17 Best Leg Curl Alternatives

17 Best Leg Curl Alternatives (Dumbbell, At Home, Cable)

Machine leg curls are an exercise we all love to hate. Lying face down on the machine and curling light to moderate weights for high volume can be exhausting and even liberating, but they’re not right for everyone. So let’s talk about leg curl alternatives. What other exercises provide the same benefits but avoid the exhaustion?

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cable back workouts and exercises for muscle mass

10 Best Cable Back Workouts And Exercises For Muscle Mass

Cable back exercises are often neglected as more people choose free weights and plate-loaded machines.  Ask an old-school bodybuilder, and they might say something like, “pull-ups are the only back exercise you need.” This is outdated advice.  I’ve grown to see cables, particularly, as an incredibly versatile and useful piece of equipment to train your

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battle rope benefits and who should do them

11 Battle Rope Benefits (And, Who Should Do Them?)

Battle ropes are quickly becoming more and more common in gyms, from specialist gyms to commercial gyms. But why are they becoming more popular, and what are their benefits? The 11 benefits of battle ropes are that they: Work your entire body Provide a novel form of cardio Can be used to build muscle Develop

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Prilepin’s Chart For Powerlifting

Prilepin’s Chart For Powerlifting: How To Use It Effectively

Prilepin’s Chart is a weightlifting-derived chart that provides recommendations for volumes across differing training intensities. It can be applied to powerlifting, but without understanding its pros and cons, you may not be using it effectively. So, how do you use Prilepin’s Chart for powerlifting? Prilepin’s Chart should be used as a programming tool rather than

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9 Best Lat Exercises With Dumbbells

9 Best Dumbbell Lat Exercises: Pros, Cons, How-Tos

Dumbbell lat exercises give you a great range to train the lats, which benefits anyone training in a home gym or a gym with limited equipment. Below are the 9 best lat exercises with dumbbells: If you’re strengthening your lats, you’ll want to add at least a couple of dumbbell exercises to your routine. But

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Kettlebell Swings vs Deadlifts

Kettlebell Swing vs Deadlift: Differences, Pros, Cons

Both kettlebell swings and deadlifts are great for training the posterior chain — the muscles along the backside of the body like the glutes, hamstrings, lower back, and calves. As such, both movements are used widely across different types of athletes, from beginner lifters to powerlifters and team sports athletes.  So, what are the differences

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dips vs push ups

Dips vs Push Ups: Pros, Cons, Which Is Better?

Push ups and dips are two exercises that can help lifters grow their chest and triceps. I regularly include both movements in my own programming and use them both for my clients as well. However, each has their strengths and weaknesses that must be taken into consideration when determining which one will help you make

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diamond push-ups

Diamond Push-Ups: Everything You Need to Know

Push-ups are an exercise used widely by beginner to advanced lifters. However, diamond push-ups may be an even better option for those with strength and size goals for the triceps. So, what is a diamond push-up? The diamond push-up is a push-up variation in which the index fingers and thumbs touch to make a diamond.

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Close vs Wide Grip Lat Pulldown

Close vs Wide Grip Lat Pulldown: Which Is Better?

Lat pulldowns are a staple in many of the programs I have written for my athletes and used myself. But when it comes to performing the lat pulldown, knowing which grip is best for you is important so you can ensure your training is aligned with your goals. Otherwise, you might be costing yourself progress.

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Do deadlifts work the lats?

Do Deadlifts Work The Lats? (Yes, Here’s How)

Many lifters and athletes train the deadlift but often do not fully understand what muscles they are training. By knowing what muscles are working, you can identify your weaknesses more easily and understand how to address them more directly. So, do deadlifts work the lats? Yes, the deadlift does work the lats. The lats function

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