5 Best Lifting Gloves For Small Hands (2021)

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top 5 lifting gloves for small hands available on the market

Lifters with smaller than average hands generally have a hard time finding workout gloves that fit their fingers and palm properly.  The most common problem is excess material that bunches up in the base of your hand while lifting.

This can cause two issues:

  • First, you will find gripping the barbell more challenging, which isn’t good for any exercise that requires grip strength like deadlifts or pull-ups.
  • And second, the excess material will actually further exaggerate your calluses because of the consistent rubbing and friction of the glove on your hand.

As such, you need a form-fitting glove that is specifically designed for lifters with small hands. 

So what is the best lifting glove for small hands?  The best lifting glove for small hands is the RIMsports Leather Workout Gloves because it’s durable, comes with a lifetime guarantee, and has relatively thin padding to maintain a decent grip on the barbell while still offering callus protection.  It comes in small and extra-small options and is form-fitting.

Top 5 Lifting Gloves for Small Hands Available on the Market

There are many great lifting gloves on the market. However, not all of them are available in small and extra small sizes.

The 5 best lifting gloves for small hands are:  

1. RIMsports Leather Workout Gloves – Best Overall Glove for Small Hands

The RIMsports is an ideal option for lifters with small hands because they’re available in a variety of sizes including an extra small size that is suitable for both men and women.

The main construction material of the workout glove is leather, which is a great material for insulation against the coldish weather (if you’re working out in a garage) and protection against the calluses and blisters without being too thick and adding extra layers that weakens your grip.

The palm padding here is also made from a special material that balances between distributing the barbell weight and providing a decent grip, which is one of the biggest issues for lifters with small hands.

Moreover, the glove has a mesh design on various parts, which is great for breathability and the prevention of accumulated sweat inside the glove, which makes it prone to coming off.

I like that it also comes in a wide variety of colors. This makes it one of the most versatile options that suit different preferences.

You can see from the double stitching on the glove that it’s also built to last, which is backed up by a lifetime guarantee from the manufacturers.


  • Comes in a huge variety of colors to match your style
  • Available in extra small option that suits very small hands
  • Features a lifetime guarantee on the quality of the glove


  • The thumb opening is a bit tight, but that should be a problem for smaller hands

2. Contraband Pink Label 5137 Padded Weight Lifting Gloves – Runner Up

The Contraband Pink Label 5137 is a great glove that has all the features that make it one of my ideal recommendations if you’re a small-handed lifter.

In fact, one of the only reasons it’s superseded by the RIMsports gloves is that this one lacks enough colors to suit all genders.

However, that shouldn’t be a problem for a smaller woman who’s looking for a functional yet aesthetically appealing glove for lifting.

This one is made of a combination of synthetic leather and silicone beads, so it’s not too thick that it impacts your grip. At the same time, they allow for better traction over the barbell, so it actually increases your grip to some degree.

The 1/2 finger design here is a bit shorter. In addition to allowing for a more tactile sensation, this is also useful in letting your fingers secure a tighter grasp over the barbell.

Unlike many gloves that require hand washing, this one is machine washable, which allows for a quicker cleanup cycle, so it’s more available for use.


  • Machine washable for ease of use
  • The extra small size is great for petite hands
  • The light padding retains your grip quite well


  • The material is a bit flimsy, might need to replace after 6-12 months

3. SIMARI Workout Gloves – Best Budget Option

The SIMARI workout gloves are the budget option that many athletes consider for lifting weight if they want to prevent the formation or worsening of calluses. The glove is also one of the highest-rated options that come in an extra small size.

However, if you take a good look at the padding of the glove, you’ll notice that this one has plenty of it.

This is because it’s made of cotton and microfibers, which offer more plushness than leather and neoprene gloves.

This might sound great for someone who has very reactive skin and needs extra protection without breaking the bank. However, if your fingers are also too short to lock your grip over the barbell, this glove might make it even more challenging.

In that case, I recommend that you consider an upgrade glove from the ones made of leather. Yet, if you’re trying to save a few bucks, it’s a highly affordable option.


  • Suitable for buyers on a strict budget with no grip issues
  • Available in a wide range of colors
  • Versatile and works for different workouts


  • A bit thick for lifers with short fingers

4. VIVIMI Weight Lifting Gloves – Most Comfortable

The VIVIMI weightlifting gloves combine a lot of suitable features that earned them a spot among the most popular lifting gloves for small hands.

The gloves are quite affordable, so they’re a great budget option as well. It’s also available in a variety of colors as well as the relatively rare size “small”.

I would’ve loved it if they also offer an extra small option like some other options on the list, which are great for female lifters with small hands too.

However, if you’re a male lifter with small hands, small would most likely be good enough for you.

It’s made entirely of high-grade jersey cotton, which makes it super smooth and hypoallergenic on your hands for the utmost level of comfort while offering decent protection.

I also like that this one comes with built-in wrist support, which helps in stabilizing your grip and limiting its range of motion while holding the barbell for more stability while squatting or deadlifting.

Check out my complete review of the best lifting gloves with wrist support.


  • Comfortable on your palms
  • Features a built-in wrist support
  • Comes in various colors


  • It doesn’t come in extra small size
  • It may not last for long

5. Mava Sports Ventilated Workout Gloves – Best Minimalistic

Minimalistic gloves became a fan favorite for lifters suffering from excessive sweat problems. These lifters require highly breathable gloves, so a minimalistic design with high exposure allows for high ventilation.

Mava Sports are known for offering some of the most reasonably priced options on the market, so this one is great for budget buyers too!

It has wrist support that offers an elevated level of stability while holding the barbell. Moreover, the inner material and pattern are designed to offer a decent grip on the barbell.

Of course, the glove does a great job at its main function, which is the protection against calluses and blisters.

It’s also a highly versatile glove that can be used for tons of workouts and gym activities, such as powerlifting and cross-training.


  • Has a minimalistic design for maximum aeration and breathability while working out
  • Has an additional wrist support
  • Highly affordable price


  • Some might not feel comfortable wearing this minimalistic design

Main Features: What To Look For When Buying Lifting Gloves For Small Hands

Looking for an option specifically for women?  Check out my article on the 10 Best Women’s Weightlifting Gloves.

what to look for when buying lifting gloves for small hands

Lifting gloves has been a matter of debate among the weightlifting community for a long time. My opinion is, they’re extremely valuable as long as you’re using the proper lifting glove for the job.

This is even more certain when you’re buying a lifting glove for small hands, as you must look into specific aspects of the glove you’re going to buy. Here’s what you need to know:

Material Used

The first thing you need to keep in mind while choosing a lifting glove for small hands is the material.

While gloves aren’t that expensive, you don’t want to replace your gloves every few months due to wear and tear.

Lifting gloves on the market are made of various materials, including leather, neoprene, silicone-infused microfiber, cotton, and more. Ideally, leather and synthetic fibers are the most suitable materials for gloves if you have small hands.

Glove Thickness

Another aspect that the materials used have an impact on is the thickness. It’s crucial for a lifter with small hands to go for dense materials that will need the least thickness to protect your hands from calluses. This is why leather is considered ideal for the job.

Finger Coverage

You should typically look for gloves that offer 1/2 and 3/4 finger coverage because fingerless gloves don’t protect you from calluses and blisters fully.

On the other hand, full-finger gloves won’t only limit your grip by adding extra layers between your hands and the barbell, but they’ll also limit your tactile sensation of the barbell.

Sizing Options

While looking for lifting gloves for small hands, it’s extremely essential that you check all the sizing options and opt for small or extra small options.

You might also want to compare the manufacturer’s size chart to find the most suitable one for you. If the glove is unisex, consider the small for males and the extra small for females.

Machine Washability

If you’re wearing lifting gloves to protect your hands from calluses, you’ll have to wear them every time you lift weights.

If you’re confused between two products, a good rule of thumb here is to opt for the one that is machine washable because it’ll be more convenient for you.

Wrist Support

Some lifting gloves come with built-in wrist support that doubles as an excellent stability enhancer because they limit the wrist’s range of motion, which helps you lift more weight.

What To Avoid When Getting Lifting Gloves For Small Hands

Now that you have a better idea about the aspects and features that you need to keep in mind to buy a good lifting glove for small hands, you can deduce that some gloves should be avoided.

Let’s have a look at some of these gloves:

Improper Sizing Gloves

A good glove for a small hand must offer a snug fit. You should avoid getting a glove that is slightly bigger or smaller than your natural fit for the following reasons:

  • If the glove is too big for you, it’ll easily slide right off your hands while lifting, which can fail your rip and cause disasters
  • If the glove is too small for your fingers, it might impact the circulation to your fingers which can cause severe pain and numbness and can develop into serious combinations.
  • The improper size will also prevent you from benefiting from additional features, such as wrist support

Full Finger and Slippery Gloves

Unless you’re living in an extremely cold climate or you have abnormally reactive skin to calluses, you should always avoid full-finger gloves.

The main problem with these gloves is that they add unnecessary thickness to the glove that may limit your grip, especially if you have small hands.

Another type of glove that you should typically avoid if you have small hands is gloves made of pure cotton or wool (without silicone to improve traction) because they’re quite slippery and make it challenging to keep the bar on you.

If you work out in a cold garage gym, then check out my other article reviewing the best lifting gloves for cold weather.

Getting a Lifting Glove to Improve Grip

As previously mentioned, the main function of lifting gloves is to protect your hands from calluses or if your hands get sore from the continuous friction on the barbell.

As a rule of thumb, even a relatively thin glove would help you avoid these problems with ease, which is an excellent reason to use a lifting glove.

However, if you don’t really care about these calluses and you’re only buying the glove to increase your gripping power, you’re better off with a lifting strap, such as Gymreapers Lifting Straps, than a lifting glove.

While lifting gloves generally improve grip power due to the special material lining the palm, this doesn’t apply in the case of small hands.

In other words, the drawbacks of the extra thickness due to this material overshadow the benefits of the gripping material.

Getting a Lifting Glove to with the Sole Purpose of Improving Hand Stability

This one is pretty similar to the point cleared above.

Gloves with rigid wrist support will usually indirectly help some lifters with weak wrists to lift heavier weights than usual, especially when doing special workouts like upright rows and deadlifts.

You might think that this is a great bonus for someone with small hands because it helps you improve the technique without being hindered or distracted by your weak grip. But unfortunately, this might not truly apply if you have small hands.

If your skin doesn’t get sore from lifting and you’re mainly looking for a lifting glove because it gives you extra wrist support, then you should seek wrist support without limiting your grip power with the extra glove material.

In fact, this doesn’t only apply to people with small hands, but any lifter in general who’s only interested in a glove to improve their wrist stability.

When it comes to helping you lift more weight, nothing will do the job as well as the wrist wraps. This is because they provide the highest level of wrist stabilization.

They don’t overburden your grip with extra material all the while providing better wrist support than the built-in ones used in gloves. I recommend  Inzer True Grippers because they’re extremely durable and will last you a lifetime.

If you’re also worried about your grip, whether you’re looking forward to lifting more weight or your hands get sweaty, you might want to consider chalk.

Chalk is available in powder form like Z Athletic Chalk Ball or in liquid form like Fire Team Fit Liquid Chalk, which is easier to clean.

Pros & Cons of Wearing Lifting Gloves For Small Hands

pros and cons of wearing lifting gloves for small hands

Just like anything in the world, lifting gloves for small hands might have tons of benefits but they also have some drawbacks.

In this section, I’ll walk you through the most significant advantages and disadvantages of wearing lifting gloves while having small hands

The Pros of Wearing Lifting Gloves for Small Hands

  • They help in protecting your hands from calluses and blisters
  • They can prevent slippery accidents from sweaty hands
  • Improve your technique by providing wrist support
  • Add an extra layer of warmth for lifting in cold weather
  • They distribute the weight of the barbell over the entire palm rather than focusing on a single spot
  • They eliminate the need for chalk for hypersensitive lifters

The Cons of Wearing Lifting Gloves for Small Hands

  • Gloves add extra thickness to the barbell
  • They may make the training less flexible because you always have to put them on first
  • Gloves with poor ventilation accumulate sweat

Wrap Up

There you have it! A complete guide with everything you need to know about, so you can find the best lifting gloves for small hands.

I like the RIMsports Leather Workout Gloves it comes in an extra small size and lasts for a decent time. This one will protect your hands from blisters and calluses.

However, if you’re originally looking for a glove to enhance your grip, you’re better off with a lifting strap, such as Gymreapers Lifting Straps.