how to sissy squat to build beastly quads

How to Sissy Squat To Build Beastly Quads: Tips & Common Mistakes

Sissy squats are a variation of the back squat and will hammer your quads like never before. Contrary to the name, the sissy squat is the real deal.   So, what is a sissy squat? The sissy squat is a quadricep-focused squat variation. The movement depends on leaning back and bending through the knees versus hinging

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iron bull pro knee sleeves review jake woodruff personal featured

Iron Bull Strength Pro Knee Sleeves Review: Pros & Cons

The Iron Bull Strength Pro Knee Sleeves are a piece of weightlifting equipment that many lifters use. Powerlifters, bodybuilders, and the everyday lifter can use these to provide extra support for heavy lifts. These knee sleeves provide compression around the knee joint to improve blood flow and limit stress on the knee joint. I tested

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iron bull premium knee sleeves review featured personal jake woodruff

Iron Bull Strength Premium Knee Sleeves Review

As someone who loves leg day, I knew I needed extra support through my knees on my heaviest of lifts. I was immediately drawn to the Iron Bull Strength Premium Knee Sleeves because I have successfully used some other products. I purchased the Iron Bull Strength Premium Knee Sleeves to find out if they would

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how many people can bench 225

How Many People Can Bench 225?

Bench pressing 225 pounds or “2 plates” is a huge milestone for lifters and exercise enthusiasts.  So, how many people can bench 225? Approximately 1.3 million Americans can bench press 225 lbs, or about 0.4% of the population. To be able to bench press 225 lbs, you’d probably need to be an intermediate male lifter

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protein powders for smoothies - 1

14 Best Protein Powders For Smoothies in 2023

I know, protein shakes aren’t always the best-tasting thing in the world. But when mixed into a smoothie, protein powder is much tastier, and you get all the extra benefits of the other ingredients you use. There are so many different protein powders available, and each brand has its own unique blend. To help make

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best nike lifting shoes

7 Best Nike Lifting Shoes: Picks From a Strength Coach

Nike is one of the most trusted brands for delivering high-quality shoes that have been tried and tested for all kinds of sports. Its weightlifting shoes are no different. Nike offers lifting shoes designed for different types of weight training. The shoes all have unique features specific to the model and intended use of the

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best sauna suits

8 Best Sauna Suits To Burn Extra Calories

Wearing a sauna suit is one of the most popular ways to quickly heat your body up and start sweating. You can use these on-the-go saunas during or after your workout. They are great for anybody who wants to burn extra calories. There are so many options for different sauna suits, so how do you

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EZ Bar Weight: 4 Types, Sizes, & Capacities

An EZ curl bar is a very popular piece of gym equipment found in home gyms or commercial gyms. It is a versatile bar used for many different exercises to train all parts of the body. What is the standard EZ bar weight? The standard EZ curl bar in most gyms weighs 10.5 lbs. But

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best plyo box exercises

The Best Plyo Box Workout: 20 Exercises for Strength & Power

Plyo box exercises are great tools for elevating your training. Plyo boxes are not only used by CrossFitters or high-level athletes. Everybody can gain total body strength by using them, and there are progressions to build up to once you have mastered an exercise. Here are my top 20 plyo box exercises to add to

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