best gym machines for glutes

5 Best Gym Machines For Glutes: How To Sculpt Your Booty

The best gym machines for your glutes can help sculpt those coveted booty muscles. Strong glutes look great and are important for overall lower body strength, athletic performance, and injury prevention Machines are helpful because you can isolate your glutes for maximum gains. Compound exercises like squats also rely on your back or leg muscles. 

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best lactose-free protein powders

15 Best Lactose-Free Protein Powders is independent and supported by our readers. We may earn a commission if you buy through the links below. For more, see our disclosures page. What if you want to optimize your workouts but are lactose intolerant, allergic to milk, or don’t want to consume animal-based products? You may have trouble finding a protein

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best weightlifting books

15 Best Weightlifting Books in 2023

Whether you’re a beginning lifter or an advanced athlete, you know you need to be more active in developing your weight training plan to hit the next level in your training. You don’t know any experts, so books about weightlifting are the next best thing. But what weightlifting books should you read first? The 15

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how do you do a smith machine squat

Smith Machine Squat: How To, Pros, Cons, & Mistakes To Avoid

You’re at the gym for leg day, and you’re supposed to hit squats, but all the power racks are taken. You start getting frustrated until you look to the corner and see the Smith machine. But there’s one problem — you’ve never done a Smith machine squat before. So how do you do a Smith

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Does Weightlifting Stunt Your Growth? (No, Here’s Why)

The idea that weightlifting stunts your growth is a common concern among parents with young kids and beginning lifters alike. It makes sense to worry about it, but the fear is unfounded. Does weightlifting stunt your growth? Lifting weights will not stunt your growth or hurt someone’s ability to grow, especially for young athletes. In

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