Wrestling Shoes For Deadlifts: Are They Good? (Top 4 Shoes)

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Deadlifts are one of those powerlifting exercises that you need a perfect posture for – make one mistake and it could be the difference between making or missing the lift. It’s a technique that also puts an extreme amount of weight and pressure on your legs and ankles, so keeping your feet secured to the ground is absolutely essential.

That’s why it’s really important that you’re wearing the correct shoes for deadlifting, which are sturdy, can take a bit of a beating and most importantly will keep you rooted to the floor even under heavy weights.

So should you wear wrestling shoes for deadlifts? Wrestling shoes have all the features you need to safely and successfully carry out the deadlift, including having high ankle support, a flat sole to minimize the range of motion, and a grippy outer sole to prevent slippage.

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Designed to be tough, flexible, breathable and offer you support for your feet and your ankles, they are ideal for deadlifts and a variety of other exercises in the gym, like squats. But, with so many wrestling shoes available to choose from, how do you know which is the best pair for deadlifting?

To make things a bit clearer, we’ve compiled a collection of the best wrestling shoes for deadlifts available, along with a buying guide that gives you all the information you need to look out for before making your purchase.

Keep reading to learn more, and pretty soon you’ll be amazed at how a pair of wrestling shoes will totally change your deadlifting game!

If you’re in a hurry and need a pair of weightlifting shoes that will help you stay firmly in position as you deadlift, then check out our top pick below.

In a hurry? This is our winner!

Wrestling Shoes for Deadlifts – Comparison Table

Wrestling Shoes for Deadlifts – Reviews

Our Pick
adidas Men's HVC Wrestling Shoe, Black/White/Iron Metallic, 10.5


You know you’re getting quality when you buy Adidas, and these Men’s HVC Wrestling Shoes are no exception to that rule.

Constructed using synthetic leather and suede to make them super strong and durable, and with reinforced seams for even more strength, these shoes will be able to take anything you throw at them and keep your feet comfortable throughout.

The ADIWEAR™ rubber sole with multiple tread patterns is designed to be non-skid, and offers you extreme stability, keeping you on your feet even when you’re lifting extreme weight loads.

A lace-up fastening ensures that the shoes are kept tightly in place against your feet, whilst an air mesh upper offers your feet breathability and prevents excess moisture and sweat from building up within the shoe.

  • Built from synthetic leather and suede for ultimate durability
  • Features reinforced seams for extra strength
  • An ADIWEAR™ rubber sole with multiple tread patterns provides amazing traction
  • The lace-up fastening ensures the shoes are secure and comfortable
  • Also features an air mesh upper that improves breathability and reduces moisture retention
  • Some customers that previously purchased these shoes noted that they ran a size too small, so it would be worth checking the measurements before ordering

ASICS Men's Matflex 5-M, Black/Silver, 10 M US

Not only is the Matflex 5 Wrestling Shoe from ASICS the perfect all-round wrestling shoe, but it’s mix of durable materials and innovative design also makes an ideal shoe for deadlifts.

The lightly padded collar and heel provide your ankles with extra comfort as you hold your position, whilst the lace up fastening that runs all the way up to the ankle ensures that your feet and ankles are locked securely into position. The laces can also be neatly tucked away in the integrated lace garage, so you can carry on lifting without having to worry about tripping or the shoes becoming loose.
Constructed using synthetic materials for extra durability, these shoes also feature open mesh uppers that allow your feet to breathe and prevent moisture from building up, and the synthetic overlays provide extra support for your feet.

A full-length rubber gum sole also allows breathability for your feet where they need it most, and features multiple tread patterns that provide amazing traction and support to keep you on your feet under a heavy load.

  • Features a padded collar and heel that provides extra support and comfort for your ankles
  • The lace up fastening ensures the shoes are hugged tightly to your feet for a secure fit
  • An integrated lace garage prevents the laces from coming undone and causing a trip hazard
  • Open mesh uppers with synthetic overlays provide breathability for your feet and prevent moisture and sweat building up
  • Also features a full-length rubber gum with multiple tread patterns for amazing traction and support
  • As with a lot of training shoes, some customers found they ran a size too small, so you’d need to check the measurements before ordering

ASICS Men's Matflex 6 Wrestling Shoes, 15, Black/Silver

Keeping all of the amazing features of the Matflex 5, but adding in even more detail and enhanced support and breathability, the Matflex 6 Wrestling Shoe from ASICS helps you take your deadlifting game to the next level.

Their lightweight build gives you a natural, comfortable feel that won’t make you feel as though they’re weighing you down, whilst the synthetic-mesh construction ensures that they retain amazing durability and strength. The rubber sole with multiple tread patterns also provides you with amazing traction, keeping you steadily on your feet as you lift.

Ankle-high lacing keeps them tightly secured to your feet, and the integrated lace garage gives you somewhere to tuck the ends away and prevents any accidents from occurring. There’s also extra ankle support and comfort offered from the padded heel collar and tongue.

What really sets the Matflex 6 apart from its predecessor though is the addition of a mesh insole that helps to keep your feet cool and sweat-free throughout your training session, as well as an EVA sock liner that ensconces the foot and offers support when you need it most, allowing you to smash out even more sets.

This is one of the reasons I rated it as one of the top shoes for deadlifting for flat feet.  

  • The synthetic-mesh construction provides amazing breathability and a natural feel without losing any durability or strength
  • A rubber sole marked with multiple tread patterns gives fantastic traction as you lift
  • Laces that run up to the ankle ensure the shoes are securely fastened to your feet, and the cushioned collar and tongue provide extra support and comfort
  • Features a mesh insole that works to keep your feet cool and sweat free as you train
  • Also features an EVA sockliner that hugs the foot and offers extra support when needed most
  • Customers that purchased these shoes found that the fit was inline with their usual size, however the were a bit narrow

Otomix Men's Stingray Escape Bodybuilding Lifting MMA & Wrestling Shoes Black 9

Available in a wide range of colors, these Stingray Weightlifting & Wrestling Shoes from Otomix don’t only provide you with the strength and support needed for deadlifting, but will also give you the opportunity to bring some personality to the gym.

Constructed from leather and synthetic materials for extra strength and durability, the ultralight feel of these shoes allow for a natural feel whilst the rubber sole ensures that you’re gripped to the floor even under heavy loads.

The soles are also sewn into place in order to prevent splitting and cracking, which is ideal for anybody who trains often, and are a thinner build than some other shoes which helps to assist with balance and allows you to get a better feel for positioning as you lift.

These shoes also feature an extra ankle support that, along with the lace up fastening, will keep your ankles securely in place and reduce the risk of any strain of injury.

The Otomix shoes also made the list of my top deadlifting shoes for wide feet because they have one of the widest toe boxes on the market. 

  • Available in a wide range of colors, allowing you to bring extra personality to your training sessions
  • Built using a mix of leather and synthetic materials for extra strength and durability
  • The soles are sewn in place which prevents the cracking and splitting that can come from glued-in soles
  • A thinner build of sole also provides you with a better feel for positioning and assists with balance, whilst retaining incredible traction
  • Lace-up fastening and extra ankle support keeps your feet and ankles securely locked in place and prevents injury
  • These shoes don’t feature as much breathability as some other wrestling shoes

Wrestling Shoes for Deadlifts – Buyers Guide

Wrestling shoes are the ideal choice for deadlifts, and will provide you with a strong grip on the floor, keeping you rooted to your position and helping you get that perfect form. But, as with all gym clothing, there are a few things you need to consider before settling on your final decision.

We’ve put together a list of key points that you need to keep in mind when you’re shopping around, and some features that are absolutely essential to look for, so that you can get the perfect pair of wrestling shoes the first time round.


The first thing to make sure of when you’re purchasing a pair of wrestling shoes for deadlifts is that they fit comfortably. Too loose and your feet could slide around inside of them, causing you to lose traction. Too tight and they’ll be uncomfortable, which could cause you to easily lose concentration.

A common complaint from people ordering wrestling shoes online is that they run a size too small. With that in mind, it’s always worth checking the measurements provided by the brand, and comparing this to your usual size, then ordering accordingly.

Don’t be tempted to ignore the size you’re being recommended by the brand either and order your usual size. This could lead to you getting the wrong size and having to go through the annoying process of having to send them back for a replacement, which will only delay you being able to get on with your training sessions.


There are a couple of material choices available to you when looking for wrestling shoes as well, and ultimately the option you choose will come down to personal preference. However, different materials provide different benefits, so it’s worth looking into.

Leather is a good option to go for in a wrestling shoe, as it is naturally tough and durable, and can take a good beating before it starts to show signs of wear and tear. Leather is also naturally waterproof, so if they accidentally get wet or end up having drops of sweat on them, this won’t leak through to your feet.

Many wrestling shoes are constructed using specially formulated synthetic materials that have been designed to ensure durability, whilst also giving you a lightweight feel and ensuring that your feet are able to breathe whilst you train. Synthetic materials are also a good choice to go for, especially if you’re planning on training several times a week.


When you’re performing deadlifts, it’s imperative that your feet are kept securely on the ground. Even a little slip when you’re holding a heavy weight could cause serious injury to your back, legs, arms or neck, so it’s important that the shoes you choose have got a decent sole on them in order to prevent this.

The first thing to be sure of is that the soles are made of a sturdy, non-slip material. Rubber is definitely the best option for this, and is found in the majority of wrestling shoes. A rubber sole will keep you firmly in place, even under heavy weights, and will provide you with the stability you need as you lift.

Another good thing to look for in a sole is the tread patterns that it has. Multiple tread patterns are designed to grip extremely tightly to multiple surfaces, and will prevent any sliding or slipping.

Take a look at how the soles are attached to the shoes as well. Soles that have been glued in place are the most common design available, and are extremely sturdy, but you should always make sure that the glue that has been used to create the bond is as strong as possible.

Some wrestling shoes feature soles that are sewn in place, or use a mixture of sewing and gluing. These are a great choice, as they will be far more durable and will be less likely to split, crack or come away from the main body of the shoe.

You’ll also notice that soles also come in varying thickness, and this can actually have an impact on your performance. Typically, thicker soles are not as ideal because it means you will need to pull the barbell extra distance off the floor.  This is why many powerlifters choose to deadlift wearing a minimalistic shoe with a flat sole.  Some powerlifters even like to deadlift barefoot (most gyms don’t allow this though).  

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Extra Support

As with all weightlifting moves, your feet need to be kept securely in place in order to keep your position and posture correct as you lift. With that in mind, any wrestling shoes that offer additional support for your feet or ankles is always something to look out for.

One of the most overlooked supportive features in a shoe is the way that it fastens. Without a doubt, the best type of fastening to go for in a wrestling shoe for deadlifts is a lace-up closure. Laces give you the opportunity to secure the shoes to your feet as tightly as is comfortable, and more often than not will lace all the way up to the ankle to provide extra support there too.

If you’re concerned about your laces coming undone, or excess lace hanging over the tongue of the shoe and potentially causing you to trip up, look for a shoe that features a lace garage. This allows you to safely and comfortably tuck the ends away, removing all risk of injury.

Additional ankle support is another really good feature to look for when you’re shopping for wrestling shoes to wear when deadlifting, and this is often incorporated into the design as a padded collar or tongue.

Some shoes also have reinforced seams, which doesn’t only offer extra support for your feet and ankles as you lift, but also strengthens the shoe overall, making it more durable and extending its life. If you’re a sumo deadlifter, you’ll want to ensure you have an adequate amount of high ankle support, which is another reason why wrestling shoes are great for deadlifts. 

We cover this more in our article on the best deadlift shoes for sumo


It’s pretty much guaranteed that you’re going to be getting your sweat on as you train, so a pair of shoes that allows your feet to breathe whilst you’re working out is a really good feature to keep an eye out for.

This is usually incorporated into shoes by using an overall mesh fabric, or a series of mesh patches, that allow airflow to pass through the shoe and keep your feet cool. Mesh panels also give a place for sweat and moisture to evaporate away from, stopping it building up and causing an uncomfortable experience, as well as reducing any odors.


If you want to stand out at the gym, then you might want to look for a pair of shoes that offer you the chance to purchase them in a variety of colors. After all, everybody is different, and your individuality should be allowed to come through whatever setting you’re in!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are wrestling shoes good for deadlifting?

Wrestling shoes are a fantastic choice for deadlifting as the majority of them have strong, rubber soles that will keep you rooted to the spot and prevent you from slipping or sliding under a heavy weight. They also tend to be made from really durable materials, so they can take a good amount of strain without showing any signs of wear and tear.

Can I deadlift in bare feet?

Deadlifting in bare feet is not recommended as the build up of sweat and moisture on your feet could easily cause you to slip underneath the weight, which could lead to very serious injury. The best shoes to wear for deadlifting are wrestling shoes, as the soles will keep your feet in the correct position, and they’ll also help to reduce and prevent sweat build up around your feet whilst you train.

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