3 Best Rubber-Coated Kettlebells (2021)

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a rubber-coated kettlebell is the best option for those who are training in an environment that needs to be protected from damage

A rubber-coated kettlebell is the best option for those who are training in an environment that needs to be protected from damage.  But it’s also important to get a kettlebell that is going to function for our style of training (i.e. one arm vs two arm movements).

Despite what you may think based on all the poorly made vinyl-covered kettlebells on the market, we don’t have to sacrifice the quality of our kettlebell for the protection of a rubber-coating.  As I’ll explain, you can have the best of both worlds.

But first…

What Is The Best Overall Rubber-Coated Kettlebell? The best overall rubber-coated kettlebell is the Rogue Rubber Coated Kettlebell because the bell is fully rubberized, it has the largest weight range, it’s versatile for general fitness training, it has a powder coated handle for increased gripability, and it is durable.

There tends to be many kettlebells advertised to keep our surrounding surfaces protected, but not all of them are created equally.  It’s important to consider all the features that make some kettlebells better than the others.

In this article I’ll discuss: 

  • The 3 most important factors to consider before purchasing a rubber-coated kettlebell
  • The 3 best rubber-coated kettlebells on the market for specific uses
  • What features make a kettlebell better than other kettlebells on the market

The 3 Biggest Factors To Consider Before Purchasing A Rubber-Coated Kettlebell

The 3 biggest factors we need to consider before purchasing a rubber-coated kettlebell are:

  1. Intended Use
  2. Weight
  3. Budget

1. Intended Use

Intended use is an important factor to consider when we’re purchasing a rubber coated kettlebell, because it will dictate the style of kettlebell, whether that be for more dynamic movements such as push presses, snatches, and cleans; or more strength-based movements like squats or lunges.

2. Weight

The weight that we are going to purchase is an important factor to consider because we want a weight that is going to work for the movements we plan to do. 

Typically lifters purchase two different kettlebell weights – a larger weight for lower body movements and a lighter weight for upper body/stability exercises.

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3. Budget

Our budget is important because it will dictate the style of kettlebell that we can afford, the number of kettlebells we’re able to invest in, and the weight of the kettlebell we select because prices increase as the weight of the kettlebell increases. 

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Top 3 Rubber-Coated Kettlebell On The Market

The top 3 rubber-coated kettlebells are:

Rogue Rubber Coated Kettlebell – Best Rubber-Coated Kettlebell Overall

The Rogue Rubber Coated Kettlebell is the best rubber-coated kettlebell overall because it has a durable urethane protective coating, it has a powder coated handle that enhances gripability of the kettlebell, and it is versatile for different styles of training.

The Rogue Rubber Coated Kettlebell is the best overall for rubber-coated kettlebells because it is made with a high-quality rubber coating that we can rely on to protect our training environment and that will hold up over time.

Although, one of the best features the kettlebell has is its powder coated handle which creates a textured grip that allows us grip the kettlebell more securely even once we start to sweat. In addition, it holds chalk incredibly well – which soaks up the moisture between our hands and the kettlebell to prevent sweat from impacting our grip on the kettlebell.

Another important feature the Rogue Rubber Coated Kettlebell has is its versatility in weight selection. It increases in size as the weight increases which makes it ideal for a wider variety of movements. 

The kettlebell has smaller dimensions at lower weights which works well for upper body/more skilled movements that tend to be one-handed; but increases in its dimensions as the weight increases, which is ideal for lower body movements that tend to be two-handed movements.

The Rogue Rubber Coated Kettlebells do have a smaller weight range from 26lbs-70lbs with 5 weight increments (26lb, 35lb, 44lb, 53lb, 70lb) which is likely not appropriate for beginners but would work for intermediate-to-advanced lifters. 

It also has a wider handle diameter ~38mm, which would be too wide for those with smaller hands to grip comfortably without really fatiguing their grip.


  • Full Coverage Coating
  • Powder Coated Handle
  • Versatile


  • Small Weight Range
  • May Not Be Suitable For Smaller Hands

CAP Barbell Rubber Coated Kettlebbell – Best Rubber Bell For Beginners

The CAP Barbell Rubber Coated Kettlebell is the best rubber coated kettlebell for beginners because it comes in a lighter weight range, it has a durable protective coating, and it is very affordable.

The CAP Barbell Rubber Coated Kettlebell is ideal for beginners because it comes in lighter weights (5lbs-35lbs), and they are very affordable – which is ideal because beginners will progress through weights very quickly and the affordability of these kettlebells will allow beginners to continue to progress in weight without blowing their budget.

The weight range will not work for everyone, especially those that are advanced, but I think they are the perfect solution for those wanting to dabble in kettlebell training or those who are brand new to strength training in general.

The kettlebell base is made of cast iron which is one of the most durable materials for kettlebell manufacturing, and it is coated in a hard rubber that protects surfaces and has great durability.

The CAP Barbell kettlebell does have a chrome handle, which is not my favorite material because it does tend to show wear and tear more easily, and I find them harder grip because they are not textured and they do not hold chalk well. That being said the handle is still made of steel which is a durable material overall, and the chrome finish is likely all that beginners will need.

Tha handle diameter of this kettlebell makes this product ideal for those with smaller hands because it ranges from 29.5mm to 33.5mm in diameter across the weight range. The handle will allow those with smaller hands to maintain their grip without becoming overly fatigued – which is ideal because unless we’re specifically trying to train our grip, we likely do not want our ability to grip to limit our ability to train.


  • Budget-Friendly
  • Works For Smaller Hands
  • Made For Beginners


  • Small Weight Range
  • Not For Serious Kettlebell Users

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TRX Rubber Coated Kettlebell – Best For The Money

The TRX Rubber Coated Kettlebell is the best rubber-coated kettlebell for the money because they have a powder coated handle to increase gripability, they are made of durable material, and they are versatile.

The TRX Rubber Coated Kettlebell is great for those interested in general fitness training because it has great versatility by increasing in size as the weight increases which accommodates both one-handed and two-handed movements allowing for a wider variety of movements.

It also has a powder coated handle which tells me that this product is going to have great gripability, which is a quality that I really value. I think the gripability is important because it tells me that I’m going to be able to hold onto the kettlebell as long as I want to during training, which allows me to get the time under tension that I need to achieve my goals.

The downside to this kettlebell is that it is not fully rubber-coated and instead only has the protection that the rubber offers on the bottom of the kettlebell. The rubber coating on the base of this kettlebell will protect floors when we put it down between reps or sets, but definitely would not protect our training space if we dropped it.

The price for the TRX kettlebell is a step above the rest on the market for the quality of the product which makes it the best for money, although we would have to compromise on getting a full rubber coating and perhaps a lower weight range for those that are more advanced.

The kettlebell is available in a weight range of 4kg-28kg which is likely appropriate for beginner and intermediate lifters, but may not work for those who are more advanced.


  • Powder Coated Handle
  • Versatile
  • Durable Material


  • Not Fully Rubberized
  • Not Enough Weight For Advanced Lifters

Best Rubber-Coated Kettlebells: Buyer’s Guide

buyer’s guide for best rubber-coated kettlebells

The features that make a kettlebell better than others include:

  • Window Size
  • Kettlebell Style
  • Handle Diameter
  • Durability
  • Gripability

Window Size

The window size of a kettlebell is an important feature to assess before purchasing a kettlebell because it will determine which movements we will be able to perform comfortably, and if those with smaller or larger hands are going to be able to use the product as desired.

If we plan on using our kettlebell to perform a wider variety of movements that are require one-handed and two-handed grips, then we are going to want a kettlebell that has a window size that is smaller at lighter weights for one-handed movements, but that also increases in size as the weights increase to accommodate two hands in the window.

Kettlebell Style

While choosing the right kettlebell style is usually important when purchasing a kettlebell so that we are getting a kettlebell that suits our style of training, this doesn’t necessarily apply to rubber-coated kettlebells as of right now because of the products currently on the market.

As of right now, the only style of kettlebell available in a rubber-coating is an iron kettlebell – which is typically used for general fitness training because of their versatility by changing in size as weights increase. They are also often used by those who want to dabble in competitive kettlebell lifting (crossfit, kettlebell sport) before committing to a more expensive style of kettlebell.

The competition style kettlebells are more expensive because they are made of a more durable material and are designed specifically for competitive lifting which involves high repetitions of one-hand movements. It is currently not available with a rubber coating, but that doesn’t mean that this won’t change in the future for those who compete but want to train at-home and keep their surfaces protected.

Interested in learning the differences between iron kettlebells and competition kettlebells? Check out my article Cast Iron vs Steel Kettlebell: Pros & Cons.

Handle Diameter

When purchasing a kettlebell we should make sure that the handle diameter is going to be the right size to accommodate the size of our hands, so that we can grip comfortably and minimize unnecessary grip fatigue.

It is typical for iron kettlebells, such as those that are rubber-coated, to increase their handle diameter as the weight of the kettlebell increases. The handle diameters are made to accommodate average size hands, but may not always work for those who have smaller or larger than average hands.

Typically those with smaller hands will prefer a handle diameter of 33mm or less, and those with larger hands can probably get away with 35mm handles – but will likely prefer a 38mm handle diameter.

Typically manufacturers will provide a size chart that gives us the kettlebells specifications which includes the handle diameter of each weight they offer, but if this is not provided then it is worth sending an email and asking for measurements

To learn more about the differences between 33mm and 35mm handle diameters, check out my other article 33mm vs 35mm Kettlebell Handle: Which One Should You Get?


The durability of the kettlebell itself, and the rubber coating it is made from are important features to consider before purchasing a rubber-coated kettlebell, because we want to make sure that the product is going to last us as long as we’re intending.

While iron kettlebells are less durable than steel kettlebells, the iron kettlebells are still quite durable and can be dropped repetitively without us having to worry about them breaking. The kettlebells with powder coated handles are slightly more durable in those areas because the powder coat provides additional protection from corrosion by keeping moisture away from the metal.

The durability of the rubber coating is also important to consider because if we’re looking for a rubber-coated kettlebell to keep our floor and surrounding area protected then we want to make sure the rubber isn’t going to wear down easily. Typically those made of a harder rubber material are going to last the longest and prevent tearing, but I also suggest consulting user reviews – particularly those from buyers who have had the product a long time.

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The level of gripability a kettlebell has is an important factor to consider when purchasing a kettlebell because it’s important for us to be able to maintain our grip while training – especially once we start to sweat.

The kettlebells with the best gripability are the kettlebells with a powder coated handle because the powder coating creates a texture surface to reinforce our grip, and it also holds chalk better than any other kettlebell material – which is necessary when our hands start to sweat.

Steel kettlebells are not on the same level of gripability as the iron kettlebells (especially the coated ones), but their gripability can be improved if we chalk both our hands and the handle itself.

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Final Thoughts

The Rogue Rubber Coated Kettlebell takes the cake for the best all around rubber-coated kettlebell because of the quality and coverage of the rubber coating, its versatility, durability, gripability, and its weight range. It really does a great job of meeting all the criteria I’m looking for in a rubber kettlebell, while still being affordable.

The CAP Barbell Rubber Kettlebell is in second place because it is so affordable and it is perfect for beginners who make up a large percentage of those who want a rubber-coated kettlebell. It is versatile, it is durable enough, and has a full coverage rubber coating that puts it above the third place product.

Finally, the third runner up is the TRX Rubber Coated Kettlebell which is great for general fitness and is a good product for the price, but is in last place because it only offers a rubber-coating on its base – which does not give as much protection as we may be looking for in a rubber-coated kettlebell.

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