Best Figure 8 Lifting Straps: Top Straps Reviewed (2022)

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Top 5 Figure 8 Lifting Straps Available on the Market

One of the most limiting factors while lifting in the gym is failing grip. This happens simply because our bodies are able to pull a lot more weight than our hands’ natural ability to grip. For that reason, a figure 8 lifting strap might help you push your gripping ability beyond its natural limits.

When I pick my gym equipment, I always make sure that they last me a lifetime. For that reason, if you’re looking for the best figure 8 lifting straps, I’d recommend the Gymreapers Lifting Strap (click for today’s price on Amazon) Besides being able to handle a lot of abuse, there’s basically no limit on how much they can lift.

Check to see whether the figure 8 lifting straps are cheaper on Amazon or direct from Gymreapers. If there are no price differences, I recommend ordering direct from Gymreapers to get better customer service.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive guide that walks you through everything you need to know about figure 8 lifting straps, this article is for you! I’ll provide a brief guide regarding this type of straps and review the 5 best options that you can find on the shelves!

Top 5 Figure 8 Lifting Straps Available on the Market

Figure 8 straps can be made of various materials. To help you pick the best for your needs, I’ve compiled this list of the best figure 8 straps available on the market. Let’s check each one of these options out and see what it has to offer!

The best figure 8 lifting straps are:

1. Gym Reapers Figure 8 Lifting Strap – Best Overall Figure 8 Lifting Strap

My number one pick for the best overall figure 8 lifting strap is the Gymreapers lifting strap.

This one is also made with heavy-duty reinforced cotton with 1/4 inch thickness to support your grip while staying relatively comfortable.

Additionally, it comes with cross multi-stitching at the seam region to ensure that it never breaks down or fails you on heavier weights.

This lifting strap also comes with 3 different size options. However, they do seem to run quite large. I bought the large, and have large hands, but wish I would have got the medium. Most people should buy the medium, unless you have small hands or are a female.

The company has a fair return policy, so if they don’t fit your wrists, you can always replace them with a more suitable size.


  • Tested to lift super heavy weights with ease
  • Securely stitched for excellent performance
  • Thick webbing for durability and comfort


  • Fits a bit big, so get one size smaller than you normally would to avoid

Check to see whether the figure 8 lifting straps are cheaper on Amazon or direct from Gymreapers. If there are no price differences, I recommend ordering direct from Gymreapers to get better customer service.

2. RDX Figure 8 Weightlifting Strap – Best for Comfort

The RDX Figure 8 Weightlifting Strap is an excellent choice if you’re a beginner or an intermediate level lifter.

It’s made of nylon fabric, which is one of the most durable synthetic fibers out there. Although nylon straps are relatively more expensive than other options, this one is very well priced.

The design of the lifting strap makes it super easy to put on. Nylon resists stretching as well as wear and tear, so these straps will last you a lifetime.

In addition to nylon, the straps are lined with neoprene padding, which makes it super comfortable when compared to other options.

Also, neoprene helps in preventing your hands from slipping and resists moisture and sweat very well.

Unlike the Gymreapers lifting strap though, this one is a one size fit all design. Although that makes it a lot easier to wear the strap, it might not be suitable for people with extremely large or small hands. Additionally, I like that Gymrepears has additional color options, which is why it’s not my first pick.


  • More comfortable thanks to its neoprene padding
  • Super-sturdy nylon construction
  • Easy to put on


  • The one size fit all design can be a hit or miss

3. Serious Steel Fitness Figure 8 Straps – Sturdy Runner Up

The Serious Steel Fitness Figure 8 Strap is made of canvas fabric.

Canvas is a reinforced form of cotton that’s characterized with immense durability and ability to withstand tons of weight.

In addition to the durable fabric, the strap is also fortified with double stitching to support the seams.

According to Serious Steel, this figure 8 lifting strap is tested to lift up to 1,000+ lbs, which means you basically have no limit on how much weight you can lift with these.

This means that you can use them as your first-ever lifting straps and they’ll stick with you for your entire lifting career.

Serious Steel also backs their straps up with a 1-year warranty, which adds a great value to their price!

However, the reason why it’s not my top pick is simply based on price. It’s one of the most expensive figure 8 lifting straps. Compared with the Gymreaper lifting strap, it’s not really any better, as it feels much the same quality and durability.


  • You can use them to lift as much weight as you want
  • Available in various size options for the ideal fit
  • Double-stitched seams for a stylish touch and added durability


  • Pricey, and may not provide any additional value for the cost

4. Logest Figure 8 Lifting Strap – Budget Friendly Choice

If you’re on a strict budget, you might want to consider an inexpensive option. The Logest Figure 8 Lifting Strap is technically the cheapest figure 8 lifting strap that you can buy.

It’s made of webbed cotton with a 1.6 inches width, which is good enough to support a fairly comfortable lift.

Despite its price, it still has a neoprene lining in it, which adds more to its comfort and slip resistance profile. However, when it comes to performance, it’s definitely not the most durable strap around.

It can support heavier weights, but you’ll need to replace them eventually every 6 months to a year, so they might not be the right investment if you’re thinking long term.


  • Ideal for buyers on a budget
  • Features a neoprene lining to keep your wrists and grips comfortable
  • Available in two different sizes


  • Won’t last as long as other options

5. Harbinger Padded Leather Lifting Straps – Best Leather Option

Last but not least, the Harbinger Padded Leather Lifting Straps are an excellent choice if you’re on the hunt for a leather figure 8 strap.

Personally, I don’t like wearing leather in lifting straps for many reasons. Of course, they’re stylish and ridiculously sturdy, especially this one with its double strength leather.

Yet, when you first use a leather item, it’ll need weeks and maybe months of breaking in until it’s soft enough to be comfortable.

Since you’re looking for a quick fix for your grip strength issues, adding a “breaking in” period might not be a wise decision to make.


  • Leather gives is a stylish finish
  • Packs decent durability
  • Neoprene padding for added comfort and better grip


  • Requires a lengthy break-in period to be comfortable
  • Doesn’t absorb moisture and sweat

What Material Is Best Suited for Figure 8 Lifting Straps?

what material is best suited for figure 8 lifting straps

While shopping for the best lifting straps, you’ll find various materials that can be made of. The weight limit and longevity of the straps are usually inherent factors of its material. So, let’s talk about that!


Nylon is one of the most durable fabrics out there, which makes it the material of choice for a wide variety of gym and lifting tools.

The nylon’s resistance to stretching makes it a great choice if you’re planning to lift super heavy.

They’re usually quite expensive when compared to other materials that don’t cost as much to manufacture. However, since they’re extremely tougher than cotton and leather, you may not have to replace them every few months.


While shopping for lifting straps, regardless of their type, the majority of the ones you’ll find will be cotton straps.

This is because cotton, despite being one of the oldest fabrics on the planet, still poses some serious durability and resistance to wear and tear.

Unfortunately, despite their initial rock-solid durability, they don’t age well like nylon straps. After using them for quite some time, the heavyweight you’re lifting will slowly stretch them over time and reduce their efficiency in providing you with a reliable grip.

Yet, they do have their advantages when it comes to comfort and economy. Technically, most of the budget-friendly straps out there will likely be made of cotton.

That doesn’t mean that they’re always cheap, as some premium cotton options are made to last for much longer and support much higher weights.

Comfort and sweat absorption is another innate value of cotton that gives it an edge over other materials.


Personally, I’m not a huge fan of leather lifting straps. They have a premium look and feel soft on your hands while packing a decent amount of support and durability like other materials.

The main issue with leather straps is that you’ll need some time to break them in. While this might be an easy-to-get-by drawback in powerlifting belts, it’s much more annoying in straps.

Unlike cotton, leather straps aren’t made for lengthy sessions of lifting because they don’t absorb sweat as well.

For these reasons, leather is never the most price-efficient option. However, it’s always the ideal pick for those who prioritize aesthetics and style.

How Do You Pick the Best Size for Figure 8 Lifting Straps?

to get the right figure 8 strap for you, you need to measure the circumference of your wrist

One of the most essential aspects of the success of your lifting straps is having it fitting your hands nicely.

Sizing in other types can be a bit easy because you technically tighten them to the ideal level. But in the figure 8 type, choosing the right size initially is your way to go.

Ideally, most figure 8 lifting straps that come in different sizes will use a size chart to let you know that ideal size for you.

To get the right figure 8 strap for you, you need to measure the circumference of your wrist and compare it to the chart provided

You can do that with measuring tape or a flexible ruler. Also, you can wrap a string around your wrist and then measure it with a regular ruler.

Luckily, some brands offer their figure 8 lifting straps in a one size fit all design. This solves the problem of sizing the belt for many people.

Yet, it can be a problem for some people with exceptionally large or small wrists, so you have to make sure that you can return the straps if they don’t fit as you’d like them to be.

Benefits of Using Figure 8 Lifting Straps

benefits of using figure 8 lifting straps

Wearing a figure 8 strap while lifting will bring you a lot of benefits that’ll help you advance your lifting career. Let’s have a quick look at them!

Help Your Surpass Your Natural Grip Boundaries

If you’ve been lifting for quite a while now, you must’ve noticed that your hand grips are a bit weaker than your hamstring, traps, lats, and upper back in general.

While this might not pose an issue if you’re lifting lightly, it can cause some serious gains loss if your weak grip or small hands are the only boundary between you and lifting much heavier weights.

This is most evidently noticed while doing posterior chain exercises or pulling movements at your near-maximum weight limit, which is usually where your grip fails to lift any heavier.

By wearing a figure 8 lifting strap while pulling on weights, you’ll surpass the natural limits of your grips, which can add a few pounds to your lift or a few more reps than your un-strapped limit.

However, you should keep in mind that wearing lifting straps and lifting hooks all the time will create some form of over-reliance on them, which widens the gap between your grip and your lifting abilities.

So, you’ll need to do some grip maximizing exercises like fist pushups to keep up with your lifting limits.

Allows You to Conserve Your Lifting Power.

Another great benefit to lifting straps, in general, is conserving the lifting power. Excessive fatigue while intense lifting is one of the major causes of injuries.

If you’re doing high reps and don’t want to suffer from these issues, using a figure 8 lifting strap will minimize the chances for fatigue-induced injuries while lifting.

Security While Lifting

In addition to fatigue, falling bars due to failing grips can cause a lot of serious injuries that can put your lifting career on hold, especially if you’re lifting competitively.

Wearing a figure 8 strap while lifting will act as a double security check to prevent these unfortunate events from happening.

In fact, figure 8 straps are the best kind of lifting straps to use if security and safety is your main priority.

Remarkably Easy to Use Compared to Other Types

While other benefits are somewhat applicable to different kinds of lifting straps, figure 8 ones hold the exclusive perk of being the easiest one to put on before lifting.

Despite being the easiest one to wear, their secure grip makes your hand stick to the bar even if you release your grip. In other words, if you like to drop the bar from the top of the lift immediately, you should consider other types of lifting straps.

How Do Figure 8 Lifting Straps Work and How to Use Them

The idea behind figure 8 lifting straps is incredibly simple. This helps in distributing the load of the weight you’re pulling or lifting throughout your hands rather than relying on your grip strength to keep the bar squeezed in your hand.

This way you can hit higher weights without worrying about your grip being compromised or failing during the rep. Here’s how you can wear the figure 8 straps to maximize your benefit from them:

1. Choose the ideal size for your wrist based on the sizing chart attached to your chosen strap.

2. Put your hands through one loop of the straps and rest it over your wrist.

3. Using your other hand, hold the other loop and pass it under the bar then up.

4. Bring the other loop to the level of your hand and pass it through the other loop.

5. Adjust the distance of the figure 8 strap so that the stitched meeting point on the strap is exactly under the bar and carrying it.

6. Maintain an upward tension on the bar, and set the strap position to be on the side of your hand as you grip on the bar.

7. Adjust the tension of your grip moving your strap away from the gripping point.

8. Repeat the same steps on the other hand.

In some cases, even with all that, the strap might still feel slightly loose. In that situation, you may try twisting the strap as many times as you need before you wear it in the same way mentioned above.

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Wrap Up

There you have it. A complete guide with everything you need to know about figure 8 lifting straps and how to use the.

If you’re going to buy a figure 8 lifting strap, you should pay close attention to what goes into making your pick. Cheap materials aren’t able to lift heavy and you’ll have to replace them in a few months.

Since a lifting strap is an excellent lifting gear that will help you lift a lot more whether competitively or recreationally, you should buy one that will last you for a long time.

That’s why I pick Serious Steel Fitness Figure 8 Straps as the best figure 8 lifting straps to go for.

However, if you’re looking for a more comfortable alternative, you can go for the RDX Figure 8 Weightlifting Strap.

Its neoprene padding makes it a lot more gentle on your hands. However, it’s a one size fit all design, so you’ll have to make sure that it fits your hands nicely.

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