5 Best Cheap Dip Bars (Under $75)

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the factors to keep in mind while choosing a budget dip bar as well as other cheap options on the market

Although power towers with dip bars are a great addition to a home gym, they’re usually quite expensive with some of them crossing the $300 mark. 

For someone on a budget, opting for a cheap dip bar that’s under $75 can get the job done just fine. 

At this price point, you’ll likely make some sacrifices on the number of features, but you can still find dip bars that are relatively high quality, sturdy, and can accommodate several different use cases. 

So what is the best cheap dip bar on the market? The ProsourceFit Lite Dip Stand Station is the best dip bar in terms of value for the price. I found it to be the most sturdy (I’m 220lbs), and it allows you to customize both height/width, which is usually a feature reserved for more pricey dip bars. Also, it’s compatible with ring attachments if you want added variety.

Below I’ll discuss the factors to keep in mind while choosing a budget dip bar as well as my thoughts on other cheap options on the market.

Factors To Consider When Buying A Cheap Dip Bar

One thing you should know about buying cheap dip bars is that they’re not necessarily a bad idea, especially if you understand why they’re cheap.

Of course, branding and marketing may have an impact on the price, but the main factor behind a budget-friendly option is usually what they compromise on.

In other words, if you want to get a good dip bar that is also affordable, you’re going to compromise on one or more of the following:


One of the most common features that characterize the affordable dip bars on the market is the lack of customization.

Originally, many dip bars and stations are designed in a way that would allow you to customize the height and the width to suit whoever is going to use it.

This customization can be as easy as extending the height and width manually or by adjusting the dip station to your build while assembling it.

In my opinion, if you’re training in your own home gym and you’re going to be the only one who will utilize the dip bar, customization is the first thing that should go if you’re trying to stay under budget.

This is because you can originally buy a dip bar that is already optimized to your body dimensions and you should never need to customize it as long as you’re the only one who is using it.

Durability and Design

Durability is always a classic feature to impact the price of any product, especially training equipment.

Of course, you should never buy a product that is flimsy or is bound to break down within a few months after purchase.

However, many dip bars are designed with an extended durability that allows them to handle overall weights that exceed 500 lbs.

After all, the average body weight of most adults doesn’t exceed 220 lbs, and even in that case, any dip bar with a maximum weight limit of 350 lbs would do the trick without wobbling.

If you’re a beginner or someone with a small build, you might never need to test the limits of your dip bar.

In that case, you may compromise on the weight limit of your dip bar and look for an alternative that focuses on other more important features to you.

Number of Exercises

Depending on the design of the dip bar as well as the add-ons that come with it, the number of exercises that you can do with it may increase or decrease.

For example, some dip bars may arrive with a ring strap add-on that will allow you to perform special exercises, such as ring dip or ring fly.

Of course, the more exercises and muscle groups you can target with the dip bar, the more likely it’s going to be expensive.

If the dip bar is going to be one of the few items in your home gym, you might want it to be a little versatile.

Also, if you’re a Crossfitter who does a lot of exercise with rings, a ring option would really come in handy!

However, if you’re only going to use the dip bar with dips, you should direct your budget towards durability.

Top 5 Budget-Friendly Dip Bars On The Market

There are plenty of dip bars on the market that won’t cost you a lot of money. However, not all of them would provide you with what you’re looking for or compromising on what you don’t need.

To help you pick the ideal one for you, I’ve compiled this list with a variety of cost-effective options.

The Top 5 dip bars for the money are:

1. ProsourceFit Lite Dip Stand Station – Best Overall Value For Price

The ProsourceFit Lite Dip Stand Station definitely has the most bang for your buck in terms of features, durability, customization.

This one allows you to have full customization over the dimensions of the dip station. Normally, size customizations are reserved for more expensive dip bars. 

If more than one person is going to be using this dip bar, or you’re a larger individual (broader shoulders or longer arms), then having the ability to customize the dip bar will be really important.

You can adjust the width of the dip station by 7 inches due to the extendable connectors that stabilize the dip bar. The height is adjustable by a range of 4 inches as well.

Moreover, it’s made of powder-coated steel tubes that can lift up to 400 lbs. This means that someone less than 250 lbs can easily use the dip bar without worrying about any wobble back and forth.

And, for those that want to add additional weight with a weighted vest or dip belt, you have a lot of range to get up to maximal weight before testing the upper limits of the dip station.

Also, fun fact about powder-coated steel, it’s more resistant to rust and corrosion.  So if you work out in a garage gym, this is an important feature for you, especially because leaving your equipment in an environment that has moisture will make your steel rust easier.

One more thing, you can pick the color of the dip bar out of 3 options.  This isn’t a big deal for me, but maybe it is for you. 


  • Excellent value for its price
  • The height and width are highly adjustable
  • Resistant to rust and corrosion
  • Can accommodate heavier individuals or added weight
  • Available in various colors


  • The grip handles are a bit thin

2. KOMSURF Dip Bar Training Station – Cheapest Dip Machine

The KOMSURF is one of the cheapest fully-functional dip machines on the market. Such design gives you the full range of benefits of a dip machine but may compromise a little on the durability. 

Similar to the previous one, this dip machine is decently customizable, allowing you to adjust the height of the dip bar by 7 inches and the width by 5 inches.

This one focuses more on height, making it suitable for use by other family members who are shorter or taller.

This dip bar says you can lift up to 550 lbs as advertised.  However, it’s made from the exact same steel as ProsourceFit Life Dip Station, which tops out at 400lbs. 

If you’re someone who is looking to add a lot of weight to the dip bar (in addition to your body weight), I’d be weary that it can handle much more than 400lbs.  At this weight capacity, you’re probably looking for a more expensive dip stand anyways.


  • Easy to put together
  • Adjustable design
  • Durable construction


  • May feel a little shaky

3. YESJOY Adjustable Dip Stand – Best Add-Ons

If your training involves a lot of ring training, you might want to go for a more versatile dip bar. In that case, I recommend this adjustable dip stand for the job.

What’s great about this option is that it comes with extra pull-up handles that allow you to do inverted rows and pullups, which increase the range of muscle groups worked by the machine.

Moreover, the dip bar still offers ample room for customization, allowing you to adjust the height and the width by 8.5 and 11 inches respectively.

The dip bar is really cheap and the main compromise here is the structural durability. The product is tested to support up to 500 lbs, but these tests don’t factor in the rocking back and forth that occurs when you do dips in them.

While the heavy-duty steel won’t collapse on you, it’ll still shake back and forth and won’t feel as sturdy as other more durable options.


  • Excellent choice a lightweight crossfitter
  • Offers a decent range of adjustability
  • Affordable price for beginners


  • Not the most durable option

4. BalanceFrom Multi-Function Dip Bar – Most Durable

If you’re all about strength and doing dips with heavy-weight plates on a dip belt, this dip station is exactly what you’re looking for.

It’s incredibly sturdy and has all the fortifications necessary to prevent it from wobbling, even when you’re loading it up to its maximal weight limit of 500 lbs.

The durable machine should last you for a long time without collapsing or bending due to this structural rigidity.

Surprisingly, this dip bar isn’t as expensive as you think because it compromises adjustability and versatility.  What this means is that you can really only do dips, no other exercises.

So, it’s only suitable for someone who will only do dips on the machine and doesn’t want any back and forth.


  • Ideal for doing dips with heavyweights
  • Extremely durable and feel really sturdy
  • Comes with lower handles that you can use for advanced dips


  • Bulky and difficult to deconstruct

5. JFIT Pro Push Up Bar Stand – Most Compact

Last but not least, this one isn’t a typical dip bar. Instead, it’s the mini version of a dip bar known as a parallette.

This type of bar is extremely close to the ground, so the user extends their legs forward while doing the dip.

Thanks to this design, the dip is extremely durable and compact, allowing you to use and store them just about anywhere. Additionally, you can rest the dip bars on two boxes and use them as a regular dip stand.

This kind of dips puts more pressure on the core and requires more strength, so this JFIT Pros dip bar is more suitable for advanced athletes or those with experience with calisthenics.


  • Easily stored when not in use
  • Sturdy design that won’t wobble
  • Highly comfortable handles


  • Mainly designed for advanced athletes and require boxes for regular dips

What Kind of Dip Bar Can You Get If You Can Spend A Bit More Money?

You might be wondering what a more expensive dip bar has to offer. So here are some quick examples with additional benefits:

The Original Patented Triple Door Gym from Shamrock

For a little more money you can go for this triple door gym option, which is a cost-effective solution for someone who doesn’t have much space for a home gym but still wants to do different exercises.

As you can see, this one is mounted on the door and comes with additional strap handles and a pullup-up bar.

If you don’t mind spending a little above budget to have a complete workout set, this might be a great option, especially for a beginner who would do simple dips.

Fuel Pureformance Deluxe Dip Station

Fuel Pureformance Deluxe is also a power tower alternative that offers top-notch performance without compromising on durability or add-on features.

This model comes ready with a ring attachment and you’d actually save money by getting this one rather than buying the ring separately.

These rings allow you to perform a wider range of exercises and movements using the machine.

In my opinion, such an upgrade would be worth it if you’re into CrossFit because you’ll be able to do a lot of WOD exercises that require rings.

Main Features: What To Look For In A Cheap Dip Bar?

what to look for in a cheap dip bar

General Construction & Durability

The best dip bars are typically made of hard steel, which guarantees structural stability, resistance to wobbliness, and a relatively high weight limit.

In addition to construction material, you should also pay attention to the width and height of the dip bar to make sure that it is suitable for your build.

Handles Quality

The handles are the point of contact between you and the dip bars, so you have to make sure that they’re made of comfortable materials and have decent thickness and size.

Dips may make your hands sweaty, so it greatly pays off to buy a dip bar with anti-slip handles. As for the thickness of a portable dip bar handle, you should know that it’s not limited to a specific number.

Customization & Variety of Workouts

As previously mentioned, the ability to customize the dimensions of the dip bar is only essential if more than one person is going to use it.

Additionally, changing the height of the dip bar allows you to perform specific kinds of exercises and movements. In case you’re looking for versatility, you should also keep that in mind.

Is Buying A Cheap Dip Station Worth It?

Dip bars are extremely versatile and the right option would allow you to train your triceps, upper body, and chest through a variety of exercises, such as dips, modified planks, pullups, inverted rows, and much more.

You can also use several attachments, such as dip bar rings or dip belts to unlock more exercises and use weight training.

As you can see, an affordable dip station can still give you a lot of value for its cost, making it a worthy home gym workout product!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Weight Capacity On A Cheap Dip Machine?

Unlike many other products that are primarily classified according to durability, the sturdiness of a dip machine isn’t the sole factor that controls its price.

As previously mentioned, other factors, such as versatility and customization, can also impact the price of a dip bar.

This means that a relatively cheaper dip machine will usually compromise on a specific aspect, which is not necessarily the weight capacity or durability.

In other words, it’s possible that you’d come across a cheap dip machine with a maximum weight capacity of 500 lbs or even 600 lbs. However, these products would be greatly lacking in customization or other aspects.

Moreover, there are some poorly designed products that can theoretically handle hundreds of pounds but will wobble back and forth at 60% or 70% of their total weight capacity.

How Long Will A Cheap Dip Machine Last?

As a rule of thumb, the average lifespan of any portable exercise machine depends on a variety of factors, including the materials used, the overall design, how much they’re used, and the amount of care you put into them.

You should also keep in mind that durability isn’t the only factor to determine the price of a dip machine, which is why, depending on previous factors, a cheap dip machine will typically last you anywhere from 7 to 15 years.

Of course, the dip bars that are characterized for their durability and are made of thick steel are expected to last well beyond their projected lifespan, especially with continuous care and maintenance.

On the other hand, versatile options that focus on customization rather than durability may start to bend and break down earlier than 3 to 5 years, especially without maintenance and care.

Wrap Up

With that said, you now have everything you need to know so you can find the best cheap dip bars that are suitable for your needs.

As you can see, while choosing a budget-friendly dip bar, you should keep the main features and price-controlling factors in mind to figure out what to compromise on.

In case you’re looking for an overall decent dip bar that won’t cost you a lot of money while balancing all critical features, I recommend that you go for the ProsourceFit Lite Dip Stand Station.

However, if you’re a beginner looking for the cheapest option available and you don’t mind comprising a little more on durability, you might want to go for the KOMSURF Dip Bar Training Station.

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