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Clifton Pho, World Powerlifting Champion

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Community Reviews

Sandra Drake57kg Master 2 National Level Powerlifting
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Squats are my nemesis, and with Avi’s instruction, I was able to break through a long-standing plateau, and was also able to make the switch from conventional to sumo deadlifts. What I love about Avi’s instruction is that he not only explains what to do and how to do it, but also the science and the why behind it in an engaging, straightforward, and understandable way that I have been able to apply to my own lifting (I had many “ohhhhh...now I get it!!!” lightbulb moments when taking his course). This has allowed me to improve my skill and self-awareness as a lifter. There really is something for everyone to take away from Avi’s course, whatever your experience or ability, and I would recommend it for anyone looking to gain powerlifting knowledge and increase their skill as a lifter!
Ashley TymburskiFirst-Time Powerlifter
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Avi removes the unknowns of competition day by providing clear guidance for every step of the process including the weigh-in, commands, warm-ups, and attempt selection. Everything is planned so that the only thing to worry about on game day is execution of the lifts. Attempt selection can make or break a competition so we work together so that not only do I learn on how to structure my attempts but am confident that I can perform the attempts I have selected. My best meets to date have been with Avi as my meet day handler.
Alex Pronchuk105kg Open National level Powerlifter
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To say that Avi Silverberg knows about how to improve your Powerlifting technique or approach to the sport of Powerlifting in general, would be a significant understatement. Avi has been instrumental in my understanding of how to approach technical improvements in my athletes’ movements, as well as my own. This is of course due to his massive amount of experience in Powerlifting, both as a World class Athlete, as well as an International level coach (of many World Champions might I add). Perhaps the most valuable lesson I have learnt from Avi was understanding that the key to being a great coach is understanding not only when to change a lifters technique, but when not to. Thanks again Avi, you’re the best!
Mike DewaldMaster Powerlifter
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Avi Silverberg brings years of experience and expertise to the table. Weeks leading up to my first meet, he helped me build a game day spread sheet for all my attempts, including warmups and how they should be timed prior to stepping on the platform. One aspect that was critical prior to game day, was making sure I maintained the ideal body weight in order to stay competitive in the 93 Kilogram weight class. A few days before the meet I felt I was a bit heavy and Avi suggested how to watch my caloric intake without being in a deficit, as it may negatively impact my strength. I followed his instructions and made my weight class with no issues whatsoever.
Stef Kean2X World Bronze Medalist
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When Avi coached me at worlds I put all my faith in him. I am so happy I did. Not only did Avi say the things I outlined in my “meet day sheet”, he changed my attempt for my last deadlift at the very last second, not allowing my competitor to change, and putting me in the drivers seat and on the podium. I am certain most coaches would not have played the play to perfection this way. Making an attempt change too soon, too late, not knowing lot numbers, rules etc are all game changers and ways to lose the game. If you get the chance to learn from the best, Avi, take it. I can undoubtedly say Avi is one of the most knowledgeable game day coaches out there. I can also say with confidence he is one of the reasons I stood on the podium to represent Canada at my first worlds.

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