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  • 20 February, Monday, 2023
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About Matt Taylor.

Matt is the owner and founder of StrongerYou Personal Training as well as a powerlifting competitor at the world level.

He has been competing since 2012 and has taken best lifter at AAU Worlds as a Sub-Junior athlete as well as being nationally qualified as a Men’s Open Athlete in the CPU.

He holds competition PRs of 212.5kg in the squat, 145kg in the bench press, and 250kg in the deadlift.

Matt has been training professionally since 2014 and has extensive continuing education in strength training, rehab, and sports performance.

What You’ll learn in this Live Q & A:

You will get your most pressing questions about the powerlifting challenges and techniques answered by Matt Taylor, Founder of StrongerYouPT. 

Some of the questions that will be covered in this Live Q & A: 
  • How to add more weight to your big three?  
  • How to gain confidence to squat deeper? 
  • How to avoid back pain while lifting?
  • How to overcome plateaus?

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