best weight plates

11 Best Weight Plates for Home Workouts

Getting the right weight plates is essential for building a decent home gym, and you’ll want to avoid lower-quality options that’ll break within a year. Top 3 Weight Plates for Home Workouts: The weight plates all look very similar  The Rogue Fitness Echo V2 Weight Plates cover all bases. These are the only rubber plate

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best tricep workout with dumbbells

Triceps Workouts with Dumbbells: 8 Best Exercises To Add

You can use dumbbells to hit all 3 heads of your triceps with a large range of motion. It’s time to move past the standard cable tricep pushdown.  Here are the 8 best exercises to add to a tricep workout with dumbbells: Be sure to check out the tricep workouts I share so you can

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best squat rack featured kurtis ackerman tests squat racks

11 Best Squat Racks: Prices, Pros, Cons

Before opening my gym in Westminster, California, I did a lot of research on the best squat racks. Most aren’t cheap, so to help you avoid wasting money, I’ve narrowed the list down to what I think are the highest-quality squat racks. Top 3 Squat Racks: Best Overall – Hulkfit Pro Series Power Cage Best

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bulgarian split squats

Bulgarian Split Squats: How-To & Common Mistakes

Bulgarian split squats are one of the hardest single-leg exercises you can do and one that you need to make sure you’re doing with proper form.  I recommend them to clients because of their many benefits: improving single-leg strength, improving coordination, increasing core stability, and they can help reduce muscular imbalances.  In the following article,

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iron bull strength unleash lifting strap review

Iron Bull Strength Unleash Lifting Strap Review: Pros & Cons

Unleash Lifting Straps are one of the options from the high-quality weightlifting retailer, Iron Bull Strength. Can they help you lift more? I personally enjoyed these straps as they were strong, lightweight, and provided padding for the wrist to not bruise my skin. I particularly liked them for the bent row, and I can feel

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best tricep cable workouts

The Best Tricep Cable Workouts: 8 Exercises for Horseshoe Triceps

When people think about big arms, they typically think of building the biceps – the muscle on the front of the upper arms. But your triceps, directly opposite the biceps, actually make up about 60% of the muscle fiber of the upper arm.  So the key to building sleeve-busting arms is hitting the triceps. And

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Planet Fitness Free Day Pass: How To Get A No-Cost Trial

You’ve probably heard about Planet Fitness at some point. It’s popular for a multitude of reasons — it offers a ‘judgment-free’ workout space, low prices, many pieces of equipment, and countless amenities. But you’ll likely want to see how you like it before you become a member, and you may wonder if you can get

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serratus anterior exercises

The 9 Best Serratus Anterior Exercises To Get A Chiseled Core

If you’ve ever seen someone with well-defined abs, you’ve seen the serratus anterior. It’s not the “6-pack” muscle, but the serrated-like muscle under your chest, to the side of the lats, and under your armpit. Unfortunately, the serratus anterior is an often forgotten muscle. Many people have never heard of it and don’t know where

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Does Planet Fitness Have Showers? is independent and supported by our readers. We may earn a commission if you buy through the links below. For more, see our disclosures page. Planet Fitness is one of the most popular gym franchises across the country. It’s no surprise why – they offer a low-priced membership as well as many of the

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Best Short-Head Bicep Workout: 12 Exercises is independent and supported by our readers. We may earn a commission if you buy through the links below. For more, see our disclosures page. Everyone wants bigger biceps, but did you know there are actually two heads to the biceps? A ‘short’ head and a ‘long’ head. We don’t need to get too

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