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arnold press vs. shoulder press

Arnold Press vs. Shoulder Press: Differences, Pros, Cons

The Arnold press is a fantastic shoulder exercise, and like other shoulder presses, it can be a staple in any solid training program. With most exercises, there can be many variations. Here, we are looking at two of the classics; the Arnold press and the standard shoulder press.  Both of these exercises share many of

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Are Deadlift Slippers Worth It - 7 Benefits & Why I Use Them

6 Best Deadlift Slippers in 2023: Are They Worth It?

Some links in this article are affiliate links, which means I earn from qualifying purchases. There is a range of specialized deadlift shoes that you can pick from. But another option is to wear deadlift slippers, minimalist shoes with only a thin piece of polyester material between your foot and the ground. As the name

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Understanding USAPL Qualifying Totals for Raw and Equipped Powerlifting

For anyone interested in competing in powerlifting, it’s important to understand how your preferred powerlifting federation works, especially in terms of what you need to do to qualify to compete in that federation’s higher-level events. USAPL totals are minimum scores (the sum of your best successful squat, bench press, and deadlift attempts in a single

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best exercises for the long head of the triceps

The 11 Best Long Head of the Triceps Exercises

The triceps are involved in pushing and pulling movements and stabilizing the shoulder, so it’s not hard to hit them with exercises like bench presses and overhead presses. But if you want real growth in your arms, you’ve got to include exercises that directly target the long head of the triceps.  The 11 best long

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Does Planet Fitness Have Showers?

Planet Fitness is one of the most popular gym franchises across the country. It’s no surprise why – they offer a low-priced membership as well as many of the common amenities people have come to expect at commercial gyms. Does Planet Fitness have showers? Yes! Planet Fitness offers private showers with curtains, as well as

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best ab rollers for home workouts

12 Best Ab Rollers for Home Workouts in 2023

If you’re fed up with doing sit-ups and crunches, ab rollers are an effective alternative. They improve your strength and stability by forcing you to move through a full range of motion to activate your deep core muscles.  Because there are so many ab roller products on the market, it can be tough to find

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How Much Does A Bench Press Bar Weigh?

The king of all upper-body lifts has to be the bench press. But to track your gains accurately, you’ll need to answer this question:   How much does a bench press bar weigh? The standard weight of a bench press bar is 45 lbs (20.4kg). This bar is in most gyms and is the competition

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best bumper plates for home workouts

16 Best Bumper Plates for Home Workouts in 2023

Bumper plates are a type of weight plate with a soft rubber construction. They are most commonly used for Olympic lifts, which require dynamic movements and dropping weights from overhead. Having bumper plates in your home gym enables you to progressively overload your lifts and make the strength and muscle gains you desire. But which

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oblique exercises for an invincible core

10 Oblique Exercises for an Invincible Core

If you’re looking for defined obliques that’ll help take both your physique and performance to the next level, you’ve come to the right place. Your obliques have many functions, but they can all be broken down into two categories: movement and anti-movement. Movement-based exercises involve side-to-side lateral flexion, flexion, and rotation. Anti-movement-based exercises involve bracing,

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The 3 Best Exercises To Increase Testosterone

There are several ways to increase testosterone naturally, but exercise takes the prize. However, not all movements are effective at doing so. What are the best exercises to increase testosterone? Start with explosive and compound or multi-joint movements such as: These movements recruit the most muscle fibers throughout the full range of motion, putting your

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best curl bars for home workouts

9 Best Curl Bars for Home Workouts in 2023

Bicep curls are a great isolation exercise to complement your upper body workouts when you’re trying to gain strength and size in your biceps. Whether you want to perform bicep curls in a sitting or standing position and blast your arms, you’ll need a trusty curl bar in your home gym.    The 9 best curl

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best decline bench press alternatives

10 Effective Decline Bench Press Alternatives (With Pictures)

The decline bench press can be an effective exercise to improve the development of your lower pecs. However, there are several reasons why you might need an alternative to the decline bench press, including your gym doesn’t have a decline bench, you find the decline bench awkward to set up, you want to isolate the

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best pull-up bars for home workouts

11 Best Pull-Up Bars for Home Workouts in 2023

Pull-up bars enable lifters to perform a variety of pull-up variations with great form for maximum gains and minimal injury risk. They’re a great addition to your home gym alongside wall-mounted or doorway dip bars. The 11 best pull-up bars are:  If you’re looking for a pull-up bar to buy for your home workouts, keep

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How Much Does a Trap Bar Weigh? A Beginner’s Guide

Deadlifting with a trap bar can be a safer alternative than a straight bar. But they’re less common so most people have questions about them. How much does a trap bar weigh? A standard trap bar weighs 55 lbs, which is heavier than a typical barbell (45 lbs) because the trap bar requires more material to

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Best Short-Head Bicep Workout: 12 Exercises

Everyone wants bigger biceps, but did you know there are actually two heads to the biceps? A ‘short’ head and a ‘long’ head. We don’t need to get too into anatomy here, but if you want to stimulate your entire bicep and add massive thickness to your arms, you’ll need to include these exercises that

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compound leg exercises

9 Compound Leg Exercises That Should Be In Every Program

Compound leg exercises are great for developing lower body muscle mass, strength, and explosive power. They allow you to load multiple leg muscle groups simultaneously and provide mobility and coordination benefits, which are transferable to many sports. Here are the 9 best compound leg exercises: In this article, I will go through everything you need

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eccentric hamstring exercises

8 Best Eccentric Hamstring Exercises (+PDF & Sample Workout)

You may have already come across videos or seen folks in the gym doing eccentric reps, or slow, controlled downward portions of a lift. If you’re focused on hamstring strength or size, you’ll want to consider including them in your program. But do you know which exercises are the best to do with eccentric reps? 

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best time to go to the gym

The Best Time To Go to the Gym (Based on Science)

Imagine you took the plunge and got yourself a gym membership. You’ve built a list of goals to reach, and it’s time to take action and start exercising! You pack your bags and head to the gym. Then you realize the parking lot is full and must park near the back. After a five-minute walk

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