6 Fat Gripz Alternatives (That Will Save You Money)

6 fat gripz alternatives that will save you money

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Fat grip training is beneficial for several reasons, including increasing forearm and grip strength, increasing forearm size, and improving muscular endurance. 

The Fat Gripz brand helped popularize fat grip training, but its products are expensive and out of budget for many people. Fortunately, plenty of other products on the market serve the same purpose and can help save you money.

So what is the best Fat Gripz alternative? The best Fat Gripz alternative is the Yes4All Xtreme Grip fat grips. They are made out of non-compressible rubber, come at an affordable price, and your hands won’t slip when you’re using them. They also stay in place on the barbell or dumbbells and don’t have an excessive amount of grooves that could cause calluses.

Yes4All Xtreme Grip

In this article, I’ll review six of the best Fat Gripz alternatives so you can decide which one will work best for your fat grip training. I’ll also discuss some of the factors you should consider when buying fat grips and how to differentiate between the different fat grip products on the market.

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Factors to Consider When Buying Fat Grips

factors to consider when buying fat grips

Before we get into the best fat grips on the market, there are three things you should consider when searching for a pair of your own:

  • Intended use
  • Hand size
  • Experience level

1. Intended Use

The equipment you intend to put fat grips on and the exercises you want to use them for will dictate what kind you should get.

Some fat grips are versatile enough to be used on pull-up bars, dumbbells, or barbells. Some can even be used on rope attachments on cable machines or pull-up ropes. But not all fat grips can be used on things like PowerBlock adjustable dumbbells.

Most fat grips can also be used for a variety of exercises, including Pendlay rows (and Pendlay row variations), pull-ups, Romanian deadlifts, farmer’s carries, and bicep curls. However, some movements like chin-ups aren’t recommended with fat grip training because it can place extra stress on the elbows.

Moreover, you’ll also want to consider the type of barbell you use them on. Using a very thick pair of fat grips on a barbell that’s 30mm in diameter will feel a lot different than using them on a barbell that’s 25mm in diameter (like a women’s weightlifting barbell, for example).

2. Hand Size

Fat grips come in varying thicknesses ranging from 1.75” to 2.75” inches. The ones with a smaller diameter will be better for you if you have small hands so you can more easily wrap your entire hand around them.

To determine your hand size so you can figure out what size fat grips to get, use a soft tape measure to measure diagonally across your palm from the tip of your thumb to the tip of your pinky. Alternatively, you can also measure from the base of your wrist to the tip of your middle finger.

If either measurement comes to 7” or less, I recommend starting with fat grips that are 1.75” in diameter. If your hand is between 7-8”, fat grips with a 2-2.5” diameter should work well.

If you have larger hands than that, I recommend fat grips that are at least 2.5” thick so you can easily fit more of your hand around them.

3. Experience Level

I recommend starting with fat grips with a smaller diameter when you’re new to fat grip training. It can be deceivingly tough when you’re not used to it, so it’s best to work yourself up to thicker fat grips as you get more accustomed to it.

And if you’re concerned about having to spend a lot of money on replacing your fat grips once you become more experienced, you don’t have to worry. Fat grips are generally pretty affordable.

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6 Best Fat Gripz Alternatives

The six best Fat Gripz alternatives are:

  • Yes4All Xtreme Grip – Best Overall
  • DMoose Bomber Grips – Best for Large Hands
  • Greententljs Grips – Best for Beginners
  • Core Prodigy Fit Grips – Best for Sport-Specific Training
  • Iron Bull Strength Alpha Grips – Best for the Most Secure Grip
  • Viking Strength Thick Grips – Best for Home Gym Use

1. Yes4All Xtreme Grip Fat Grips – Best Overall

Yes4All Xtreme Grip

The Yes4All Xtreme Grips are my top choice for fat grips because they’re made out of durable, non-compressible rubber, they’re easy to put on and take off the barbell, and they stay in place. They’re also available at an affordable price point.

Unlike other fat grips, the Yes4All fat grips don’t have a ton of texture on them. But somehow I’ve found that my hands slip a lot less with these than even some products that do have grooves and diamond-shaped patterns on them.

barbell with yes4all xtreme grip fat grips

There are two embossed logos on the grips, which helps make them easy to hold onto. Because they don’t have a lot of grooves, there’s also less of a chance of them making your calluses worse.

These grips are 2.5” in diameter, and even though I’ve had issues using other fat grips of a similar size, I found them comfortable to use. It’s not very noticeable, but they are ergonomically shaped, which I think helps them feel better in the hands.

dumbbell with yes4all xtreme grip fat grips

It is a little difficult to separate them and get them on a barbell or dumbbell, but they stay in place once they’re on. The biggest drawback is that they don’t fit on PowerBlock dumbbells, which could be a negative for home gym owners who don’t have round or hex dumbbells.


  • Affordable
  • Made out of non-compressible rubber
  • Hands don’t slip despite the lack of raised grooves
  • Slightly ergonomic to allow for a more comfortable grip


  • A little difficult to spread apart to get on a barbell or dumbbell
  • Don’t fit on PowerBlock dumbbells

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2. DMoose Bomber Grips – Best for Large Hands

DMoose Bomber Grips

The DMoose Bomber Grips come in two different sizes: 2.25” and 2.75”. I tested the 2.25” ones and found them just a bit too thick for me to be able to use them comfortably. But they are an excellent choice for lifters with large hands or even those who have a lot of experience with fat grip training and want to take it to the next level.

barbell with Dmoose bomber grips

Of all the fat grips I’ve tried, the DMoose fat grips also feel the most durable. Even though they’re made with a similar type of silicone as other products, they are more sturdy and not quite as pliable.

The lack of flexibility in the silicone makes them a little difficult to get on the barbell, but once they’re in place, they don’t move. I also like the horizontal grooves and embossed logo, which prevent your hands from slipping.

Dumbbell DMoose Bomber Grips

Like the Yes4All Xtreme Grips, the biggest drawback to the DMoose fat grips is that they don’t fit on adjustable PowerBlock dumbbells. If you work out in a home gym and don’t have sets of round or hex dumbbells, you’ll be relegated to only using these fat grips on your barbell and pull-up bar (if you have one).


  • Made from sturdy, durable silicone
  • Don’t slide on the barbell
  • Horizontal grooves allow you to get a secure grip


  • Not ideal for smaller hands
  • Don’t fit on PowerBlock dumbbells

3. Greententljs Grips – Best for Beginners

Greententljs Grips

I mentioned earlier that fat grips with a thinner diameter are ideal if you’re a beginner so you can work your way up to training with thicker grips. For a solid entry-level fat grip option, I recommend the Greententljs Grips.

Powerblock with Greententljs Grips

These grips have a 1.8” diameter, so they’re not too thick for people who are new to fat grip training. And while they aren’t exactly squishy, they are more pliable than other grips, which makes them more comfortable to hold onto for multiple reps.

barbell with greententljs grips

A diamond-shaped textured pattern sits around various points of the grips. When they’re on a barbell, these patterned areas are just about where the tops of your fingers and the padding on your thumb would be. I find this to be an optimal placement since these are the areas of the hands that tend to slip the most when trying to hold onto a thick object.

These grips are also made from food-grade silicone. While you won’t be ingesting them, it’s good to know that the material is non-toxic because it’s less likely to cause irritation if you have sensitive skin.

dumbbell with greententljs grips

Because they have a shorter length at only 4”, I was able to fit them around my PowerBlock dumbbells with a little maneuvering. But they do slip around a bit on the barbell, so if you use them for any barbell movements, I recommend using them for light lifts only.


  • Thinner diameter makes them a good choice for beginners
  • Diamond-shaped pattern for an anti-slip grip
  • Will fit on PowerBlock dumbbells
  • Made from food-grade silicone


  • Can slide around on the barbell
  • Not as sturdy as other grips

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4. Core Prodigy Fit Grips – Best for Sport-Specific Training

Core Prodigy Fit Grips

If you’re looking for a unique way to challenge your grip or you need to improve your grip for baseball, MMA, or rock climbing, spherical-shaped fat grips like the Core Prodigy Fit Grips are an excellent choice.

These grips aren’t my personal favorite because I can’t fit my entire hand around them and I still have to keep my ring fingers and pinky fingers on the bar. Although it does provide a unique challenge that I don’t get from cylindrical-shaped grips, I found that I was too worried about my hand placement to fully concentrate on my workout.

I also found that I couldn’t get them to fit comfortably on a pair of hex dumbbells, which limits their uses for strength training.

barbell with core prodigy fit grips

With that said, I do see the benefit in using these types of grips for sports training. For example, these are ideal for baseball pitchers who need to be able to hold a baseball in various different ways. I can also see them benefiting rock climbers who need to hold onto small boulders or MMA fighters who need to improve their grip strength for grappling.

These grips would also be ideal for anyone who does a lot of rope pull-ups or frequently uses the rope attachment on cable machines. Their smaller shape would work well on a rope attachment if you don’t want the entire length of the rope being taken up by your fat grips.


  • Affordable price
  • Ideal for improving grip strength for rock climbing, baseball, and MMA
  • Textured exterior for an anti-slip grip


  • Can’t get a full grip when using them with barbells or dumbbells

5. Iron Bull Strength Alpha Grips – Best for the Most Secure Grip

Iron Bull Strength Alpha Grips

While fat grips are designed to provide a no-slip grip, your hands will be more prone to slippage with some products than others. If you’re worried about your hands sliding off your fat grips, I recommend the Iron Bull Strength Alpha Grips.

These fat grips are made from a high-grade rubber compound that has more of a matte finish than silicone, and it allows a more secure grip. The indentations and embossed logos on each grip also contribute to their anti-slip capabilities.

barbell with iron bull strength alpha grips

While these grips are cylindrical in shape, they differ from other products on the market in that they have an ergonomic design. This allows for a more optimal hand placement that can help make your fat grip training more comfortable.

The Iron Bull Alpha Grips are 2” in diameter, which makes them a good option for most lifters. Even some fat grip training beginners can use them comfortably since they’re not too thick and the ergonomic shape makes them more comfortable.

They fit well on barbells with 25mm and 28mm diameters as well as on hex dumbbells with contoured handles. However, they are too long to fit on PowerBlock dumbbells.


  • Matte material provides better gripability
  • Ergonomic design makes them more comfortable to use
  • Horizontal grooves and embossed logos make them easier to hold onto
  • Can be used by advanced lifters as well as some beginners


  • Don’t fit on PowerBlock dumbbells

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6. Viking Strength Thick Grips – Best for Home Gym Use

With a length of just 4”, the Viking Strength Thick Grips can easily fit on PowerBlock dumbbells, which makes them an excellent choice for people who work out at home and don’t have individual sets of dumbbells.

powerblock with viking strength thick grips

These grips have a good mix of flexibility and sturdiness. They’re easy to separate to get onto a barbell or dumbbells, but they’re still heavy-duty enough to challenge your grip. They have a 2” diameter, but with a touch of malleability, they’re still suitable enough for beginners.

These grips have deeper grooves than some others I’ve tried, which is both good and bad. The grooves help make it easier to maintain your grip, but they can cause some discomfort if you have calluses that you haven’t taken care of in a while.

dumbbell with viking strength thick grips

When I used them, the discomfort wasn’t enough to cause pain like ripping your hand on a barbell or pull-up bar would, but it was a bit distracting.


  • Can fit on PowerBlock dumbbells
  • Easy to put on and off barbells and dumbbells
  • Not too stiff, which makes them suitable for beginners
  • Made from eco-friendly silicone rubber


  • Grooved texture can make calluses worse

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Fat Grips: Buyer’s Guide

Fat Grips Buyer’s Guide

1. Materials

The material that fat grips are made out of is important to look at before you buy them, especially if you have allergies or just don’t like the feel of certain materials on your skin.

Fat grips are typically made out of silicone, which is safe for most people but can still cause irritation or allergic reactions. If you have sensitive skin, you may want to look for fat grips that are made out of high-density rubber instead.

Beyond that, you’ll also want to look for sturdy materials that won’t degrade or stretch over time, which can result in them being too big for the barbell and slipping around while you’re lifting.

2. Size

When talking about the size of different fat grips, I’m referring to three things: the overall length, the outer diameter, and the inner diameter.

The overall length simply means how long each individual fat grip is. Most fat grips are 4-5” long. This is definitely long enough to fit on barbells and most dumbbell handles. However, the 5” ones may not fit on certain types of adjustable dumbbells such as PowerBlock dumbbells.

The outer diameter is how thick each grip is. Most fat grips on the market have an outer diameter between 1.75” and 2.25”. How thick your fat grips should be will depend on your experience and how challenging you want your grip training to be.

The inner diameter refers to the width of the inside of the grip. You generally don’t want this to be more than 1” since it wouldn’t provide a snug fit on a barbell.

3. Shape

Most fat grips are cylindrical in shape, but some are straight up and down while others are contoured for a more comfortable grip.

Although less common, some fat grips are also spherical in shape, which is beneficial for baseball players, rock climbers, and MMA fighters who need strong grips for grappling.

4. Texture

Fat grips can either have a smooth or textured exterior. The textured ones typically have diamond-shaped patterns that allow you to get a better grip, but some also have horizontal grooves that are just as effective.

However, too much texture can cause calluses, which can be annoying if you’re already dealing with rough patches of skin from the barbell.

What kind of texture you get is mostly a matter of personal preference. But I recommend getting fat grips with some kind of textured pattern, even if it’s just an embossed logo. This will make it easier for you to hold onto them, especially during the final reps of your set when your grip and forearms are fatigued.

Final Thoughts

Ever since Fat Gripz came onto the scene, fat grip training has become more common amongst lifters and casual gym-goers. But Fat Gripz products are expensive, which puts them out of budget for many people.

The best Fat Gripz alternative is the Yes4All Xtreme Grips due to their affordable price point, durable material, and non-slip capabilities. Although they’re only available in a 2.5” diameter, they have an ergonomic design that even beginners should find comfortable to use.

But if you’re not sure if you can handle using thick fat grips in the beginning, I recommend the Greententljs grips. They’re only 1.8” in diameter, which makes them ideal not just for beginners but for any lifter who has small hands. They’re also a bit more pliable than other fat grips, so they won’t pose too much of a challenge for anyone who’s new to fat grip training.

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