Benjamin Jenks (NASM-CPT)

Benjamin Jenks (NASM-CPT)

Ben Jenks is a NASM-certified personal trainer, accomplished editor, and seasoned manager with over a decade of experience in leadership roles in writing and health. His unwavering passion for maintaining peak physical condition is evident as he dedicates himself to workouts even during his global travels. Highlights Accomplished Editor at with a strong focus on reader-centric content and writer development. Played a pivotal role in the growth of GolfSpan, PingPongRuler, and other platforms, achieving close to a million monthly pageviews in 2023. Host of a popular YouTube channel and blog sharing valuable travel tips with over 100,000 subscribers. Experience Ben is an experienced editor and content strategist, has dedicated his career to creating reader-focused content and nurturing writer talent. His leadership has been instrumental in driving substantial growth across various online platforms. Ben's journey began at VIDASelect, where he honed his team management and content development skills. He led the writing team to impressive heights, expanding it to over 25 writers and contributing to annual revenue exceeding $1 million. His leadership also fostered an environment of outstanding writer retention, increasing the average from six months to over two years. Transitioning to the sports and health domain, Ben took on the role of Editor at Here, he prioritizes "reader first" articles and trains writers, coaches, trainers, and lifters to deliver exceptional content. Beyond his writing achievements, Ben is certified by the respected National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), he's been featured in Yahoo! Life, and he specializes in sharing minimal training programs for digital nomads who want to stay fit. Education Ben's journey to becoming an accomplished editor and content strategist includes a Bachelor of Science degree from Michigan State University. His educational foundation has been instrumental in shaping his career and expertise in the world of online publishing. Additional Resources: LinkedIn Youtube Blog

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