufficient for most individuals looking for a weight that they can use for multiple movements. Although, the kettlebells are only available in pound increments which is not everyone’s preference. 

I believe the Rogue e-coat kettlebell is the best kettlebell overall for the money because it is high quality, it is going to last a long time, it is versatile enough to accommodate most everyone’s style of training, and it is one of the less expensive options on the market.


  • Durable
  • Good Gripability
  • Easy To Clean


  • Only Available In Pound Increments
  • Smaller Weight Range

2. Kettlebell Kings Competition Kettlebell – Best For Kettlebell Competitors

The Kettlebell Kings Competition Kettlebell is the best kettlebell for competitors for the money, because it is truly the gold standard of competition kettlebells. It is made of the most durable material, is uniform in size, and is built to international competition standards.

The Kettlebell Kings competition kettlebells are the most popular brand used by serious kettlebells athletes who are competing in kettlebell sport, because they are built to a specific size that helps competitors with their movement efficiency as the weight increases.

They are made of pure steel and contain no fillers (some kettlebells have a steel shell but are filled with sawdust and ball bearings to achieve their weight) which increases the price, but also makes the kettlebell more durable – this is an important feature for me because when I’m purchasing this product I can rest assured that my investment in a higher-quality kettlebell is not going to waste on a kettlebell that is going to fall apart.

I truly believe that the Kettlebell Kings competition kettlebell lives up its reputation of being the best competition kettlebell for the price by the way it is built to international competition standards with its 35mm handle, a window size that is made for higher-repetition one-handed movements, and its uniform window and bell size regardless of weight to help competitors conserve energy and develop efficient movement patterns.

The kettlebell is available in kilograms and pounds for those who prefer one over the other, and ranges from 8kg (18lbs) – 48kg (106lbs) which is great because it accommodates athletes of all strength levels.


  • Uniform In Size
  • Gold Standard For Kettlebell Competitions
  • Made Of Pure Steel


  • The Most Expensive Style Of Kettlebell
  • Small Window Size For Two-Handed Movements

3. Kettlebell Kings Fitness Edition Kettlebell – Best Budget Kettlebell For Crossfit Athletes

The Kettlebell Kings Fitness Edition Kettlebell is the best kettlebell for the money for those who compete in crossfit or do crossfit-style training because it is made for higher repetition one-handed movements, is durable, and is cheaper than a competition kettlebell.

I believe the Kettlebell Kings have created an excellent product for those looking for a high-quality kettlebell that is built for higher repetition training with a slightly wider window size than the competition kettlebell to accommodate more movement variety (one-handed and two-handed movements), but at a lower cost.

The fitness edition kettlebell is ideal for those who are not competing in kettlebell sport but still want a higher-quality kettlebell for higher-repetition movements, because it has the same features that make the competition kettlebell desirable but without the higher price tag that comes with a competition kettlebell.

The lower cost is only possible because the kettlebell does contain fillers (sawdust and ball bearings) to make up its weight while maintaining its uniform size, rather than being made of pure steel. This does make the product slightly less durable because the fillers do have the potential to break loose and create noise during movements – which could be annoying (especially with higher-repetitions).

That being said, all fitness edition kettlebells that are a reasonable price do contain fillers so this is not a unique feature to the Kettlebell Kings product. Although the fillers may be a turn-off for some people, I believe that if we’re interested in the best kettlebell for the money for crossfit-style training then the fitness edition kettlebell is the best option on the market.

The Kettlebell Kings fitness edition kettlebell is only available in pounds which could be a negative feature for those who train exclusively with kilograms. Although, it does have an excellent weight range for those who are intermediate to advanced because they are available from 20-100lbs in 5 pound increments. 

The fact that the lightest weight available is 20lbs does make them less beginner-friendly for those that are new to strength training, but it unlikely that these individuals would be interested in a fitness edition kettlebell that soon into their strength training journey anyway.


  • Uniform In Size
  • Made Of Steel
  • Less Expensive Than A Competition Kettlebell


  • Only Available In Pound Increments
  • Contains Fillers

4. Rogue Fitness Powder Coat Kettlebell – Best For General Fitness

The Rogue Fitness Powder Coat Kettlebell is the best kettlebell for the money for those interested in training for general fitness because it is versatile, has great gripability, and is a less expensive option that is still quite durable.

The Rogue Fitness powder coat kettlebell is made from cast iron and has a powder coating applied over the cast iron to give an extra layer of protection to keep moisture from causing corroding the iron. While this is an important feature, the bigger benefit to the powder coating for me is that it increases our ability to grip the kettlebell and provides a textured surface that retains chalk.

There is nothing worse for me than not being able to hold onto a kettlebell once my palms start to sweat, but this is not an issue I have to worry about with the powder coated kettlebell – and that is well worth the price for me.

The powder coated kettlebells are also popular amongst athletes interested in general fitness, because they can vary in size, shape and weight, which makes them more suitable for many general fitness training or those wanting to dabble in different styles of training (kettlebell sport or crossfit) but are not committed enough to warrant buying a more expensive kettlebell.

The powder coat kettlebells are not the cheapest option available for kettlebell users but they are also not the most expensive – they are moderately priced because they are used primarily by individuals who are training more frequently with kettlebells but are not competing in a kettlebell competition.

The Rogue powder coated kettlebells come in a weight range of 13-88lbs which is a large enough range to accommodate most individuals training needs, except for those who are more advanced and looking to do heavier swings, goblet squats, and deadlifts. 

This weight range doesn’t seem like a big deal to me because if our goal is to squat and deadlift more than that, we are likely better off using a barbell for those movements. Any kettlebell specific movements we want to do can likely be done within this weight range, especially for those interested in general fitness training.


  • Great Gripability
  • Versatile
  • Durable


  • Only Available In Pound Increments
  • Not The Best Option For Competitors

5. Yes4All Adjustable Kettlebell – Best For Beginners/Small Spaces

The Yes4All Adjustable Kettlebell is the best kettlebell for the money for beginners, or those who want to workout at-home but have limited space for equipment because it is an excellent price, has a larger weight range, and has a powder coated handle for increased gripability.

The Yes4All adjustable kettlebell is ideal for beginners and those with limited space available because it is designed so that we can adjust the weight of the kettlebell by adding or removing weight to the frame – which accommodate the faster progression that beginners normally experience, rather than having to frequently purchase heavier weights as we get stronger.

The Yes4All adjustable kettlebell is designed well for an adjustable kettlebell because it is adjusted with weight plates rather than other more annoying methods. SOme adjustable kettlebells on the market are adjusted by adding/removing sand or water to change the weight – which is much more time consuming than using weighted plates.

Another reason the Yes4All kettlebell caught my attention was because it has a larger weight range than many other similar products on the market. The weight range it offers is from 5-40lbs with many weight increments. Other adjustable kettlebells on the market are only available in weight ranges of 5-20lbs.


  • 5-40lbs Weight Range
  • Powder Coated Handle
  • Budget-Friendly


  • Not Ideal For Higher-Repetition One-Handed Movements
  • Less Durable

Best Kettlebells For The Money: Buyer’s Guide

buyer’s guide of best kettlebells for the money

The features that make a kettlebell better than others include:

  • Window Size
  • Kettlebell Style
  • Handle Diameter
  • Durability
  • Versatility
  • Gripability

Window Size

Purchasing a kettlebell with the right window size is important so that we don’t end up with a kettlebell that we can’t use, or that is dysfunctional for the movements we plan to train

If we’re competing in kettlebell sport or crossfit-style training that has higher-repetition one-handed movements then we are going to prefer a kettlebell that has a smaller window size because it allows for a smoother transition to the racked position that is a key position for many one-handed kettlebell movements.

If we’re interested in doing a wider variety of movements that are both one-handed and two-handed then we are going to want a kettlebell that has a window size that is smaller at lighter weights to suit one-handed movements, but increases at heavier weights to accommodate 2 hands in the window.

If you have small hands, check out my other article reviewing the Best 5 Kettlebells For Small Hands.

Kettlebell Style

Choosing the right style of kettlebell is important so that we have a kettlebell that is going to function optimally for our style of training, and so that we are not spending money on a more expensive style of kettlebell than we need.

Competition Style Kettlebell

If we’re competing in kettlebell sport then we are going to want a competition kettlebell because it is built specifically for this style of high-repetition training, and is approved for use in competition.

Fitness Edition Style Kettlebell

If we are not competing in kettlebell sport but we are planning on training with higher repetitions such as crossfit-style training then we are going to want a fitness edition style kettlebell because it is made to accommodate the higher-repetitions but has a slightly larger window to accommodate not only one-handed movements, but also 2 handed movements and is slightly cheaper than the competition kettlebell.

E-Coat Or Powder Coat Style Kettlebell

If general fitness training is more our style, then we are going to want an iron kettlebell such as the e-coat or powder coat. They are the preferred style of kettlebell for general fitness because they have a more versatile size and shape that changes based on the weight we are using.

Interested in learning the differences between powder coated kettlebells and competition kettlebells? Check out my article Powder Coat vs Competition Kettlebell: Pros & Cons.

Adjustable Style Kettlebells

I would only recommend adjustable kettlebells for those who are beginners and quickly progressing through weights, and those who have a limited amount of space to work with.

For beginners adjustable kettlebells are ideal because it doesn’t make sense for them to purchase a standard kettlebell at a weight that will only be appropriate for a short amount of time.

Adjustable kettlebells are also suitable for those who workout at home but have a limited amount of space available for equipment, because they are compact and they allow us to work with different weight increments without taking up as much space as having multiple kettlebells would.

Handle Diameter

The handle diameter is an important feature to consider before buying a kettlebell because if it’s not the right size it will affect our ability to grip the kettlebell which limits how we are able to use the kettlebell.

Steel Kettlebells

With steel kettlebells (competition or fitness edition) we have the decision between 33mm handles and 35mm handles. The 33mm handle is a better option for those with smaller hands, making it easier to grip without overly fatiguing the grip; although the 33mm competition kettlebell is not approved for international kettlebell sport competitions.

The 35mm handle is likely the right size for those with average-to-large hands, or those looking to specific areas they are trying to strengthen as it will be more fatiguing. The 35mm competition kettlebell is approved for international competition, so if we are a competitor then we should opt for the 35mm.

Iron kettlebells

Iron kettlebell’s handle diameter changes in size depending on the brand and the weight we purchase, but it is typical for the handle diameter to increase as the weight of the kettlebell increases.

Most manufacturers will provide a chart that informs us of the handle diameter of each weight they offer, but if they don’t then it is worth sending an email and asking for clarification.

Check out my other article explaining the differences between Plastic vs Iron Kettlebells.


The durability of a kettlebell is an important feature because if I’m spending money on a product that I intend to use for a long time, I want to make sure that it’s actually going to last – especially when buying a higher-end kettlebell.

The most durable products on the market are made of steel, but we should be aware that although some kettlebells that are made of steel contain fillers (sawdust and ball bearings) that could come loose over time.

So if we’re looking for the most durable procut on the market we should be sure that it is pure steel and contains no fillers – especially if we’re dropping the kettlebell frequently in training.

The iron kettlebells with a coating (e-coat or powder coat) are going to be less durable than steel kettlebells, but do have extra protection from corrosion that the steel kettlebells do not. Although, it should be mentioned that we can get rust off our kettlebell quite easily so that should not be a dealbreaker.

The least durable products on the market are going to be adjustable kettlebells because they have many moving parts that can break quite easily.


The level of versatility a product has is an important factor to consider for those looking to train a wider variety of movements, rather than simply the snatch, clean, and jerk.

The competition kettlebell is probably the least versatile because it was built with a specific purpose in mind, which is to be used in kettlebell sport. The fitness edition kettlebell is slightly better because of its wider window size which gives more room to place two hands on the handle to incorporate more than just one-handed movements.

The kettlebells with the best versatility are going to be the iron kettlebells because they are built for general fitness with their varying sizes across different weights. Those who want the most versatility in a kettlebell are going to want an iron kettlebell that allows for a wider variety of movements (one-handed and two-handed movements).

Interested in learning more about kettlebells for two-handed movements? Check out our article on the Best Kettlebells For Two-Handed Swings.


The ability to maintain our grip is an important factor when choosing a kettlebell, because if we cannot hold onto the kettlebell then we are not likely to get much training done.

The gripability of the kettlebell is one of the most important factors for me when choosing a kettlebell, because if I cannot maintain my grip then I am not going to have a good training session and I’m less likely to reach for that style of kettlebell again.

The best gripability is going to be the powder coated kettlebells because the coating creates the perfect texture to grip, and also hold chalk really well which is necessary when our hands start to sweat. The e-coat is a close second but does not hold chalk as well because of its glossy finish.

Steel kettlebells do not have the same level of gripability as the iron kettlebells, but can be improved when our hands and the handle itself is chalked.

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Final Thoughts

The Rogue Fitness E-Coat takes the cake for the best all around kettlebell for the money because of its versatility, durability, gripability, and of course its price. It really does a great job of meeting all the criteria I’m looking for in a kettlebell, while still being affordable.

The Rogue Fitness powder coat kettlebell is a close second but falls short of the title because it is not quite as durable as the e-coat and therefore may need more regular maintenance.

Finally, the third runner up is the Kettlebell Kings Fitness Edition which is more versatile than the competition kettlebell but unfortunately not versatile enough to keep up with the iron kettlebells for the price.

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