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stairmaster vs treadmill

Stairmaster vs Treadmill: Which Is Best for Cardio?

The Stairmaster and the treadmill are both hugely popular cardio machines that you’ll find in most gyms. Although both effectively improve your cardiovascular fitness and burn calories, one might be better, depending on your unique goals.  When I’m working with clients, I recommend both for warm-ups and cardio. But each has its own strengths and

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best rogue racks featured

10 Best Rogue Racks in 2023: Pros, Cons, Reviews

Rogue racks are some of the best you can buy. Rogue Fitness is one of the most well-known brands in the fitness equipment industry. They specialize in producing high-quality gym equipment, especially racks and rigs.  Their run to fame started in 2006, becoming well known for their rugged and durable equipment that could withstand a

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best gyms with indoor tracks

5 Best Gyms With Indoor Tracks: Costs & Amenities

Gyms with indoor tracks have innumerable uses. Whether you’re a lifter like me looking to get in some cardio, an endurance athlete who doesn’t want to be stuck on a treadmill, or an average Joe who simply wants a great place to sprint, run, and jump, an indoor track can be very valuable.  Most gyms

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best gym machines for glutes

5 Best Gym Machines For Glutes: How To Sculpt Your Booty

The best gym machines for your glutes can help sculpt those coveted booty muscles. Strong glutes look great and are important for overall lower body strength, athletic performance, and injury prevention Machines are helpful because you can isolate your glutes for maximum gains. Compound exercises like squats also rely on your back or leg muscles. 

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theragun prime vs. elite

Theragun Prime vs. Elite: Differences, Pros, Cons

The Theragun Prime and Theragun Elite are two of the most popular massage guns on the market. Each one offers unique features and benefits, but they also have drawbacks.  I’ve tested both, and as a health and recovery coach, I've worked with clients who’ve tried one or the other. In this head-to-head review, let’s see

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chad wesley smith interview - 1

Chad Wesley Smith Interview: Founder & Creator of Juggernaut AI

PowerliftingTechnique.com is independent and supported by our readers. We may earn a commission if you buy through the links below. For more, see our disclosures page. Chad Wesley Smith created one of the best powerlifting programs, and you’ve probably heard of it: The Juggernaut Method. But he was frustrated with cookie-cutter training programs, so he

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iron bull strength unleash lifting strap review

Iron Bull Strength Unleash Lifting Strap Review: Pros & Cons

Unleash Lifting Straps are one of the options from the high-quality weightlifting retailer, Iron Bull Strength. Can they help you lift more? I personally enjoyed these straps as they were strong, lightweight, and provided padding for the wrist to not bruise my skin. I particularly liked them for the bent row, and I can feel

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unleash 7 mm leather lifting belt

Iron Bull Unleash 7mm Leather Lifting Belt: Pros & Cons

Anyone that wants to push big lifts knows how important a quality lifting belt is. The weight-lifting belt is essential, especially if you plan on pushing the power lifts. A great lifting belt will allow you to achieve a tighter brace and stabilize your spine under heavy loads. Iron Bull Strength provides many different products

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iron bull powerlifting lever belt review

Iron Bull Strength Premium 13mm Lever Belt Review: Pros & Cons

As an avid powerlifter, I'm always searching for equipment to enhance my performance and keep me safe while I move heavy weight. The Iron Bull Strength Powerlifting Lever Belt caught my eye due to its robust design and the potential to provide the substantial bracing support needed during heavy lifts. I purchased the Iron Bull

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iron bull 7mm knee sleeves

Iron Bull Strength 7mm Knee Sleeves: Pros, Cons, Alternatives

Whether you are a strongman or powerlifter, one of your main tools for performance are knee sleeves. Knee sleeves are a popular accessory in the world of strength, designed to support and protect the knees during an intense session. But of all the knee sleeves in the market, one of the top products currently offered

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iron bull unleash knee wraps review

Iron Bull Strength Knee Wraps Review: Pros, Cons, Alternatives

The Iron Bull Unleash Knee Wraps are one of the many knee wrap brands on the market that help powerlifters and more advanced lifters have more stability and support at their knee joint during lifts like barbell squats.  Knee supports, like the Unleash Knee Wraps, offer consistent compression around the knee joint to promote proper

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iron bull unleash wrist wraps

​Iron Bull Strength Wrist Wraps Review: Pros, Cons, Alternatives

The Iron Bull Strength Unleash Wrist Wraps are a popular gym accessory used by powerlifters, weightlifters, and bodybuilders to improve grip and stability when using free weights. As with many other gym accessories like elbow sleeves and barbell pads, wrist wraps are a must-have for many lifters and can increase exercise performance and reduce injury

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iron bull unleash elbow sleeves review

Iron Bull Strength Unleash Elbow Sleeves Review: Pros & Cons

The Iron Bull Strength Unleash Elbow Sleeves are one of the many products on the market that powerlifters and bodybuilders can use to provide extra support and stability during heavy lifts, alongside wrist wraps and weightlifting belts. They compress the elbow joints to reduce excessive movement and provide protection from the high force and pressure

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best all-in-one home gyms

13 Best All-in-One Home Gyms

All-in-one home gyms offer an easy way to work out from the comfort of your own home. They offer easy accessibility to exercise, but can powerlifters and serious lifters get a great workout? I’ve tested some of the best home gym machines and have been impressed. While some are a waste of money, there are

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waiter curls

Waiter Curls: Pros, Cons, How-To

An often forgotten exercise to help develop the biceps is the waiter curl.  Since the biceps are many people’s favorite muscle group to train, and it can be easy to fall into a common arm workout routine, you’ll want to check out this great exercise.  So how do you do a waiter curl?  To avoid

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best deadlift bars

8 Best Deadlift Bars: Pros, Cons, Reviews

With so many barbells on the market, knowing which ones are best for deadlifts can be difficult. New equipment companies continue popping up left and right, and knowing where to go for quality equipment can be hard.  But don’t worry. I've got you covered if you need help finding a deadlift bar. While most barbells

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smith machine vs squat rack

Smith Machine vs Squat Rack: Differences, Pros, Cons

As a coach, it’s our responsibility to put our clients in the best position to succeed. When teaching someone how to squat with a bar on their back, they may need extra stability or freedom of movement, depending on their skill level.  So, let’s compare the Smith machine vs squat rack: The Smith machine offers

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