7 Best Arm Blasters for Bigger Biceps (2022)

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best arm blasters for bigger biceps

We’ve all seen people in the gym who do bicep curls with horrendous form – hips swaying back and forth as they bring the dumbbells to their shoulders, elbows flared out wide, not completing the full range of motion.

Fortunately, products such as the arm blaster encourage proper form by keeping the elbows close to the body and reducing the amount of momentum used to curl the weight.

So, what is the best arm blaster? The best arm blaster is the Gymreapers Arm Blaster. It’s made from thick aluminum, has a deep curve that can accommodate different body types, and has padded ends that make it more comfortable on the backs of the arms compared with other brands. It also has a padded neck strap that reduces tension on the neck.

Check to see whether the arm blaster is cheaper on Amazon or direct from Gymreapers. If there are no price differences, I recommend ordering direct from Gymreapers to get better customer service.

Top 7 Arm Blasters

The top 7 arm blasters are:

1. Gymreapers Arm Blaster – Best Overall Arm Blaster

2. Rogue Arm Blaster – Most Durable

3. Vikingstrength Arm Blaster – Most Portable Option

4. Hawk Arm Blaster – Best Budget-Friendly Arm Blaster

5. EveryMile Arm Blaster – Most Comfortable Option

6. Celebrita Arm Blaster – Best for Tall Athletes

7. Jayefo Sport Arm Blaster- Best for Lifting Heavy Weights

1. Gymreapers Arm Blaster – Best Overall Arm Blaster

My top pick for an arm blaster is the Gymreapers Arm Blaster. It’s made of heavy-duty aluminum, the curved design allows the product to conform to your body, and the padded ends make it comfortable against your arms.

If you’ve ever tested an arm blaster, you know that they can be awkward and uncomfortable. I didn’t find this to be the case with the Gymreaper Arm Blaster. Both my boyfriend and I used it and we found it to be very form-fitting – He’s 6 feet 230lbs and I’m 5’7 150lbs.

top pick for an arm blaster is the Gymreapers Arm Blaster

The Gymreapers arm blaster is almost a quarter of an inch thick. This is one of the thickest arm blasters available. It can support heavy weight training and won’t break easily, even if you carry it to the gym with you every day.

You don’t have to be lifting heavy weights with it though (my boyfriend tested it with a 145lb barbell curl). All I’m saying is that you don’t have to worry about it being made from cheap parts that will break down easily with use.

The nylon strap has a secure quick-lock buckle that keeps the arm blaster in place and won’t come undone during your workout. It’s easy to adjust when you’re already wearing it if you need to make it higher or lower. The strap is secured with eight bolts, so you don’t have to worry about it tearing.

Gymreapers arm blaster nylon strap has a secure quick lock buckle that keeps the arm blaster in place

The Gymreapers arm blaster also has a padded neck strap, which reduces the amount of tension on your neck. This is an awesome feature, which didn’t come with any of the other arm blasters I used.

Another thing I like about the Gymreapers arm blaster is that it has a deep curve of almost 4 inches. This makes it easier for the product to conform to different body types, and is especially beneficial for individuals with thick cores.

Gymreapers arm blaster has a deep curve of almost 4 inches

The ends of the Gymreapers arm blaster are padded to reduce pressure on the back of your arms, but I still feel a little discomfort in my triceps when I use it.

You’ll find this on most arm blasters, though. You’re resting your arms against aluminum, after all. I wouldn’t let this deter you from considering the Gymreapers arm blaster.


  • Has a padded neck strap for extra comfort
  • Rounded edges to support your arms
  • Made out of thick, durable aluminum


  • Costs more than some other arm blasters, but is certainly the most comfortable

Check to see whether the arm blaster is cheaper on Amazon or direct from Gymreapers. If there are no price differences, I recommend ordering direct from Gymreapers to get better customer service.

2. Rogue Arm Blaster – Most Durable

Rogue Fitness is known for making high-quality items that last, and their Arm Blaster is no exception.

Manufactured in the USA, the Rogue arm blaster is made from laser-cut aluminum. Like the Gymreapers arm blaster, it’s about a quarter of an inch thick.

You can choose either an etched Rogue logo or a white die-cut Rogue decal and a nylon or leather strap.

The leather strap resembles the original arm blaster designs of the 1970s and can be adjusted in 0.5” increments. If you like products with a vintage flair or you want a more rigid strap, I recommend the leather one.

The nylon strap is held in place with magnetic Fidlock V buckles. With this feature, you can unclip the strap so you don’t have to put on or remove the arm blaster by slipping it over your neck.  It’s a nice feature, but not absolutely necessary to get the most out of your arm blaster.

The nylon strap is a few inches longer than the leather strap, so if you’re tall, have a long torso, or have long arms, the nylon strap would be better for you.

The Rogue arm blaster weighs almost 3 pounds. Due to its sturdiness, it can support a lot of weight, but it may be more cumbersome to carry with you to the gym.  This isn’t a problem though if you have a home gym.


  • Can choose your own finish and strap material
  • Nylon strap makes the arm blaster easy to put and remove due to its magnetic buckles
  • Made in the USA


  • No padded neck strap
  • Expensive

3. Vikingstrength Arm Blaster – Most Portable Option

The Vikingstrength Arm Blaster weighs just over 2 pounds, almost a pound less than other arm blasters such as the one from Rogue.

It doesn’t sound like much, but if you’re carrying a lot of stuff to the gym, throwing an oddly-shaped product into the mix can make your gym bag bulky. The extra pound makes a difference in how convenient it is to carry the arm blaster to the gym.

Most arm blasters are 24 inches long, but this one is slightly shorter at 23 inches long. Combined with the light weight, the shorter length makes it easier to fit in your gym bag.

On the other hand, this also makes it less ideal for individuals with broad upper bodies and thick arms.

The Vikingstrength arm blaster has non-slip elbow padding. It’s not as thick or soft as the padding on some of the other products on this list, but it will still keep your arms comfortable and prevent them from sliding as you sweat.

Unlike other arm blasters whose straps are bolted to the aluminum plate with rivets, the strap on the Vikingstrength arm blaster is placed through two slots at the top of the plate and secured with velcro.

Some reviewers state that the velcro doesn’t hold up well over a long period of time. But this arm blaster is available at a reasonable price point, so even if you have to replace it, you won’t be breaking the bank.


  • More curved ends offer better support for the arms
  • Its light weight makes it easy to carry to the gym
  • Non-slip elbow padding


  • Velcro on the strap can wear down over time
  • Shorter length makes it less ideal for larger athletes

4. Hawk Arm Blaster – Best Budget-Friendly Arm Blaster

The Hawk Arm Blaster may be one of the cheapest arm blasters on the market, but its quality matches some of the more expensive options.

This arm blaster is only 5mm thick, but for the price it’s durable and won’t bend or break easily. It has a matte black finish that won’t cause skin irritation, which makes it a comfortable option for anyone who likes to workout without a shirt on.

The Hawk arm blaster also has foam elbow padding that protects the back of the arms as well as neoprene neck padding that prevents unnecessary strain on the neck.

While a lot of arm blasters have velcro or plastic fasteners, this arm blaster has a steel buckle. This reduces the likelihood of the buckle falling apart when you adjust the strap.

The Hawk arm blaster is only 23” long, so this is another product that is more suited for slimmer individuals.


  • Affordable
  • Steel buckle keeps the strap in place
  • Matte finish prevents skin irritation


  • The aluminum isn’t as thick as other arm blasters

5. EveryMile Arm Blaster – Most Comfortable Option

The EveryMile Arm Blaster is one of the only arm blasters that is lined with padding for the abdomen. This makes it the most comfortable option because even if the product digs into your midsection, it won’t cause a lot of pain.

The EveryMile arm blaster has a curve of almost 4 inches, so it’s able to fit different body types. The ends are also curved more than other arm blasters, which acts like more of a cradle for the arms.

This could be a limiting factor if you have big arms, so I recommend this arm blaster for individuals with smaller builds.

The straps aren’t bolted down, but are instead looped through the top of the arm blaster and fastened with velcro. While this makes it easy to adjust the height, the velcro can become less secure over time.

One thing that I like about this product is that the padded neck strap is made from a non-slip material. This prevents the arm blaster from sliding around your body too much as you’re lifting weights.


  • Lining across the abdomen makes it more comfortable
  • Non-slip neck padding
  • Lightweight design


  • Not ideal for individuals with big arms

6. Celebrita Arm Blaster – Best for Tall Athletes

The Celebrita Arm Blaster has a strap that can be adjusted up to 54 inches, making it an excellent choice for tall athletes.

Like the Vikingstrength and Hawk arm blasters, the Celebrita arm blaster is only 23 inches long. There’s also only about 12 inches of aluminum before the elbow padding starts, and the curve is only 2.5” deep. If you have a broad upper body, this arm blaster may not be wide enough for you.

Like some of the other arm blasters on this list, the strap is secured with rivets. This prevents it from tearing away from the aluminum even with heavy use.

The Celebrita arm blaster can support up to 500lbs. Again, I’m sure that most people will never curl this much weight, but you can rest assured that this arm blaster isn’t easily breakable or bendable.


  • Can support up to 500lbs
  • Strap extends up to 54 inches
  • Affordable


  • Shorter than other arm blasters

7. Jayefo Sport Arm Blaster – Best for Lifting Heavy Weights

The Jayefo Sport Arm Blaster can support up to 600lbs. I’m fairly certain no one will ever curl that much weight, but it’s a testament to the product’s high quality and durability.

The strap on the Dmoose arm blaster can extend up to 47”, which makes it another good option for taller individuals. It also has a neoprene neck pad for added comfort.

The elbow pads are also made from neoprene, so they’re not only comfortable but they keep the arms in place and prevent them from slipping.

This arm blaster is about 3.5” high. It’s a little shorter than some other products, but a half inch is such a miniscule amount that you probably won’t notice the difference.

The Dmoose arm blaster comes in several different colors. If you like to stand out in the gym, you can show off a bit of your personality with this product.

I’ve heard of some people having trouble locking the buckle, but once it’s in place, it stays secure and doesn’t come undone.


  • Available in several colors and patterns
  • Able to support heavy weights
  • Good for tall individuals


  • The buckle can be difficult to lock

Pros & Cons of Using an Arm Blaster


1. It Encourages Proper Form

An arm blaster keeps your elbows in front of your torso and prevents you from flaring your elbows to the sides. It also forces you to fully lockout your arms at the end of the motion, and the increased range motion targets your biceps more.

2. You Can Do Preacher Curls Even If You Don’t Have Access to a Preacher Curl Bench

The arm blaster is an inexpensive and small piece of equipment. If you train at home and don’t have the space or budget for a preacher curl bench, you can use the arm blaster to get the benefits of preacher curls without having to buy an expensive piece of equipment.

If you have one arm bigger than the other, check out my article How To Even Out Your Bicep.

3. It Prevents Cheating by Prohibiting You from Swinging Your Arms When Doing Bicep Curls

Because your arms are resting against the arm blaster, you can’t use momentum to curl the weight. This takes other muscle groups such as your shoulders and abs out of the equation, which keeps the focus entirely on your biceps.

4. The Arm Blaster Works the Short Head of Your Bicep

Your bicep consists of two heads: the long head and the short head. The long head runs along the outside of the arm while the short head runs along the inside of the arm. The short head of the bicep stabilizes the shoulder joint.

Most bicep curl variations target the long head of the bicep, but exercises such as the preacher curl that keep the arms in front of the body target the short head.

As I mentioned above, doing curls with the arm blaster is an excellent replacement for preacher curls, so you get the added benefit of targeting the short head of the bicep.

Wondering if it’s better to do bicep curls one at a time or together, check out my article Is It Better To Do Bicep Curls One At A Time?


1. An Arm Blaster Can Be Inconvenient to Carry to the Gym

Arm blasters aren’t heavy, but they’re oddly shaped. They can’t be folded, so it may not be easy to fit them in your gym bag if you’re already carrying a lot of gear with you.

2. Arm Blasters Can Cause Lower Back Pain If They’re Used Incorrectly

If the arm blaster isn’t at the proper height, it can pull on your neck, causing you to hunch over and placing unnecessary strain on the lower back, especially if you’re trying to curl a lot of weight.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Arm Blaster Really Work?

The arm blaster works in the sense that it isolates the biceps and promotes good technique when performing bicep curls.

But in order to get bigger biceps, you’ll also have to follow a well-designed training plan. For some ideas on how to train the arms, check out the article How Do Powerlifters Train Arms? (Definitive Guide).

What Exercises Can You Do with an Arm Blaster?

You can use an arm blaster for a variety of bicep isolation exercises, including dumbbell curls, barbell curls, hammer curls, and EZ bar curls. The arm blaster works well for both seated and standing bicep exercises.

I’ve heard of some people doing spider curls with the arm blaster, but I find it awkward to lay on the bench while wearing it. If it’s comfortable for you, I see no reason not to use the arm blaster for spider curls.

You can also use an arm blaster to do tricep pushdowns. Because the arm blaster keeps the elbows in front of the body, it prevents the rear deltoids from becoming involved in the movement as you straighten your arms.

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What Is the Correct Height for an Arm Blaster?

If the arm blaster is too low, your elbows can push it into the rib cage and cause discomfort. If it’s too high, your triceps and chest can get in the way and make curls more difficult.

The arm blaster should rest along the bottom of your sternum. With your arms straight down in front of you, your elbows should be slightly below it so they don’t dig into it at the top of the movement.

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Final Thoughts

Whether you train at home and don’t have a preacher curl bench or you just don’t want to wait for a bench to become available when the gym is crowded, you can use an arm blaster to train the biceps.

The best overall arm blaster is the Gymreapers Arm Blaster because it’s well-made, has a comfortable strap, and doesn’t cause a lot of discomfort on the back of the arms. It’s more expensive than some other arm blasters, but the cost is well worth it.

If you want to save a bit of money, the Hawk Arm Blaster is a great alternative. For the price, it’s durable, well-made, and has many of the same features as the more expensive options.

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