testosterone boosters steroids - 1

Are Testosterone Boosters Steroids?

Testosterone boosters are not a steroid. They are dietary supplements. They aim to elevate testosterone naturally using ingredients like herbs and vitamins. However, anabolic steroids are synthetic and often illegal. For weightlifters, testosterone boosters can be a safer, legal option to enhance strength training performance, but their effectiveness varies by brand. I researched the top

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how much is a scoop of protein joseph lucero shows us its 32 grams personal

How Much Is a Scoop of Protein Powder?

According to the USDA, the average scoop of protein powder is 32 grams, roughly 1/3 of a cup, or about 2 tablespoons. But scoop sizes vary from 20g to 45g. Calculating serving size for protein is pretty simple, but if you get it wrong, you could be taking too much and wasting money. Or if you

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atg split squats

ATG Split Squats: How-to, Mistakes, & Drawbacks

The ATG Split Squat means “ass to grass” and is a single-leg lunge exercise that targets the quadriceps, glutes, and hip flexors. I recommend it to clients looking for improved single-leg strength, mobility, and stability. But to maximize strength, consider other leg exercise options like the back squat.  However, not performing movements like the ATG

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does creatine expire & how long does it last

Does Creatine Expire & How Long Does It Last?

Creatine does expire, but it can exceed the shelf life of what is indicated on the package. So, instead of throwing away “expired” creatine you bought months ago, keep reading as we continue to break down the facts and keep you from wasting away money well spent! So, how long does creatine last? Research shows

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best leg workout machines

8 Best Leg Workout Machines At The Gym: Top Coach’s Picks

Let’s dive straight in. Here is my list of the 8 best leg workout machines: Leg day gets a bad reputation for a good reason: it’s tough! But the right leg machines at the gym can simplify your routine and isolate the leg muscles for more strength and size. As a strength coach and trainer,

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iherb review

iHerb Review: Is It Trustworthy?

PowerliftingTechnique.com is independent and supported by our readers. We may earn a commission if you buy through the links below. For more, see our disclosures page. iHerb is one of the largest U.S.-based online retailers of nutritional supplements, including products such as protein, pre-workout, and personal care products. The mission of iHerb is to make

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best shoulder mobility exercises

10 Best Shoulder Mobility Exercises: How-Tos, Benefits, Tips

Shoulder mobility exercises are essential for maintaining a full range of motion and promoting overall shoulder health. If you’re tight after a long day at the office, try some of these.  Here are the 10 best shoulder mobility exercises: You could have chronic stiffness or even get injured if you don’t have the right shoulder

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best rogue racks featured

10 Best Rogue Racks in 2023: Pros, Cons, Reviews

Rogue racks are some of the best you can buy. Rogue Fitness is one of the most well-known brands in the fitness equipment industry. They specialize in producing high-quality gym equipment, especially racks and rigs.  Their run to fame started in 2006, becoming well known for their rugged and durable equipment that could withstand a

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best power tower workout

Best Power Tower Workout: 8 Exercises for Strength & Power

One of the top pieces of home gym equipment is the power tower. The power tower is a tool used by lifters to train using their body weight as resistance. It’s a convenient and cheaper form of exercise that can be very valuable and functional in a living space.  But what are the top exercises

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iron bull strength 10mm lever belt

Iron Bull Strength 10mm 4” Lever Belt Review: Pros & Cons

Of all the equipment in strength training, the lifting belt has to be the top purchase for any strength athlete.  Currently, the top kind of lifting belt that exists is the lever belt, a type of lifting belt that latches and clips onto the athlete for an easier and more snug fit.  Of all the

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