Smith Machine Squat Variations

9 Smith Machine Squat Variations (With Pictures)

The Smith machine greatly simplifies movements and allows for an abundance of squat variations. Specifically, bodybuilders can take advantage of the Smith machine’s simplification to target their glutes and legs. Powerlifters or general fitness enthusiasts might find themselves in a hotel where a Smith machine is their only option. Any type of athlete can maximize

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Underdeveloped shoulders 4 ways to fix

Underdeveloped Shoulders: 4 Ways To Fix (That Actually Work)

Having well-defined shoulders can carry a physique far by building that tapered look while adding to one’s ability to excel in lifts such as the bench press, overhead press, and push press. That said, underdeveloped shoulders are extremely common. Four ways to fix them are: In this article, I will explain what the shoulder is

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Underdeveloped Hamstrings

Underdeveloped Hamstrings: 4 Ways To Fix (That Actually Work)

Hamstrings are fundamental to a strong posterior chain and integral to a great squat or deadlift. They are also important for activities such as running and climbing stairs. Cultivating well-developed hamstrings can be somewhat difficult due to the thickness and structure of the muscle. For this reason, a more rigorous approach is always necessary to

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10 best ab rollout alternatives

10 Best Ab Rollout Alternatives (With Pictures)

Out of all the core exercises, the ab rollout is one of the most effective and highly used in developing core strength. However, the ab rollout alone may not be optimal enough in developing core strength. Fortunately, there are ample core exercises to program in addition to it or in its place. The 10 best

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15 best chest isolation exercises

15 Best Chest Isolation Exercises (With Demos)

Typically, the chest acts in conjunction with the shoulders and triceps, making it tricky to target with compound exercises like the bench press, and often requires isolation to get complete chest development. Fortunately, there are bench press variations and many other exercises to implement into your programming that isolate and primarily focus on the chest.

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Traps sore after bench press

Traps Sore After Bench Press: Why This Happens + 4 Fixes

Trap soreness is normal after bench press, but excessive or persistent soreness over a long period may indicate some underlying issues you need to address. So why are your traps sore after bench press, and how do you fix it? Your traps may be sore after bench press because you have improper posture or create

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side crunch alternatives

10 Best Side Crunch Alternatives (With Pictures)

The side crunch is a popular oblique exercise in the weight room. But to me, there are much better exercises for targeting the obliques. The 10 best side crunch alternatives are: Side plank Russian twist Banded wood chop Lying heel touch Landmine oblique twist Yoga ball stir the pot Plank pull-through Dead bug Mountain climber

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12 best pike push-up alternatives

12 Best Pike Push-Up Alternatives (With Pictures)

The pike push-up is a unique exercise that is effective for strengthening the upper body. However, it is extremely unconventional, and you may want other options for building upper body strength. Additionally, the pike push-up can be limited as far as progression and added intensity go, in which case I’d recommend more advanced exercises that

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upper body pull exercises

18 Best Upper Body Pull Exercises (Plus, Sample Workout)

The upper back is one of the most fundamental groups of muscles that deserve a huge focus in any lifter or sports athlete and even in non-athletic populations. Luckily, there is a wide selection of upper back strengthening exercises to choose from. The best 18 upper body pull exercises are: Barbell row T-bar row Pendlay

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