Lumberjack Squat What Is It, How To, Benefits, Common Mistakes

Lumberjack Squat: What Is It, How To, Benefits, Common Mistakes

For lifters with mobility restrictions or those who have tight elbows or knee pain, lumberjack squats can be a joint-friendly squat alternative to add to your workout routine.  So what is the lumberjack squat? Lumberjack squats require you to hold the barbell in front of you using a landmine attachment or by wedging it into

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frog squat what is it, how-to, benefits, common mistakes

Frog Squat: What Is It, How-To, Benefits, Common Mistakes

The frog squat provides lifters a great accessory movement to help improve form and strength on more traditional squats. So what is the frog squat? The frog squat is a functional exercise that can help lifters gain more depth in their squat and build glute strength. It is done by getting into a deep squat

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Steinborn Squat

Steinborn Squat: Does This “Circus Like” Squat Have Benefits?

The Steinborn squat may look like a circus-type lift at first, but, this squat is no laughing matter. With high transferability to daily life and capable of testing the body’s strength and functionality to the max, the Steinborn squat is not for the faint of heart. So, what is the Steinborn squat? The Steinborn squat

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5 Best Box Squat Alternatives

5 Best Box Squat Alternatives (With Pictures)

The box squat is one of the best exercises for perfecting squat technique. It eliminates the “bounce” technique that can be used in a traditional squat forcing your body to learn how to maintain tension in the bottom position.  However, many people are unable to perform the box squat. For some, it’s as simple as

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Kneeling Squat What Is It, How To, Benefits, Common Mistakes

Kneeling Squat: What Is It, How To, Benefits, Common Mistakes

You may have seen people performing the kneeling squat in the gym and wondered about its effectiveness, benefits, and whether it’s worthwhile adding to your workout. What is the kneeling squat?  The kneeling squat is used by those who are learning how to “hip hinge” or require a lower body exercise that reduces the stress

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