best barbells for your home gym

14 Best Barbells for Your Home Gym

Barbells are a staple piece of gym equipment because they’re versatile and functional. With a great barbell, you can perform various exercises to target your upper and lower body.  But different types of barbells suit different workout styles, so how do you know which one is best for you? To help you decide, I compiled

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best weight plates for home workouts

13 Best Weight Plates for Home Workouts

A barbell and plates are essential for a home gym, especially if you want to lift weights and get strong. Weight plates enable you to adjust the amount of weight you’re lifting so that you can continue to make progress and adapt your workouts to meet your fitness goals. The 13 best weight plates are: 

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best lat pulldown bars for your home gym

12 Best Lat Pulldown Bars for Your Home Gym

The lat pulldown bar is used to strengthen the upper back (latissimus dorsi) muscles. These metal bars attach to lat pulldown machines or cables and enable you to perform pulldowns using a wide grip or close grip to target the upper back differently.  Lat pulldown bars are a great addition to your home gym and

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best battle ropes for your home gym

11 Best Battle Ropes for Your Home Gym

Battle ropes, also called power ropes or workout ropes, are a great piece of gym equipment for total body cardio workouts. These 30- to 50-foot-long ropes can help you burn calories, improve your cardiovascular fitness, and build muscle.  The 11 best battle ropes are:  Battle ropes are a great addition to consider if you’re building

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best weight benches for home workouts

14 Best Weight Benches for Home Workouts

Getting a workout bench set to use at home enhances your gym routine and enables you to perform various exercises. Weight benches allow you to target your muscles from various angles in both seated and standing positions.  The 14 best weight benches are:  Whether you’re looking for the best weight bench and rack, or you

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18 best gyms with showers

18 Best Gyms With Showers (Cleanliness & What’s Included)

If you exercise immediately before going to work in the mornings or you often workout before meeting up with your friends, having a shower available in the gym is handy. You can freshen up at the gym right after your workout without needing to return home to shower.  I called up a range of gym

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14 Gyms With Free Passes & Trials

14 Gyms With Free Passes & Trials 

Free passes and trials are perfect when you want to try out a gym before committing to a monthly or annual membership plan.  We have spent the last few weeks calling the top gym franchises in the country to ask about their free trials and passes to provide you with the most up-to-date information. This

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Best Gyms With Trainers

9 Best Gyms With Trainers (And, How Not To Get Ripped Off)

Most gyms have personal trainers that are available to book for one-to-one or group sessions. Some gyms might even offer a few free personal training sessions when signing up. However, the quality and ongoing cost of personal trainers vary from gym to gym. We’ve spent over 45 hours researching every major franchise gym to determine

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8 Best Gyms With Tanning

8 Best Gyms With Tanning (What’s Expected, Cost, How To Use)

If you enjoy working out but you also enjoy tanning, looking for the best gyms with tanning facilities means you can get the best of both worlds.  Many gyms offer tanning beds that can be used alongside the fitness areas as part of your monthly gym membership. Others require additional payments for each use of

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5 best gyms for college students with student discounts

5 Best Gyms For College Students (With Student Discounts)

As a college student, you want to save money wherever you can. Most gyms offer discounts for college students so you can save money while also keeping fit.  We called 120+ gym franchises to find out what kind of student discounts they offer. Based on our research, the 5 best gyms for college students are:

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