Kettle Gryp Review: Pros, Cons, Is It Worth It?

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pros and cons of kettle gryp review

As someone who has a home gym with limited storage space, I was intrigued by the Kettle Gryp because of the potential it had to convert my dumbbells to kettlebells, rather than having to purchase additional weights – which is not only expensive but also takes up space.

I purchased the Kettle Gryp because I wanted to find out if it would actually function like a kettlebell, how suitable it would be for beginners and elites, and if it was as secure as it claimed to be.

So, is the kettlebell gryp worth it? The Kettle Gryp is a great budget-friendly alternative for kettlebells to use at-home, or if you are a beginner/intermediate lifter who is unsure if kettlebell training is something we would enjoy. But, if you are a more serious kettlebell user that competes in Crossfit or kettlebell sport then I would opt for a traditional kettlbell.

In this article, I’ll give a complete overview of the product, discuss the pros and cons, mention key features that the Kettle Gryp has that could be beneficial, and provide my honest review to help you decide if the Kettle Gryp is right for you or if there are better options on the market.

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Kettle Gryp: Detailed Overview

detailed overview of kettle gryp

The Kettle Gryp is an American-Owned Company based out of San Diego, California that designed a product to convert dumbbells into kettlebells with a lightweight attachment that is great for traveling, at-home use, or for gym-owners who want to provide their clientele with the options of kettlebells without buying a full collection of kettlebells and dumbbells. 

Although the Kettle Gryp is marketed mostly as a product for traveling, I doubt that it is actually being used as much in this capacity – I think it’s more likely that this product is being purchased for at-home use or for beginners who want to dabble in kettlebell training without spending money on a kettlebell.

The Kettle Gryp claims to be compatible with most dumbbells, as long as the handle width is at least 4.5 inches wide. In addition, the dumbbell needs to be less than 1.5 inches at its thickest part.

The handle of the Kettle Gryp is around 29mm which is great for those with smaller hands, but may not be as comfortable for those with larger hands – this is true for the window size as well. As someone with smaller hands, this product would be sized ideally for me but may not function for those with larger hands – especially for two-handed movements.

The width of the handle itself is around 206mm which is only slightly larger than a competition kettlebell’s handle width 193mm that is designed purely for one-handed movements. Again, this makes me question whether the Kettle Gryp could be used for two-handed movements for those with larger hands.

The Kettle Gryp claims to support dumbbells up to 55lbs; however, I have tested the product with up to 100lbs and I was surprised at just how secure the Kettle Gryp was even at this weight. For this reason, I feel confident that I could train with the Kettle Gryp at heavier weights than is advertised.

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Kettle Gryp: Pros & Cons

There is no doubt that the Kettle Gryp is an affordable option for those who have access to dumbbells, but do not have the budget or space to purchase one or more kettlebells. Kettlebells are not cheap; therefore, it may make more sense for some people to simply purchase an attachment rather than investing in a kettlebell.

I think the Kettle Gryp is a great option for those who are training at home and have limited space available, those who are just dabbling in kettlebell training and are not ready to commit to buying a kettlebell, and for those who need a solution for hotel gyms that do not have kettlebells to avoid missing out on their kettlebell training.

However, I do not think that the Kettle Gryp is a good product for those who are more serious kettlebell athletes because it does not feel the same as a kettlebell would and limits our ability to perform the way we want – especially with higher repetition movements that occur in kettlebell sport and crossfit-style training.

The quality of the Kettle Gryp seems pretty good but it is made of plastic material, so it cannot be dropped like we would drop a regular kettlebell.  There is no doubt in my mind that the Kettle Gryp would break if dropped. The plastic material is nowhere near as durable as an iron or steel kettlebell.

The plastic material also makes it difficult to maintain a good grip on the handle, especially once we start to sweat. The gripability is not ideal and even when chalk is applied, it does little to increase our grip against the plastic material. 

This is a turn-off for me because I find there’s nothing more frustrating than not being able to hold onto a kettlebell when I’m trying to train. Although, if it was the difference between being able to get my kettlebell training in or not – I would probably just embrace the suck.


  • More Affordable
  • Very Secure
  • Great For At-Home Use/Small Spaces
  • Beginner Friendly


  • Not For Competitive Use
  • Poor Gripability
  • Can’t Drop Kettlebell (Not a big deal for most)

Kettle Gryp: Key Features & Benefits

Here are the main features and benefits of the Kettle Gryp:

  • Flexible Foam Insert
  • Secure Closure
  • Affordable Price
  • Good Weight Tolerance
  • Lightweight Design

Flexible Foam Insert

the kettle gryp’s foam insert is flexible enough to fit most dumbbells on the market

The Kettle Gryp’s foam insert is flexible enough to fit most dumbbells on the market, making the product more useful for traveling, as we can be more confident that they are going to work with the majority of dumbbells we have access to.

I think that Kettle Gryp has done an excellent job designing a product that works with most dumbbells, which is difficult considering that most brands of dumbbells are designed differently.

The flexible foam insert works to form the Kettle Gryp to the dumbbell’s handle and create a cohesive unit. As long as we’re following the company’s recommendations for compatible dumbbell sizing then we can rest assured that the product will fit.

I do question the durability of the foam, as it seems as if it could break down quite easily over time, but it certainly does a great job of forming to the dumbbell’s handle for the time being.

Secure Closure

the secure closure of the kettle gryp is an important feature so that the dumbbell isn’t sliding around - especially during movement

The secure closure of the Kettle Gryp is an important feature so that the dumbbell isn’t sliding around – especially during movements like the snatch, and clean and jerk.

The security of the dumbbell once it’s enclosed is surprising, as I was not expecting it to be as secure as it was. I even applied lateral palpations to see if the dumbbell would budge when force was applied, and it did not move. 

I am really impressed with how secure the dumbbell is once the Kettle Gryp is latched in place. I feel confident that I could do a kettlebell workout without the dumbbell sliding around and throwing off the balance of the weight – which is exactly what I’m looking for in this product.

Affordable Price

The Kettle Gryp saves us money because it allows those with access to dumbbells to convert their entire collection to be used as kettlebells, without having to invest in any kettlebells.

The Kettle Gryp is a much more cost-effective option than purchasing one or more kettlebells when we already have access to dumbbells. It is a great option for those looking to save money because they have a tight budget, or are just starting to experiment with kettlebell training and are not ready to commit to buying a kettlebell.

If I had known about this product when I was building my home gym and I was just starting to dabble in kettlebell training, I would have definitely purchased it to save me money and storage space.

Good Weight Tolerance

The Kettle Gryp has a good weight tolerance, which is a massive benefit because it allows us to work with a larger weight range and accommodate lifters of all levels of strength.

Although the product claims to only support dumbbells up to 55lbs, I have actually tested the product on an 100lb dumbbell and the Kettle Gryp held up really well. The ability of the product to support heavier weights is attractive to me because I am able to do all my kettlebell training without feeling like the product will not support the weights I want to use.

I feel confident that this product would hold up for those with higher levels of strength as well. However, it should be mentioned that even though this product is strong enough to support heavier weights, the handle is still not designed well enough for competitive/more serious kettlebell users to use regularly – but could do the job if necessary.

Lightweight Design

the kettle gryp was designed for those who are traveling but don’t want to miss out on their kettlebell training

The lightweight design of the Kettle Gryp makes it the perfect travel companion for those wanting to keep up with their kettlebell training, without having to pack their kettlebell.

The Kettle Gryp was designed for those who are traveling but don’t want to miss out on their kettlebell training. It’s lightweight design (weighing less than 1lb) makes it easy to pack in our luggage when we’re traveling, but is still sturdy enough to support heavier dumbbells to get us through our training.

The lightweight design makes it easy to pack, giving us the perfect tool to spice up hotel workouts – as most hotel gyms do not have much equipment to work with. I appreciate the design of this product to support those that are wanting to stay fit while traveling, and enjoy kettlebell training.

What Do Customers Have To Say About The Kettle Gryp?

The general consensus from those who have purchased the product is that it is great for at-home use, fits most dumbbells except for some adjustable dumbbells, is great for traveling, and has a very secure closure – which I agree with completely based on my own experience with the Kettle Gryp.

However, there are reviews that have confirmed my fear that the product would not withstand any sort of dropping without breaking, because of the plastic material.

In addition, I’ve stated my concerns about the durability of the product over time, and although the reviewers do not give a timeline for how long the product took to degrade, they did mention that both the plastic and the foam insert started showing signs of wear and tear.

Best Alternative Products On The Market For The Kettle Gryp?

Just4U Kettlebell Grip

The Just4U Kettlebell Grip is an amazon-based brand that is a great alternative for the Kettle Gryp because it is slightly cheaper, has a rubber coated handle instead of plastic, but most importantly has a wider window to accommodate those with larger hands, or those who plan to do do more two-handed movements with their kettlebell grip.

The Kettle Gryp has a much smaller window and is often uncomfortable for those with larger hands, and makes it nearly impossible to do two-handed movements. The Just4U grip will be more suitable for these individuals, who need more space to use the grip comfortably.

Adjustable Kettlebell

The Yes4All Adjustable Kettlebell is a great alternative for those who want to save space for training at-home, and/or for those who are beginners and want to dabble in kettlebell training. 

The adjustable kettlebell is not only more durable than the Kettle Gryp, but it also functions for those that do not already have dumbbells at home because it has multiple weight increments (5-40lbs) built-in.

I recommend the Yes4All adjustable kettlebell for anyone who wants a more durable product, has limited storage space for equipment and wants to train more regularly with kettlebells without the price tag associated with buying multiple kettlebell weights.

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Rogue E-Coat Kettlebell

The Rogue E-Coat Kettlebell is the perfect kettlebell for those who want to start taking their kettlebell training more seriously, and purchase their first kettlebell. The e-coat kettlebell is durable and corrosion resistant so it will last a long time, and it varies in size and shape depending on the weight we purchase making it more versatile for upper and lower body training.

I believe that the Rogue E-Coat kettlebell is the best kettlebell on the market for the price, which is why I rated it #1 in my review of the best kettlebells for the money.

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Things To Consider Before Buying A Kettlebell Gryp

Intended Use

Before purchasing a kettlebell gryp it’s important to assess what kind of training style and/or movements we plan to do the most, as this will determine whether the kettlebell grip is going to be functional for us or if we’re better off buying a kettlebell.

If we are looking for a product that we can use at-home, does not take up much space, and works for movements like a kettlebell swing, goblet squat, turkish get-up, and lower repetitions of cleans and snatches – then we won’t mind a kettlebell grip.

If we are more serious kettlebell athletes, that perhaps compete in kettlebell sport or crossfit, then we are not going to want a kettlebell grip; instead, we would be better off with an actual kettlebell that is made for higher repetitions and increased movement efficiency.

Window Size

Purchasing a kettlebell gryp with the right window size is important so that we don’t end up with a product that we can’t use, or that is dysfunctional for the movements we plan to train.

If we have smaller hands and/or we plan to train one-handed movements more often than two-handed movements, then we are going to prefer a kettlebell that has a smaller window size because it allows for a smoother transition to the racked position – which is a key position for many one-handed kettlebell movements.

If we’re interested in doing a wider variety of movements that are both one-handed and two-handed and/or we have larger hands, then we are going to need a larger window size that can accommodate 2 hands in the window.


The ability to maintain our grip is an important factor when choosing a kettlebell grip, because if we cannot hold onto the handle then we are not likely to get much training done.

The gripability of the handle is one of the most important factors for me when choosing a kettlebell or a kettlebell grip, because if I cannot maintain my grip then I am not going to be able to stick to my program. While chalk can improve our grip if sweat is the issue, it will not solve the problem – especially if the material is plastic or rubber.


The durability of a kettlebell grip is an important feature because if I’m spending money on a product that I intend to use for a long time, I want to make sure that it’s actually going to last.

The durability of the product is important because it helps us determine if the price we are paying is worth it or not. If we’re spending money on a product that is going to break after only a few uses, then it is likely not worth it. When evaluating how durable a product is we should be looking at what material it is made of, and other buyers experiences with the product.

Getting What You Pay For

When we’re buying a kettlebell grip it’s important to realize that we’re getting what we pay for; although it may be tempting to buy the cheapest kettlebell grip on the market, it will likely also be the least durable and the least secure.

When choosing a kettlebell grip we need something that is going to be secure because the last thing we want is a dumbbell breaking out of the handle mid-swing – which is more likely to happen if we’re buying the cheapest kettlebell grip on the market. 

I’m all about saving money, but I don’t think we should skimp out on an object that we are going to be swinging around at high velocities.

Other Kettlebell Resources

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a product that allows you to stick to your kettlebell workouts when traveling, and converts your home gym dumbbells to kettlebells for general fitness purposes – then the Kettle Gryp is going to work for you.

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