barbell knurling

Barbell Knurling: Definition, Types, & Tips

When it comes to training with a barbell, knurling is something you will need to deal with whether you are aware of it or not. Knurling is the pattern cut into the steel barbell that helps your grip when holding onto the bar or helps the bar “hold” onto you during something like a back

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best front delt exercises

15 Best Front Delt Exercises: How-Tos & Pro Tips

The front deltoid is the muscle on the front of the shoulder. Despite being a relatively small muscle, the front deltoid plays a large role in almost every shoulder exercise.  The front deltoid can be isolated in various exercises, like variations of front raises. It can also work with other muscles to perform more complex

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best budget rowing machines

9 Best Budget Rowing Machines

The rower is probably one of my favorite pieces of cardio-based equipment. I know that cardio sometimes feels like something we do not want to do (trust me, as a powerlifter, cardio is something I often ignore), but the rower sets itself apart from other pieces of cardio equipment.  The rower is a much larger

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best gym bags for powerlifting, swimming, and more

12 Best Gym Bags for Powerlifting, Swimming, and More

A gym bag is an important piece of equipment that most of us will use at one point or another in our fitness journeys. Gym bags can range greatly in both their cost and their utility in the gym.  In this article, I’ll go over some of the best and most practical choices out there

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best exercises to add to your kettlebell arm workout

The 10 Best Exercises For Your Kettlebell Arm Workout

A kettlebell is a popular form of resistance often seen as an alternative to the standard dumbbell. It’s distinguished by the handle being on top of the weight, while a dumbbell handle is in the center. This construction can make it a very challenging piece of equipment for training your arms. But which arm exercises

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how to goblet squat

Goblet Squat: How To, Muscles Worked, Pros, Cons

The goblet squat is a common variation of the traditional squat. Whether you use it as a method of progression from a bodyweight squat or as an alternative to a barbell squat, the goblet variation is ideal for most situations.  There is no massive learning curve for the goblet squat, as it is functionally very

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arnold press vs. shoulder press

Arnold Press vs. Shoulder Press: Differences, Pros, Cons

The Arnold press is a fantastic shoulder exercise, and like other shoulder presses, it can be a staple in any solid training program. With most exercises, there can be many variations. Here, we are looking at two of the classics; the Arnold press and the standard shoulder press.  Both of these exercises share many of

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